Resolutions & Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2020

May 7, 2020

SGA Senate Meeting Minutes

Fifth Session

Date: 5/7/20

I. Call to Order, Roll Call

MemberRoll CallMemberRoll Call
President Oriana WhitePresentCHESS Senator (H) Raven ChantPresent
Vice President Megan SiminskiPresentCHESS Senator (W) Absent
Chief of Staff AbsentBusiness Senator (H)Absent
Chief Financial Officer Tyler KlukkenPresentBusiness Senator (W)Absent
Director of CommunicationAbsentTechnology Senator (H)Absent
President Pro-TemporeAbsentTechnology Senator (W)Absent
Faculty AdvisorAbsentEngineer + Sci Senator (H)Absent
Engineer + Sci Senator (W)Absent
Nursing Senator (H) Brynn NicholPresent
Nursing Senator (W)Absent
Honors Senator (H) Megan GranadosPresent
Honors Senator (W) Kayla VasilkoPresent
Guests:Emily Weber-Broke

II. Approval of the Agenda

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Chant

c. Measure: pass

III. Executive Board (3 minutes per)

a. Oriana White-President

i. Interviews for open positions, looking to fill vacant seats

ii. Appointment of Raven Chant to Chief of Staff

iii. Ordered pens and security webcam covers for welcome week

iv. Ordered quarter zips for SGA members

1. Discussion on partial purchase individually

b. Megan Siminski – Vice President

i. Orientation Packet

c. Chief of Staff

i. Introduction of Raven Chant into position

d. Tyler Klukken-Chief Financial Officer

i. Ordered banners and banner stand

ii. Grad stoles ordered

e. Director of Communication

f. President Pro Tempore

g. Advisor

IV. Start of New SGA Terms – President White

V. Swearing in of New Senators – President White & Vice President Siminski

a. Senator Nichol

b. Senator Granados

c. Senator Vasilko

VI. Orientation Packet – Vice President Siminski

a. Orientation Packet information

b. Shared Google file

VII. Monday Candidate Interviews – President White

VIII. Added Business

a. Emily Weber-Broke Interview: CHESS Hammond Senator

b. Vote to fill CHESS Hammond Senator: Emily Weber-Broke

i. Motion: Senator Vasilko

ii. Second: Senator Nichol

iii. Measure: pass

IX. Open Comments from Student Senators

X. Meeting Adjourned

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Granados

c. Motion: pass