Ziyad Issa


Hi everyone, my name is Ziyad, but I prefer to just go by Z. I am currently in my 3rd year here at Purdue Northwest. I am an accounting major with a minor in information systems. I am a member of the Finance and Accounting club as well as a treasurer for the Econ Club. Which means I really enjoy staying updated on anything business or economic related! For fun I enjoy listening to my vinyls, hanging with friends, and cooking new vegan recipes!

I received an A in all the courses that I tutored for and a recommendation from the professor which are as follows: Spanish 101-202, Accounting 201/202, and ISM 102/211. Which means that I am highly qualified to help you succeed in your classes! Tutoring is extremely beneficial in helping you achieve success and passing your courses with flying colors. I highly recommend you scheduling an appointment and coming on in, because the earlier you start, the better your chance of doing well!