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PNW’s Study Away programs open the door to transformative experiences, cultural understanding and a global perspective that will help you grow personally and professionally!

PNW students are allowed to participate in any program. However, admittance to a program is subject to faculty leader approval. If you are interested in joining a program, please contact the faculty leader or fill out the Study Away Interest Form.

PNW’s Study Away programs also provide course credit! Upon acceptance to a program, students can register for one of the associated programs, listed in each program’s “Additional Information” section.

Spring and Summer 2024 Programs

Going Global – Explore Healthcare Services

Costa Rica

May 6 to May 15, 2024

This immersive nursing program focuses on international healthcare by comparing the cultural, political, educational, technological and economic forces influencing healthcare systems.

Morning view of Amalfi cityscape on coast line of mediterranean sea, Italy

The 3-credit healthcare study away trip in Costa Rica will provide you with firsthand experiences in another culture that will broaden your understanding of humans and healthcare in that context and in the U.S.

The host organization, Viva Nicaragua Abroad, has partnered with PNW for many years. The trip includes facilitated discussion seminars, site visits to healthcare facilities, cultural excursions and even a beach excursion. The location provides a welcoming environment for enhancing cultural competency.

Expenses include 3 PNW undergraduate credit hours, and all living, in-country travel and excursion expenses, and most meals while in Costa Rica. Applicant’s Financial Aid can be used for expenses of trip.

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  • College: College of Nursing
  • Course: NUR 39900 (Going Global – Explore Healthcare Services in Costa Rica
  • Program Cost: $1,950

Educational Study Cruise


May 6 to May 11, 2024

The Educational Study Cruise allows you to combine academic rigor and hands-on experiences that will transform your understanding of this dynamic industry.

Stock photo of a beach in the Bahamas

The classroom will focus on the history, diversity, sustainability and operations of the cruise.

The program’s main emphasis will be the experiential learning multi-day cruise that centers around a reciprocal relationship between the course content and the cruise community.

Students will explore different languages and cultures with this land and sea program.

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  • College: College of Business
  • Department: White Lodging School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Courses: HTM 38500 and MGMT 39000
  • Program Cost: $1,900

International Summer University in Sustainable Energy Technologies


May 6 to May 17, 2024

You can receive an immersive experience that provides insights into sustainable energy technologies and Germany’s rich cultural tapestry!

Marketsquare (Obermarkt) in the heart of Gelnhausen with historical half-timbered housesThis program, geared toward international students, allows you to get an impression of Germany and the region by attending compact presentations on history, geography, and culture and visiting companies and places of interest.

Excursions to historic and modern sites, regional industries like Volkswagen, a wind farm, power plants, a solar energy technology company, the AirBus airplane plant in Hamburg, and mining aspects are presented parallel to the course program. City tours through the hometown of the Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel, Hamburg, and Bremen will be part of the schedule.

Most meals, excursions, lodging, and airport transportation in Germany are included in the cost.

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  • College: College of Technology
  • Department: Engineering Technology
  • Courses: ECET 49900: Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Program Cost: $2,700*
  • Scholarships: A $500 scholarship is available to Technology students.

*Airfare and airport transportation in the U.S. are not included.

  • Primary Faculty Leader: Athula Kulatunga
    • Title: Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology
    • Email:
    • Phone: (219) 989-2614 or (765) 426-4883

Study Away in Spain


May 10 to June 6, 2024

You can explore the Extremadura, Cáceres, celebrated for its historical significance as a UNESCO World Heritage site, in this study away program!

Arco de la Estrella, Arch of the Star overlooking the Main square of Caceres in Extremadura, Spain.The city uniquely blends medieval and Renaissance architecture, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.

During the program, students can improve their Spanish skills by interacting with locals and participating in language classes tailored to various proficiency levels. Students immerse in the language through daily conversations, exploring the city, and embracing the local customs and traditions.

Besides language learning, the program includes cultural activities and excursions to nearby towns like Trujillo, Guadalupe, Mérida, or the Monfragüe National Park, showcasing the region’s rich history and natural beauty.

This program offers a well-rounded experience, combining language learning with cultural immersion.

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  • College: College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
  • Department: English and World Languages
  • Courses: Intermediate Language Courses:
    • Spanish 20100
    • Spanish 20200
    • Spanish 451: Spanish Culture
    • Spanish 481: Spanish Civilization
  • Program Cost: $3,200

Study Abroad in Paris

Paris, France

June 1 to June 29, 2024

Explore Paris off the beaten path, steering clear of over-tourism, and engage in authentic intercultural interactions and a sustainable way of life.

Paris, Eiffel Tower and river Seine at sunrise. Paris, France.They will learn how to live like the locals and gain confidence in their ability to speak French and to travel independently by themselves in France. They will receive a French university student card that will give them access to the university restaurants where it cost 3-4 euros per meal (not included in the Program Fee).

Students will live in Paris and stay with a French host family. The program will offer six credits of French language based on the level of the courses that the students take in a campus located at the heart of Paris in the 6th arrondissement, and a three-credit interdisciplinary culture course rooted in the city of Paris including its history, sacred and urban architecture, art collection, public space, public transportation, political institutions, and everyday cultural life.

The program is open to all students registered with Purdue University Northwest and does not require prior knowledge of French.

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  • College: College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
  • Department: English & World Languages
  • Courses: Two of the French language courses (FR 10100, FR 10200, FR 20100, FR 20200, FR 26100, FR 36500) based on students’ level and FR 290/HIST 390/POL 390 – History and Culture of Paris
  • Program Cost: $3,700
    • Cost includes 9 credit hours, lodging with French hosts, field trips and public transportation in Paris and two group dinners
  • Primary Faculty Leader: Jin Lu
    • Title: Professor of French
    • Email:
    • Phone: (219) 989-2292

PNW in Peru


June 24 to July 20, 2024

Come explore Lima’s colonial past and cosmopolitan present, heading north to join archaeologists in uncovering history, while also engaging in hands-on community projects.

PNW students at Machu Picchu in PeruStudents will explore dry forests and visit the habitats of spectacled bears and other exotic species, before returning to Lima, where they will venture by boat along several Pacific islands noting the unique ecosystems and industries of this coastal region.

A trip to the Atacama Desert would not be complete without a birds-eye view of the Nazca lines, the famous geoglyphs that can only be thoroughly appreciated by air, or a visit to the natural oasis at Huacachina.

Upon leaving the coastal deserts, students will transition to Peru’s Andes, with the first stop being Puno. Located at 3800 meters above sea level, it is the port city to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the Americas and home to the “floating” Uros Island communities.

After spending a day on the lake and observing the different ecologies and social organizations present, students will travel to Cusco where they will visit Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and other Incan sites.

This final leg of the trip will give students another opportunity for service learning by working with a local NGO that is making a positive impact in the lives of Andean communities.

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  • College: College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
  • Departments: English & World Languages and Behavioral Sciences
  • Courses: HIST 42400: Latin American Societies, FLL 29000: Special Topics – Language and Cultural Immersion, SWRK 39000: Global Diversity
  • Program Cost: $4,550

Natural History of the Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee

August 5 to August 13, 2024

Live and study for a week inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Students stand in front of a waterfall in the Smoky MountainsThe course consists of an 8-day experiential field program the week immediately before the Fall Semester begins and follow-up meetings held during the early part of the Fall Semester at a time that meets your schedule. You will register for this course as part of your Fall Semester course. It is appropriate for students of all disciplines and for anyone with an interest in being in the outdoors.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is our outdoor classroom. We will take guided hikes to old-growth forests, waterfalls, and Cades Cove to understand the natural and cultural history of the park. Learn about wildlife in the Park and how they are managed, engage in innovative environmental education and interpretative programs, participate in self-reflection, and understand why the small things matter in biodiversity.

This course uses a hands-on approach to explore the scope of human–environment relationships in the most visited national park in the country. For more information about our accommodations and where we stay in the Park, check out the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont.

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  • College: College of Engineering and Sciences
  • Departments: Biological Sciences
  • Courses: BIOL 21000, BIOL 32400 and BIOL 595
  • Program Cost: $850 (estimated)
PNW students pose in front of the Pantheon in Rome.

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