Gabis Arboretum has nearly six miles of dog-friendly trails perfect for running or leisurely walks, with mostly grass and mulch terrain.

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Illustrated bluebird silhouette

Bluebird Trail (1.63 miles)

The longest trail at Gabis Arboretum, this mowed grass and mulch trail begins at the main parking lot. It takes hikers through prairies, along reforestation and the Savanna Wetland, through woods and back to the parking lot. Named for the many bluebirds that nest in boxes in the prairie, it features the most diverse flora and fauna.

Illustrated cardinal silhouette

Cardinal Trail (0.62 miles)

This trail can be accessed from Bluebird Trail and takes hikers through a loop in the woods. Serene and quiet, it’s a favorite for many hikers.

Illustrated silhouette of goldfinch

Goldfinch Trail (0.63 miles)

This trail can be accessed from Bluebird Trail and is the southernmost trail on the property. It takes hikers through a large reforestation area and is home to oak and hickory seedlings planted in 1998.

Illustrated silhouette of a heron

Heron Trail (0.28 miles)

The Heron Trail reflects the little green and great blue herons found living along its banks. Beginning and ending at the Meyer Pavilion, this trail circles the Heron Pond, letting hikers enjoy the various aspects of small pond life nestled in the woods. Look for bald cypress growing in the shallows, turtles sunning on logs and kingfishers diving in search of a tasty meal.

Illustrated silhouette of owl

Owl Trail (0.51 miles)

This mulched trail goes through the woods from the Meyer Pavilion to Oak Islands, then east to meet the Bluebird Trail. Along the way you will see wildflowers in spring, a maturing oak/hickory forest, a swamp and oaks from around the world in Oak Islands.

Illustrated silhouette of woodcock

Woodcock Trail (0.96 miles)

This grassy path goes around the 28-acre parcel that is a natural habitat for the American woodcock and ring-neck pheasant. This section of Gabis Arboretum was recently restored and reseeded with the prairie grasses and plants these birds require.

Illustrated silhouette of pheasant

Pheasant Trail (1.11 miles)

Pheasant Trail leads out to the recently developed American Woodcock Refuge and Pheasant Habitat, located in the easternmost section of the property.

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