Resolutions & Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2020

September 15, 2020

SGA Senate Meeting Minutes

Fifth Session

Date: 9/15/20

I. Call to Order, Roll Call

MemberRoll CallMemberRoll Call
President Oriana WhitePresentCHESS Senator (H)Absent
Vice President Megan SiminskiPresentCHESS Senator (W) Caitlyn KalisikAbsent
Chief of Staff Raven ChantAbsentCOB Senator (H) Matthew ZipkoPresent
Chief Financial Officer Tyler KlukkenPresentCOB Senator (W)Absent
Director of CommunicationAbsentCOT Senator (H)Absent
President Pro-TemporeAbsentCOT Senator (W)Absent
Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard RuppAbsentCES Senator (H) Brendan Rathbone-DeschPresent
CES Senator (W) Mya MethnerPresent
CON Senator (H) Brynn NicholPresent
CON Senator (W) Jasmine RomanPresent
Honors Senator (H) Megan GranadosPresent
Honors Senator (W) Kayla VasilkoPresent

II. Approval of the Agenda

a. Motion: Senator Vasilko

b. Second: Senator Granados

c. Measure: pass

III. Approval of the Minutes

a. Motion: Senator Vasilko

b. Second: Senator Granados

c. Measure: pass

IV. Executive Board Report

a. Oriana White, President

i. SGA Town Hall 9/15/20 at 1pm-2pm

1. Topic: Library Resources

b. Megan Siminski, Vice President

i. Birthday announcement

c. Tyler Klukken, Chief Financial Officer

i. Keep up with outreach hours spreadsheet

d. Brynn Nichol, President Pro Tempore

i. GroupMe Senators chat

ii. Senate Agenda Deadlines

1. Submit resolutions, agenda points, etc. to Pro-Temp – 6am Tuesday prior to Senate meetings

2. Pro-Temp sends out agenda – 6am Thursday prior to Senate meetings

V. Updated Meeting Schedule Senate Fall 2020

a. Starting October 2nd moved to Fridays at 3pm-4:30pm

i. Moved to accommodate all senators’ schedule and for more availability for the student body

b. Google Drive contains the updated meeting list

VI. Voter Registration Week

a. September 21-24

i. Mon (9/21) – Tues (9/22) on Hammond from 12pm-4pm

ii. Wed (9/23) – Thurs (9/24) on Westville from 12pm-4pm

b. Tabling schedule and event flyers will be sent to Senate

c. Event is meant to inform students of resources to get registered to vote, civic engagement in our student community, promote SGA resources, etc

VII. Added Business / Concerns

a. [none]

VIII. Open Comments from Senate

a. [none]

IX. Open Comments from Student Body

a. [none]

X. Meeting Adjourned

a. Motion: Senator Vasilko

b. Second: Senator Roman

c. Measure: pass