Grisel Jaramillo


My name is Grisel Jaramillo, I am current student from Purdue University Northwest Hammond Indiana campus. My major is Spanish teaching for secondary education. I born in the United States but went to Mexico to grew up and raise from there to learn culture, language and tradition. My passion is teaching kids, teens, adults things that I know and share it with everyone who is interested in learning and acting is another of my passions I would definitely love to teach everyone about the beauty and the amazing parts of Mexico, Latin-American and Spain since I’m studying all the fields of Spanish. I consider myself as humble, funny, smart, easy going, leader and a patient lady. On my free times I watch movies and shows, work out, playing videos, hanging out, playing the guitar, studying other stuff like languages or how to cut hair and catch up with homework’s or projects. I’m an animal lover, I care for the oceans, love children, love my family and friends.