Larissa Meireles


My name is Larissa Meireles. I am a 23-year-old junior student in Nursing. I love studying science courses and helping others, which led me into pursuing nursing. I am looking forward to graduating in the Spring of 2022. I can speak two languages, fluently, I love dogs, and reading books. I love helping people and I have been working as a tutor since 2018. I have also been SI for 2 semesters for NUR 274.
I believe tutoring is a tool available for students at PNW at both campuses, which help students gain better comprehension about any subject with another student’s perspective (tutor). During tutoring, the student will have individualized attention from the tutor. I believe it is important for the student to discuss the topic with someone else; in this way, the student might realize what they are missing in the question.
This semester I will be tutoring BIOL 102, BIOL 213/214/221, CHM 111, 119, 116, and NUR 188, 274/415/192/ 394/294. I was successful in those courses. I would love to help any student that is struggling with any subject. My goal is to always do my best to help them. Like with my tutoring sessions, I also give everything towards my SI sessions.