Phi Xi Psi

Phi Xi Psi Sorority was founded on the values of education, success and community. We are centered on the academic and professional success of women. Created to empower, encourage and strengthen women to better themselves and those around them. As a sisterhood, we honor professionalism, service and dedication to the community. We promote personal and professional development and success from our membership.

We dedicate ourselves to support and help our community by participating in the Special Needs Summer Day Camp and LuMind Foundation. We have also shared our time to young ladies by creating a Big Sister program. With all this, we raise awareness and encourage people of all ages, especially young ladies to be the best of themselves to better their future. If you have an interest in participating in these programs, serving your community or joining a sorority – then why not start local?

General Information

Academics: Our purpose is to encourage and further develop the academic success and achievements of each sister. We are here to help you learn and professionally represent our community and the university. We prepare you by continuously setting examples of academic success and excellence throughout your college career. We help you by creating

Philanthropy: We, as sisters, have chosen to serve the LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation. Volunteering most of our services, time, funds and dedication to helping children with Down syndrome.

Our Sisterhood: As a sister, you will be able to personally grow and create long lasting sisterhood. By having the support that would help you through your college career and after, sharing the rough and best times of your life.

Motto: Lilac and Royal. Forever Loyal
Colors: Lilac, Royal and Silver
Symbol: Blue Iris
Mascot: Fennec Fox

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