Resolutions & Meeting Minutes – Oct. 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

Student Senate  Meeting Minutes

5th Session

Date: October 30, 2020

I. Call to Order, Roll Call at 3:00pm

President Oriana WhitePresentCOB Hammond Senator Matthew Zipko
Vice President Megan SiminskiPresentCOB Westville Senator
Chief of Staff Raven Chant
LeaveCES Hammond Senator Brendan Rathbone-DeschPresent
CFO Tyler KlukkenPresentCES Westville Senator Mya MethnerPresent
CHESS Hammond Senator
CHESS Westville Senator Caitlyn Kalisik
CON Hammond Senator Brynn Nichol
CON Westville Senator Jasmine Roman
COT Hammond Senator Absent
COT Westville Senator
Honors Hammond Senator Megan Granados
Advisor Dr. Richard Rupp
AbsentHonors Westville Senator Kayla Vasilko
Guests: Dr. Colin Fewer

II. Approval of Meeting Minutes

a. Motion: Senator Rathbone-Desch

b. Second: Senator Granados

c. Measure: pass

III. Approval of the Agenda

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Rathbone-Desch

c. Measure: pass

 IV. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

a. Oriana White-President

i. WJOB update

ii. Senators: Thank you for sending out emails to your college regarding next week’s Town Hall

b. Megan Siminski-Vice President

i. Points in agenda to discuss

ii. Secret assignment: Emojis (1 minute)

c. Raven Chant- Chief of Staff

i. “Meet Your Senator” social media posts

ii. PNW website to be updated promptly

d. Tyler Klukken-Chief Financial Officer

i. SGA Budget 2020-2021

ii. Please forward payment email to Tyler (to verify receival of payment)

e. Brynn Nichol- Pro- Tempore

i. Scheduling Dean meetings

ii. Please remember to dress business casual for meetings (Senate meetings, Dean or leadership meetings, etc.)

V. Utilize email signatures

VI. Cram Jam; VP Siminski (4 minutes)

a. Meeting Recap with Library Director

b. December 7-10th

i. Westville: Monday & Tuesday

ii. Hammond: Wednesday & Thursday

c. Time Frame – gather information from students

i. What is the consensus of how long to extend library hours?

ii. “Senator Text Poll”

1. 6pm: I

2. 9pm: IIIII

3. 10pm: II

4. 12am: III

5. Weekend (Sunday): I

6. “The later the better”: I 

iii. Ask students at Town Hall for input; utilize a poll during Town Hall.

d. VP Siminski will work on an updated proposal to submit to Library leadership

e. Senators: complete availability survey by October 15th

VII. SGA Retreat; President White & Pro-Temp Nichol (5 minutes)

a. October 23rd at 6:30pm-9:30pm

b. Location: White / Chant house

c. Potluck and BYOC (bring your own chair)

i. Potluck sign-up on Google Drive; please complete

VIII. Town Hall; President White (5 minutes)

a. October 15th at 12:30pm

b. Topic: December 2020 Commencement

c. Guests: Provost Holford, Ashley Gerodimos

IX. Resolutions and Projects; President White & Pro-Temp Nichol (5 minutes)

a. Current Projects:

i. Cups for a Cause

ii. Cram Jam

iii. Free Flow / Changing Table

iv. Gatsby Dance

b. Potential Ideas:

i. Senator Kalisik: Westville Day Care

X. Committee Presentations; VP Siminski (6 minutes)

a. Review of committees on bylaws;

b. Senators: complete Committee Sign-Up by October 30th

XI. House of Representatives; President White (4 minutes)

a. To be comprised of a representative from each student organization.

b. EB is working on a Master List of PNW Student Organizations

c. Senators & EB: which organizations are you in or are attending?

i. Tyler Klukken: Finance & Accounting Club

ii. Megan Siminski: Nursing Club, ODK, Sigma

iii. Brynn Nichol: Nursing Club

iv. Brendan Rathbone-Desch: IEEE, Formula SAE

v. Matt Zipko: PUMA

vi. Megan Granados to Everyone: PR Club, Women in Business, One Up Entrepreneurship Club

vii. Mya Methner: Medical Careers Club, Circle K , Student Academic Support, PNW Food Pantryi. Senator Kalisik: Westville Day Care

viii. Jasmine Roman: Westville Nursing Club, Spanish Club

ix. Kayla Vasilko: S.H.I.N.E (students helping ignite needed esteem), A.M.F (actively moving forward), and the NSLS

XII. Added Business / Concerns (5 minutes per)

a. Cram Jam “text poll” (see results in agenda point IV)

XIII. Open Comments from Student Senate (Morgan’s Minute)

a. If you have made it this far, thank you for reading the minutes thoroughly. DIRECT MESSAGE your favourite emoji to Megan Siminski in GroupMe.

XIV. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

a. none

XV. Meeting Adjourned at 4:13pm

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Rathbone-Desch

c. Measure: pass


  • SGA TOWN HALL: October 15th @ 12pm
  • SGA RETREAT: October 23rd @ 6:30pm
  • NEXT SENATE ZOOM MEETING: October 30th @ 3pm