Kaela Stence


Hello! My name is Kaela Stence and I am a full-time student as a Sophomore in the college of nursing here at Purdue University Northwest in Westville. I recently changed my major from Criminal Justice where I was almost graduated. I am 24 years old; I work as a part-time night audit/front desk at the Holiday Inn Express and Suits on the weekends as well as being an SI Leader here for Psychosocial Nursing. I do not have much extra time, but when I have the extra hour or so I like to play Xbox or Watch tv to unwind. I have 5 fur babies, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

I changed my major to nursing so far into my career path for many positive reasons. I have had some major health complications that left me in the hospital for weeks at a time. It was then that I was surrounded by nurses that would care for me and laugh with me when I was alone. I would have them for every need I had even when it didn’t pertain to my health. It was almost a wakeup call. Yes, I do miss criminal justice, but I want to be able to change lives like those nurses did for me.

SI is incredibly valuable for all students because it can give you the extra support one might need to get though a class. SI can also be used for meeting new people and exploring new assets in a college setting. When I first started college, I never understood what SI was nor did I attend. I ended up going because one of my professors offered 5 points of extra credit PER SI session and I ended up loving it. It was an asset in so many ways. Not only did I get extra credit for going, but I got to meet a lot of new friends that I still have, I got to talk out difficult problems pertaining to the material that I did not understand, and I got an advocate that would stick up for me. Yes, SI is for academics, but it also changes your life if you let it.