Trail of Scarecrows

Get ready for the 12th Annual Trail of Scarecrows!

Registration for 2022 has closed

We’re thrilled by all of the enthusiasm this exhibit has generated in the past and can’t wait to view our 2022 entries!

School groups, scouts, businesses, families and other types of groups create scarecrows on display during the month of October at the arboretum. Entries will be on display from October 3rd through October 31st, Halloween! Participation is free!

This year’s theme is Famous Musicians

Photos of the scarecrows will be posted on social media and guests will vote for their favorites. Photos with the most likes will win!

  • 1st prize: 10 free one-time use passes to the Gabis Arboretum
  • 2nd prize: 7 free one-time use passes to the Gabis Arboretum
  • 3rd prize: 5 free one-time use passes to the Gabis Arboretum

Registration deadline: Friday, Sept. 16

Scarecrow delivery date: Sept. 28-Sept. 30

Please review the guidelines below before registering

  • Any school class, group, business or family is welcome to participate.
  • Entries must be original and not pre-made.
  • Each entry must include a scarecrow name.
  • Gabis Arboretum will install all scarecrows.
  • Steel posts will be provided by the arboretum and will be capable of supporting the scarecrow in a freestanding or seated manner. All scarecrow submissions must be backed by a 2×4 piece of wood to attach the base. Scarecrow base will not exceed 3.5 ft in width or length. Height is limited to 6 ft tall.
  • Do not include live plant material, mulch, Tiki torches, flammable objects or gas/electric powered generators with your entries.
  • Gabis Arboretum reserves the right to use photographs, school names, contact names and scarecrow names for publicity purposes.
  • Entries must be suited for viewing by small children. Entries that are controversial, commercial, political or graphic (sexual/gory/scary) in nature will not be accepted.
  • Three top winners will be chosen by popular vote from the public. Pictures of the scarecrow will be posted on Facebook and likes will count as votes.
  • Gabis Arboretum reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that deteriorates to an unacceptable level during the month. Please make your submission as weather-proof and indestructible as possible!
  • Gabis Arboretum is not responsible for loss or damage to scarecrows while on display or in the drop-off/pick-up areas. Please do not use valuable materials/objects as the scarecrows will not be monitored.

Scarecrow pick-up is November 1 through November 5. Any remaining scarecrows will be discarded.