Resolutions & Meeting Minutes – Oct. 30, 2020

October 30, 2020

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Fifth Session

Date: 5/7/20

I. Call to Order, Roll Call

President Oriana WhitePresentCOB Hammond Senator Matthew Zipko
Vice President Megan SiminskiPresentCOB Westville Senator
Chief of Staff Raven Chant
PresentCES Hammond Senator Brendan Rathbone-DeschPresent
CFO Tyler KlukkenPresentCES Westville Senator Mya MethnerPresent
CHESS Hammond Senator
CHESS Westville Senator Caitlyn Kalisik
CON Hammond Senator Brynn Nichol
CON Westville Senator Jasmine Roman
COT Hammond Senator Absent
COT Westville Senator
Honors Hammond Senator Megan Granados
Advisor Dr. Richard Rupp
PresentHonors Westville Senator Kayla Vasilko
Guests: Dr. Colin Fewer

II. Approval of the Meeting Minutes

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Rathbone-Desch

c. Measure: pass

III. Approval of the Agenda

a. Motion: Senator Valsiko

b. Second: Senator Roman

c. Measure: pass

IV. Executive Board (3 minutes per)

a. Oriana White-President

i. Leadership Training Updates (5 minutes)

1.  Reimagining into 4 sessions

2. Please send you Spring class schedule to Oriana and Raven (for Spring Senate meeting scheduling)

b. Megan Siminski – Vice President

i. Cram Jam (2 minutes)

ii. Secret assignment: Emojis (1 minute)

1. Thank you, Oriana and Brynn for the DM,

2. Thank you, Kayla and Jasmine, for the text messages

iii. Committee Sign-up (2 minutes)

1. Please sign up for a committee if you haven’t done so already

c. Raven Chant- Chief of Staff

i. Everyone is attached to their positions on websites

1. Double check bios for officers and senators

ii. PNW and TRIO = national first-generation college day

1. November 2nd -8th

2. If you are a first-generation college student: share your story with Raven for social media posts

d. Tyler Klukken-Chief Financial Officer

i. Payments are processing; reminder to send email confirmation to Tyler

ii. Budget Committee please send Tyler availability for meetings

e. Brynn Nichol- Pro- Tempore

i. Retreat: thank you for attending

f. Richard Rupp-Advisor

i. Congratulations for Commencement Town Hall

ii. Engagement Idea: sending pizzas (or other item) to student organizations

iii. PNW Today November 5th

1. Discussion on TRIO First Generation College Day

2. Submit SGA topics to Dr. Rupp to be shared on PNW Today

g. Colin Fewer-Dean of Students

i. Student organizations have access to credit card for organization purchases.

ii. Students for search committee for Office of Student Organizations and Leadership

iii. Student life engagement during Covid pandemic

1. Smaller events starting at University Village

2. Suggestions for small events for students send to Dr. Fewer

IV. Legislative Items

a. 20-8 Mask PNW & Proposal (10 minutes)

i. Discussion

1. How to market it to students during things being virtual

2. Look into sponsorship to reduce SGA cost

ii. Motion to Table:

1. Motion: Senator Rathbone-Desch

2. Second: Senator Zipko

3. Measure: pass

b. 20-9 PNW’s Picture Perfect Pets (5 minutes)

i. Discussion:

1. Themes – collaborate with Senate

2. More than just pets

3. If you don’t have a pet – the student can do it themselves

4. Most creative Zoom Room

5. Themed Zoom Room

6. When to have it?

a. Founders Week: February

b. Start of the semester

c. End of the semester

d. November 30 – December 4

ii. Motion to Table:

1. Motion: Nichol

2. Second: Zipko

3. Measure: pass

VI. Outreach Hours Review – Oriana (30 minutes)

a. Senators highlights of outreach hours

b. Senators improvements for next outreach hour period

c. Outreach hour clarifications

i. Town Halls: you need to be engaged with your college.

ii. If you are in a student organization, you can only claim one meeting as an SGA outreach hour

VII. Added Business / Concerns (5 minutes per)

VIII. Open Comments from Student Senate (Morgan’s Minute)

a. Senator Granados & Senator Vasilko Idea: Animal therapy during / around finals.

b. Senator Rathbone-Desch Idea: SGA sponsor virtual game night.

i. Senator Zipko: trivia night

ii. Include sponsorship (logo on zoom)

iii. Restaurants for delivery as prize for winner

c. Inform your college about commencement

IX. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

a. (none)

X. Meeting Adjourned at 4:30pm

a. Motion: Senator Rathbone-Desch

b. Second: Senator Nichol

c. Motion: pass


Next Meeting: November 13, 2020