Nicholas Triplett


Nick is a second-year student in the Masters of Science in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) program at PNW. In addition to being a tutor for SOC 38200, he works as a therapist-in-training at the PNW Couple and Family Therapy Center and is also himself an instructor for SOC 38200.

As a student in the CFT program, working with and interpreting statistics is common in his day-to-day work as a clinician and researcher. Additionally, working as a therapist has made Nick particularly sensitive to the anxieties many students have about taking and doing well in their statistics class. As such, he enjoys helping students recognize just how much of the material they already do understand, in addition to being an active support as students work out the challenging concepts that are preventing them from putting all of the statistical pieces together.

Recognizing that many students have busy schedules during the week, Nick has chosen to open his availabilities for tutoring on the weekends so that more students can have access to tutoring services. Recognizing that every student is coming into the learning process from their own unique context, bringing with them their own special strengths, insights, and growth areas, Nick is always interested in finding the most engaging and relevant way for the students he works with to succeed.