Gabis Arboretum exists to protect trees, plants and animals. See how you can help preserve this delicate ecosystem during your visit.

Gabis Guidelines

  • Stay on trails, which are for foot traffic only. Bicycles should remain in the parking lot area. Sport activities like ball playing, frisbee, kite flying or skateboarding are not allowed.
  • Do not climb trees, sculptures or structures.
  • Wading and fishing are not permitted in the ponds, wetlands or swamps.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Collecting plants or capturing animals and insects is prohibited.
  • No grilling, but picnicking is encouraged. Please properly dispose of trash in waste and recycle containers.
  • Smoking and tobacco usage vaping is prohibited anywhere on the Gabis Arboretum property. Smoking is defined as the burning of, inhaling or exhaling the smoke or vapor from, or the possession of any lighted cigar, cigarette, electronic device, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco or any other matter that can be smoked.
  • Dogs are permitted on arboretum grounds except the Depot building and Railway Garden. Dogs must remain on leashes at all times. Only service dogs are permitted in the Depot and Railway Garden. Dogs may be prohibited from attending special events. Please check the individual event for information.
  • Professional photography requires a Photographer Day Permit or Annual Permit.

Following these simple steps keeps Gabis Arboretum a safe and healthy home for future generations!