1,763 Purdue University Northwest Students Earn Dean’s List Honors

February 6, 2020
Students relax on campus

Purdue University Northwest’s (PNW) 2019 fall semester Dean’s List recognizes 1,763 undergraduate students for their academic achievement.

Students who have completed 12 credit hours, including at least six during the spring, qualified for Dean’s List recognition by sustaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 and a semester grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale).

The fall semester Dean’s List consists of 1,250 Indiana residents from 86 communities; 367 Illinois residents from 154 communities; 28 residents from Ohio; 19 residents from Wisconsin; 12 residents from Michigan; eight from California; two each from Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina; and one each from Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

PNW’s international students were strongly represented on the Dean’s List as well. They are as follows: 16 students from South Korea; 12 students from China; six students from Germany; five from India; four from Spain; three from Vietnam; two each from Australia, Brazil and Nigeria; and one each from Denmark, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Trinidad-Tobago, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Yemen.

Below is the comprehensive Dean’s List, offered alphabetically by students’ last names.

Amer S. AbasiMunsterINUnited States
Mohammad S. AbdelrazzaqScherervilleINUnited States
Stephanie G. AbregoHammondINUnited States
Mohammad AbueidPortageINUnited States
Sandy W. Abu-LailHammondINUnited States
Nemi AcheboAuroraILUnited States
Samantha M. AckeDyerINUnited States
Samuel V. AcoChicagoILUnited States
Alexandra G. AdamsCrown PointINUnited States
Hector J. AdanEast ChicagoINUnited States
Mason A. AddisValparaisoINUnited States
Saige M. AddisonValparaisoINUnited States
Oreoluwa A. AdegbohungbeHammondINNigeria
Esther O. AdepojuHammondINUnited States
Anthony J. AgnePlainfieldILUnited States
Arjun AgrawalHighlandINUnited States
Emily A. AgrestaDyerINUnited States
Reuben G. AguadoEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jessica L. AguilarCrown PointINUnited States
Rafida AhadHammondINUnited States
Anastasia I. AhearnDyerINUnited States
Ji Eun AhnChicagoILUnited States
Brooke C. AhrensCovingtonINUnited States
Farida I. AkhmadullinaSaint JohnINUnited States
Abdullah E. AlabdaliValparaisoINUnited States
Zahra Ahmed AlabdulmuhsinHammondINSaudi Arabia
Eric AlanizHammondINUnited States
Kawthar AlaouiMichigan CityINUnited States
Samantha M. AlbersLa PorteINUnited States
Jacob N. AlbonKnoxINUnited States
Stacy M. AlfredsonPekinILUnited States
Sehrish AliElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Migle AlinkeviciuteLemontILUnited States
Brooke R. AllenMansfieldILUnited States
Jose AllenGrovertownINUnited States
Anthony M. AllisonLa PorteINUnited States
Xavier R. AllisonCarlsbadCAUnited States
Randall M. AlmazanScherervilleINUnited States
Sami AlnahassValparaisoINUnited States
Jordan Al-NimriCrown PointINUnited States
Kara R. AloisioYorkvilleILUnited States
James Alston-ButlerGaryINUnited States
Francesca N. AltobelliRoselleILUnited States
Monique M. AlvaradoHammondINUnited States
Gabriela AlvarezHammondINUnited States
Christina AlvinoLake in the HillsILUnited States
Ashley R. AndersonMunsterINUnited States
Cade M. AndersonSaint JohnINUnited States
Nichole F. AndersonChicagoILUnited States
Tyler S. AndersonHighlandINUnited States
Elizabeth L. AndreeHighlandINUnited States
Rowell AngelesGurneeILUnited States
Chioma O. AnokwuteMerrillvilleINNigeria
Jacely E. ArceoCalumet CityILUnited States
Alexander L. ArcherWestvilleINUnited States
Victoria R. ArchuletaSaint JohnINUnited States
Perla ArellanoScherervilleINUnited States
Griselda ArguellesOak LawnILUnited States
Hailey D. ArlisMinookaILUnited States
Donald F. ArnoldDemotteINUnited States
Jay ArnoldDenverCOUnited States
Wendy L. ArnoneChicagoILUnited States
Sarah A. ArrigoChestertonINUnited States
Oscar ArroyoLowellINUnited States
Rianne M. ArtimCrown PointINUnited States
LeeAnn M. AshbyValparaisoINUnited States
Scott G. AshcraftLake StationINUnited States
Danielle M. AskChicagoILUnited States
Jacob S. AtchisonCrown PointINUnited States
Kathleen E. AtonMerrillvilleINUnited States
Samantha L. AurelioSaint JohnINUnited States
Alaska M. AustinValparaisoINUnited States
Casey D. AustinHighlandINUnited States
Adrianna L. AvilaWestfieldINUnited States
Marwan H. AwadhWorthILYemen
Kathryn J. AydlettNorth CharlestonSCUnited States
Kayla N. AytesValparaisoINUnited States
Christopher R. BaconHammondINUnited States
Brianna M. BaezHammondINUnited States
Alexandra M. BaginskiCreteILUnited States
Daniel BahenaHighlandINUnited States
Zhongkai BaiHammondINChina
Dakota C. BaileyHobartINUnited States
Elijah M. BaileyValparaisoINUnited States
Lauren A. BaileyWanatahINUnited States
Maximus G. BaileyValparaisoINUnited States
Shelese A. BaiyeeIndianapolisINUnited States
Katerina BakasValparaisoINUnited States
Timothy BakasScherervilleINUnited States
Brittany R. BakerScherervilleINUnited States
Hilary J. BakerScherervilleINUnited States
Jennifer L. BakerGriffithINUnited States
Tristan L. BakerFortvilleINUnited States
Brooklynn E. BakseTinley ParkILUnited States
Sarah N. BalboaGriffithINUnited States
Dustin BaldwinTaylorAZUnited States
Christopher BaltagesMunsterINUnited States
Leah M. BanawaPalatineILUnited States
Kimberly S. BaneyMentoneINUnited States
Mirona N. BaracHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Eliseth J. BarajasHammondINUnited States
Gabriel BarajasLansingILUnited States
Brandon M. BareheadScherervilleINUnited States
Emma N. BarnettGriffithINUnited States
Veronica M. BarnhillLowellINUnited States
Sabrina N. BarrishValparaisoINUnited States
Alexandra L. BartellCarol StreamILUnited States
Robert W. BartholomewLa PorteINUnited States
Aislinn L. BartleyDyerINUnited States
Chelsea C. BarzyckiSaint JohnINUnited States
Uyanga BatboldChicagoILUnited States
Alex J. BatistatosHobartINUnited States
Zoe Y. BatistatosHobartINUnited States
Nicole T. BatresCrown PointINUnited States
Tinnekke M. BeboutHighlandINUnited States
Brandi J. BechtelDes PlainesILUnited States
Jessica L. BeckSycamoreILUnited States
Riley J. BeckCedar RapidsIAUnited States
Brandyn M. BeckerCedar LakeINUnited States
Kendall R. BeckmanCrown PointINUnited States
Kevin R. BeckmanMichigan CityINUnited States
Ryne G. BeckmanChestertonINUnited States
Sedelia BeecherHammondINUnited States
Jason J. BeezholdDyerINUnited States
Andrew D. BeggsScherervilleINUnited States
Samantha L. BehennaWestvilleINUnited States
Connor B. BehrensWestvilleINUnited States
Anissa J. BelghozlaneChestertonINUnited States
Aaron S. BellMattesonILUnited States
Michelle BellLake in the HillsILUnited States
Riley S. BelloLa PorteINUnited States
Noland Q. BeltPortageINUnited States
Tyler E. BenderValparaisoINUnited States
Victoria BengstonValparaisoINUnited States
Emma L. BennettSaint JohnINUnited States
Hannah P. BennettChestertonINUnited States
Anika R. BergScherervilleINUnited States
Timothy D. BergerLa PorteINUnited States
Justin D. BheMerrillvilleINUnited States
Allison S. BiancardiGriffithINUnited States
Danielle T. BiancardiCrown PointINUnited States
Thomas BiancardiGriffithINUnited States
Sally A. BibbMichigan CityINUnited States
Kendra M. BickelKnoxINUnited States
Zachary J. BieniakMunsterINUnited States
Lillian BilkaCrown PointINUnited States
Jonathon M. BillsFort WayneINUnited States
Hope E. BinnerHighlandINUnited States
Amanda G. BiroHammondINUnited States
Alison K. BishelMichigan CityINUnited States
Karen E. BjonbackLa PorteINUnited States
Chloe P. BlackLa PorteINUnited States
Courtney A. BlackwellWhitingINUnited States
Eric J. BlankenshipDyerINUnited States
Mark R. BlaskiSaint JohnINUnited States
Tamie BledsoeOswegoILUnited States
Rebecca N. BlockPortageINUnited States
Jeffery T. BloomPortageINUnited States
Migdalia BlountValparaisoINUnited States
MacKenzie M. BobergSavoyILUnited States
Jason C. BodnarHammondINUnited States
Jennifer A. BodnarLowellINUnited States
Calvin J. BoenderSaint JohnINUnited States
Janina BoganPlainfieldILUnited States
Nemanja BogunovicMunsterINUnited States
Paige M. BohlingMunsterINUnited States
Diana BolanosDyerINUnited States
Adam BolozChicagoILUnited States
Jonathan BondocPlainfieldILUnited States
Elaine P. BonnerWestvilleINUnited States
Delia G. BookerGriffithINUnited States
Janine P. BorkEast ChicagoINUnited States
Emma A. BormetWellingtonFLUnited States
Evett BorojanDes PlainesILUnited States
Jake P. BottariPortageINUnited States
Anne BoucherHighland ParkILUnited States
William A. BoukalLansingILUnited States
Alexa M. BowersLisleILUnited States
Trevor BoydLansingILUnited States
Steven J. BozackiScherervilleINUnited States
Mackenzie N. BrandtScherervilleINUnited States
Nicholas J. BrandtScherervilleINUnited States
Kevin C. BrannManhattanILUnited States
Ashley L. BravoChicagoILUnited States
Beatriz BravoOak LawnILUnited States
Kira R. BrennanHammondINUnited Kingdom
Michelle J. BreslanHamletINUnited States
Autumn I. BrightCrown PointINUnited States
Bailey M. BristleyHobartINUnited States
Savaya T. BrockingtonIndianapolisINUnited States
Bailey M. BroelmannMunsterINUnited States
Erin J. BrogdonHammondINUnited States
Haley M. BronkLa PorteINUnited States
Jason P. BronzoMortonILUnited States
Emily A. BrooksWhitingINUnited States
Jodi BroseRoselleILUnited States
Taylor M. BroskyPortageINUnited States
Alexander D. BrownLa PorteINUnited States
Tyler H. BrownChestertonINUnited States
Katrina N. BrownewellCrown PointINUnited States
Michael K. BrownseaHammondINAustralia
Peter M. BrunkerWhitingINUnited States
Hunter J. BryakHighlandINUnited States
Kathryn K. BryzgalskiHomewoodILUnited States
Brianna L. BucknerCrown PointINUnited States
Mitchell H. BuffanoMunsterINUnited States
Joseph A. BuikemaChicagoILUnited States
Brooke M. BunchekWheatfieldINUnited States
Taura R. BurgeGaryINUnited States
Mitchell BurkGriffithINUnited States
Daisja BurnsChicagoILUnited States
Eric BurnsLake StationINUnited States
Julia S. BurnsDelawareOHUnited States
Lindsey M. BurnsFrankfortILUnited States
Gavin R. BurnsonChestertonINUnited States
Tessa N. BurnsonChestertonINUnited States
Zachary P. BurrisScherervilleINUnited States
Ashley N. BushIndianapolisINUnited States
Elizabeth A. BuskirkMichigan CityINUnited States
Neal A. BussScherervilleINUnited States
Marta J. BustosValparaisoINUnited States
Melody C. BustosHammondINUnited States
Madison BydalekLowellINUnited States
Andrew T. ByrnsideChestertonINUnited States
Luis E. CabralHighlandINUnited States
Kellie J. CahillaneWestvilleINUnited States
Zhijia CaiPalos HillsILChina
Giulia E. CalabreseWood DaleILUnited States
Sarah E. CalkusicValparaisoINUnited States
Tiffany A. CallahanMichigan CityINUnited States
Lana D. CalvoWheelingILUnited States
Zachary A. CamelPortageINUnited States
Rebecca G. CampbellChestertonINUnited States
Michael V. CampoMokenaILUnited States
Javier I. CamposMunsterINUnited States
Ricardo CamposScherervilleINUnited States
Nancy L. CampuzanoLansingILUnited States
Abigail Canaday HowardDowners GroveILUnited States
Emily A. CanningWhitingINUnited States
Orlando CanoPeotoneILUnited States
James A. CanslerOlympia FieldsILUnited States
Kelli L. CanulMunsterINUnited States
Gisselle CanutoHammondINUnited States
Michelle L. CanutoHammondINUnited States
Selena CanutoHammondINUnited States
Sydney R. CapouchWheatfieldINUnited States
Amy L. CappAuroraILUnited States
Aneta CapraruChicagoILUnited States
David CarbajalDyerINUnited States
Blake M. CardenMoroccoINUnited States
Paula M. CarjeSkokieILUnited States
Austin J. CarlosMichigan CityINUnited States
Bretta S. CarneyMichigan CityINUnited States
Andrew P. CaroselliMunsterINUnited States
Alyssa R. CarpenterMunsterINUnited States
Baylee A. CarpenterNew CarlisleINUnited States
Seryna R. CarrascoCrown PointINUnited States
Paige CarrollEvanstonILUnited States
Kara CasePalos HeightsILUnited States
Kevin G. CaseyEvergreen ParkILUnited States
Steffi CasipitNapervilleILUnited States
Vanessa Y. CastroHobartINUnited States
Kristen M. CavanaughMcHenryILUnited States
Julia I. CavazosEast ChicagoINUnited States
Ethan A. CelestinHighlandINUnited States
Rocio CentenoOceansideCAUnited States
Samantha I. CernelLa PorteINUnited States
Christian CervantesPortageINUnited States
Albert ChaChicagoILUnited States
Paul M. ChaffinsKnoxINUnited States
Isabelle L. ChandlerPortageINUnited States
Kiana L. ChandlerLowellINUnited States
Maria I. ChaplesMichigan CityINUnited States
Cameron M. ChapmanValparaisoINUnited States
Danica CharnetzkyPortageINUnited States
Alexander K. CharriereWestvilleINUnited States
Macy M. ChayhitzValparaisoINUnited States
Betty J. ChenChicagoILUnited States
Jieying ChenScherervilleINUnited States
Wenliang ChenHammondINChina
Joshua D. ChewChestertonINUnited States
Robert S. ChiharaDongolaILUnited States
Calvin M. ChristiansenMunsterINUnited States
Hope K. CiarrocchiScherervilleINUnited States
Bartlomiej CiasDyerINUnited States
Trevor J. CieslakScherervilleINUnited States
Louis CioeScherervilleINUnited States
Giana G. CiuffetelliPortageINUnited States
Zachary E. ClaahsenChestertonINUnited States
Alexzander B. ClarkMunsterINUnited States
Rani E. ClarkNorth BaltimoreOHUnited States
Shelbi R. ClarkHannaINUnited States
Marissa M. Clark-DebutchScherervilleINUnited States
Brandon D. ClaussenWanatahINUnited States
Madeline T. ClementHammondINUnited States
Elizabeth ClementsLa PorteINUnited States
Abby CleminsonTucsonAZUnited States
Kane L. ClendenenMendotaILUnited States
Madison R. ClintonKoutsINUnited States
Jessica N. CloseFort WayneINUnited States
Jay W. CobenEast ChicagoINUnited States
Sarah ColbyCrown PointINUnited States
Kyle C. ColeHighlandINUnited States
Akeia S. ColemanCalumet CityILUnited States
Catherine ColemanWheatonILUnited States
Kersten T. CollinsGriffithINUnited States
Rikki L. CollinsElkhartINUnited States
Nichole D. ComellaGreencastleINUnited States
Meda N. ComnoiuMundeleinILUnited States
Lexie K. CongerHammondINUnited States
Rachel D. CongerCrown PointINUnited States
Victoria G. ConnValparaisoINUnited States
Nicholas A. ConnerValparaisoINUnited States
Anna M. ContrerasHomewoodILUnited States
Mason W. CookCedar LakeINUnited States
Trina L. CookPortageINUnited States
Brooke O. CornettCrown PointINUnited States
Nicole E. CornettCrown PointINUnited States
Jennifer CorralHammondINUnited States
Yesenia CorralHobartINUnited States
Jasmina CoseskaCrown PointINUnited States
Holly L. CosletChestertonINUnited States
Pietro S. CosoLa PorteINBrazil
Kelly A. CovaciuCrown PointINUnited States
Elias V. CovarrubiasHighlandINUnited States
Samuel G. CovertNew BuffaloMIUnited States
Haley S. CoxDemotteINUnited States
Spencer CoxLansingILUnited States
Henry W. CraferChicagoILUnited States
Jonah M. CraftonValparaisoINUnited States
Emma R. CragerFairbornOHUnited States
Jennifer R. CragueScherervilleINUnited States
Jordan M. CraigPortageINUnited States
John E. CranorAndersonINUnited States
Erin E. CrawfordHammondINUnited States
Amara CreightonElginILUnited States
Mason R. CristMerrillvilleINUnited States
Thomas A. CrossLa PorteINUnited States
Hannah CrumpleyHammondINUnited States
Jamie CruzBartlettILUnited States
Kevin R. CruzSchaumburgILUnited States
Agustina Z. CuadraEast ChicagoINUnited States
Bozana CucuzScherervilleINUnited States
Danka CucuzScherervilleINUnited States
Nolan E. CulpSaint JohnINUnited States
Jonathan W. CulverSaint JohnINUnited States
Theresa L. CummingsMount ProspectILUnited States
Isis CurielHighlandINUnited States
Maggie CurranLake in the HillsILUnited States
Jessica A. CurrierCreteILUnited States
Sara CurrierCreteILUnited States
Jesse K. CurtisFort WayneINUnited States
Carl Patrick E. CutaHickory HillsILUnited States
Brittany M. CutlipColumbusOHUnited States
Timothy R. CybulskiHammondINUnited States
Chance Joseph A. DacanayHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Charles Christien A. DacanayHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Carrie A. DaileyChestertonINUnited States
Hanna W. DamarjianCedar LakeINUnited States
Kelli M. DammanFort WayneINUnited States
Lee E. DanielSidneyOHUnited States
Jered R. DanielsCrown PointINUnited States
Justin R. DaverinKankakeeILUnited States
Brittany E. DavidsonLa PorteINUnited States
Jacquelyn M. DavidsonLansingILUnited States
Austin G. DavisMedaryvilleINUnited States
Meghan M. DavisGlenwoodILUnited States
Natalie E. DavisHighlandINUnited States
Ruth E. DavisFranklinOHUnited States
Carla DawYorkvilleILUnited States
Makenna DawesLa FontaineINUnited States
Danielle E. De BoerSaint JohnINUnited States
Amanda De JesusHighlandINUnited States
Rafael A. De Jesus DiazHammondINUnited States
Stephania P. De La FuenteCrown PointINUnited States
Kimberly De SantiagoEast ChicagoINUnited States
Justin D. DeboerDyerINUnited States
Zachary J. DeckerRolling PrairieINUnited States
Emma M. DeGrootSaint JohnINUnited States
Alyssa E. DeJoanMunsterINUnited States
Vanessa K. Del RealValparaisoINUnited States
Jordan N. DelaurentisCrown PointINUnited States
Catherine DelgadoGriffithINUnited States
Raymond DelgadoCiceroILUnited States
Margaret E. DelisCrown PointINUnited States
Kelly M. DeMichaelValparaisoINUnited States
Salina DesaiGlenviewILUnited States
Jordan F. DesiderioPark ForestILUnited States
Darian DevriesWheatfieldINUnited States
Emma K. DeYoungCedar LakeINUnited States
Angelina M. DiazPortageINUnited States
Sebastian DiazMerrillvilleINUnited States
Krystal DickensLawrenceMIUnited States
Lucas-Mario J. DieguezHammondINUnited States
Tiffany N. DillnerCedar LakeINUnited States
Sydney C. DinanScherervilleINUnited States
Jonathan D. DingaCedar LakeINUnited States
McKenzie L. DingaDemotteINUnited States
Mya L. DixonLynwoodILUnited States
Ana DjordjevicValparaisoINUnited States
Suzana DjordjevicSaint CharlesILUnited States
Melana DjuraskovicMunsterINUnited States
Rosina N. DobrijevicSaint JohnINUnited States
Auburn M. Dodd-GolstonChicagoILUnited States
Brice R. DoescherScherervilleINUnited States
Jessica DominguezWaukeganILUnited States
Steven B. DonovanMunsterINUnited States
Colton D. DoughertyScherervilleINUnited States
Narina DovlatyanDes PlainesILUnited States
Lucas D. DriskillChestertonINUnited States
Monica DuarteLa PorteINUnited States
Greg M. DudashLa PorteINUnited States
Abigail J. DuesingSouth HollandILUnited States
Kayla DuesingLowellINUnited States
Emily R. DuffyPlainfieldILUnited States
Timothy E. DuganSaint JohnINUnited States
Makenzie E. DugganBolingbrookILUnited States
Noah T. DujmovichValparaisoINUnited States
Jacqueline H. DumbskyLowellINUnited States
Daniel R. DuncanCrown PointINUnited States
Aidan C. DunleavySaint PaulMNUnited States
Marissa DunnChicagoILUnited States
Paul E. DunnWinamacINUnited States
Harlie N. DurhamHammondINUnited States
Cherone DurrettValparaisoINUnited States
Brittany DykstraHammondINUnited States
Katherine M. DykstraHighlandINUnited States
Kymberli DzikiTerre HauteINUnited States
Emily M. EarleyMichigan CityINUnited States
Courtney EatonNapervilleILUnited States
Jeffrey EatonLa PorteINUnited States
Iziegbe E. EboigbeOwings MillsMDUnited States
Michael A. EdingtonHammondINUnited States
Aniya L. EdwardsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Margaret M. EichelbergerKoutsINUnited States
Brittany E. EisenseeLowellINUnited States
Mohssine ElhmamiColumbusOHUnited States
Zachary E. EmchValparaisoINUnited States
Madison N. EmerickMichigan CityINUnited States
Jessica EmeryValparaisoINUnited States
Safa EnayehHammondINUnited States
Zachary E. EngMunsterINUnited States
Alexander H. EnglerPingree GroveILUnited States
Natasha E. EnglishScherervilleINUnited States
Shelby N. EnglishWorthingtonINUnited States
Vivien EnriquezPleasant PrairieWIUnited States
Jaden P. ErrachoCrown PointINUnited States
Jennifer E. EvanichCrown PointINUnited States
Cole M. EvansValparaisoINUnited States
Thomas W. EvansChestertonINUnited States
Hannah L. EvattPlainfieldILUnited States
James T. EvittsCarpentersvilleILUnited States
Levent EvyapanHammondINTurkey
Jessica ExclusaRiver GroveILUnited States
Taylor T. FabianPortageINUnited States
Steven K. FadkeLowellINUnited States
Anthony C. Fadke-GiblinLowellINUnited States
Hugh M. FalboNorth JudsonINUnited States
Holly A. FaleyMarionIAUnited States
Austin C. FantCedar LakeINUnited States
Ivana FarkicMokenaILUnited States
Mackinzie S. FarnellMunsterINUnited States
Camryn M. FaryHammondINUnited States
Sam FathizadehOak BrookILUnited States
Bailey M. FehrmanGriffithINUnited States
Jaclyn R. FelberMorton GroveILUnited States
Betsaida FernandezHighlandINUnited States
Kelly A. FernandezCedar LakeINUnited States
Travis P. FernandezValparaisoINUnited States
Brandon W. FettersLa PorteINUnited States
Michelle R. FiesMunsterINUnited States
Carrie-Anne A. FitzhughLa PorteINUnited States
Shelby R. FlemingWestvilleINUnited States
Julia A. FleszewskiCrown PointINUnited States
Sydney M. FlickHighlandINUnited States
Renee M. FlinchumScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew FloresHammondINUnited States
Matthew T. FloridaSaint JohnINUnited States
Angela FlynnSchaumburgILUnited States
Olivia FollisWestvilleINUnited States
Charles T. FonerBartlettILUnited States
Alexis FordEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jasmine T. FosterDoltonILUnited States
Comron K. FouladiCrown PointINUnited States
Christina FoyHebronINUnited States
Stephan H. FoyHebronINUnited States
Jennifer E. FrancisLowellINUnited States
Evan D. FrankCrown PointINUnited States
Sidnee R. FrasureWinamacINUnited States
Christopher R. FrederickMichigan CityINUnited States
Jillary N. FreeseBloomingtonINUnited States
Alyssa R. FreestoneWestvilleINUnited States
Christina D. FriesLelandILUnited States
Christina FrigoDyerINUnited States
Brooke FryAuburnINUnited States
Jacqueline FryeHighlandINUnited States
Anthony R. FumagalliPlainfieldILUnited States
Dominic F. FurcoSugar GroveILUnited States
Jessica FurlanScherervilleINUnited States
Ethan P. FurmanHammondINUnited States
Joshua R. FurtekSaint JohnINUnited States
Rebecca GacekOak LawnILUnited States
Rachel L. GaciochChestertonINUnited States
Laura G. GaffneyPortageINUnited States
Jodie GainesLa PorteINUnited States
Mitchell A. GajdaHomer GlenILUnited States
Samantha GajewskiHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Aristotle J. GalanosHammondINUnited States
Anjel J. GalbraithVallejoCAUnited States
Victoria M. GallSaint JohnINUnited States
Jack R. GallagherBloomingtonINUnited States
Riley F. GallagherBloomingtonINUnited States
Kamren M. GallasCrown PointINUnited States
Rebecca R. GallowayLa PorteINUnited States
Jacob R. GalosichMunsterINUnited States
Alexsander J. GalvanGaryINUnited States
Ann M. GambiniCrown PointINUnited States
Christian V. GaminoWhitingINUnited States
Adriana C. GarciaHammondINUnited States
David GarciaCrown PointINUnited States
Marlene GarciaHammondINUnited States
Maxwell J. GarciaCrown PointINUnited States
Mayra A. GarciaElginILUnited States
Sindy A. Garcia TellezBerwynILUnited States
Brandon M. GarganoCrown PointINUnited States
Raul Garrido GarciaHammondINSpain
Megan M. GarrityFlossmoorILUnited States
Jocelyn G. GaultWest LafayetteINUnited States
Bryce R. GawronskiDemotteINUnited States
Danielle L. GaylordBlufftonINUnited States
Madison A. GehringRensselaerINUnited States
Emily J. GeigerColumbia CityINUnited States
Cole E. GellerMoroccoINUnited States
Marisa M. GentryPortageINUnited States
Elias C. GerodemosCrown PointINUnited States
Shelby L. GeurtsHammondINUnited States
Jessie M. GideonValparaisoINUnited States
Simone C. GillMunsterINUnited States
Cheryl R. GillespieMarionOHUnited States
Chase W. GinavenMunsterINUnited States
Moritz GisyCrown PointINGermany
Melody A. GlassWaukeshaWIUnited States
John S. GleasonGrant ParkILUnited States
Megan T. GlivaCrown PointINUnited States
Melissa A. GodboltHammondINUnited States
Cody GoddardValparaisoINUnited States
Natalia GodlewskiArlington HeightsILUnited States
Jenny K. GogalScherervilleINUnited States
Angela L. GolubHighlandINUnited States
Samuel GomezPhoenixILUnited States
Abigail Gomez AvilaSouth BendINUnited States
Gregory Gómez MoralesHighlandINUnited States
Cameron E. GonzalezWestvilleINUnited States
Danielle N. GonzalezPortageINUnited States
Jazmin GonzalezChicagoILUnited States
Jeremy R. GonzalezEast ChicagoINUnited States
Melanie GonzalezHammondINUnited States
Ruben GonzalezHammondINUnited States
Susana A. Gonzalez-AmbrizBerkeleyILUnited States
Bayley L. GoodmanFowlerINUnited States
Brandon F. GoodmanWestfieldINUnited States
Brian GoodmanDyerINUnited States
Ethan A. GoodmanHobartINUnited States
Tonia GoodmanNapervilleILUnited States
Kendra S. GoodwinWanatahINUnited States
Alexis P. GorrellKoutsINUnited States
Eric M. GorskiCrown PointINUnited States
Marisa A. GorskiScherervilleINUnited States
Rachel GottschalkMadisonWIUnited States
Neol S. GoveasClovisCAUnited States
Brandon J. GrabarekScherervilleINUnited States
Bridget K. GradyFrankfortILUnited States
Angela GrandeArlington HeightsILUnited States
Christian J. GrandfieldLa PorteINUnited States
Shannon T. GrayPalatineILUnited States
Emma N. GreenScherervilleINUnited States
Kayla A. GreenEast ChicagoINUnited States
Miranda R. GreenWanatahINUnited States
Connor A. GreggValparaisoINUnited States
Ryan B. GresserHammondINUnited States
Jessica N. GriffinTrail CreekINUnited States
Loree A. GriffinElginILUnited States
Elizabeth F. GriffithKnoxINUnited States
Madelynn N. GriggsLowellINUnited States
Jason GrischkatHinsdaleILUnited States
Maximilian J. GrisolanoValparaisoINUnited States
John T. GroenMunsterINUnited States
Tammy GroshekAmherstWIUnited States
Hannah Y. GrossScherervilleINUnited States
James A. GrossDyerINUnited States
Audrey GrubeKenoshaWIUnited States
Emma K. GrubeDemotteINUnited States
Ashley GualbertoWheelingILUnited States
Lyndi Joyce A. GubatonCarpentersvilleILUnited States
Erika N. GuerreroHammondINUnited States
Sarah GuerreroStreamwoodILUnited States
Leah M. GurrolaLa PorteINUnited States
Benjamin R. GuseMichigan CityINUnited States
Jack I. GutierrezHammondINUnited States
Luke J. HaanMunsterINUnited States
Haylee G. HaasPortageINUnited States
Luke M. HackettMunsterINUnited States
Michelle A. HackworthMarysvilleOHUnited States
Brandon T. HaczynskiCrown PointINUnited States
Sabrina V. HaddadHighlandINUnited States
Tyler V. HaddadScherervilleINUnited States
Said HafidColumbusOHUnited States
Sawyer S. HallasChestertonINUnited States
Tarah N. HambyDyerINUnited States
Heather HamiltonAuroraILUnited States
Laquon T. HamiltonGriffithINUnited States
Morgan J. HamiltonApexNCUnited States
Nicholas J. HammondLansingILUnited States
Cathryn E. HamptonLa PorteINUnited States
Meagan E. HancharWanatahINUnited States
Brylle Keane H. HandangOrland ParkILUnited States
Juli HannaChestertonINUnited States
Jaron T. HannonLa PorteINUnited States
Sydney G. HansonAlmaMIUnited States
Aaron M. HardisonValparaisoINUnited States
Kayla HarmonHobartINUnited States
Adrian HaroScherervilleINUnited States
Destinee HarrellChestertonINUnited States
Nicholas D. HarrisonCedar LakeINUnited States
Carlos A. HartHobartINUnited States
Kate C. HasierHighlandINUnited States
Auqib HassanScherervilleINUnited States
Karly A. HatchettKoutsINUnited States
Isabella G. HathawayCedar LakeINUnited States
Emily E. HawkinsWestvilleINUnited States
Lucas J. HayesElginILUnited States
Matthew R. HealyNewburghINUnited States
Leonie HeckHammondINGermany
Raylene HedrickGaryINUnited States
Brinley G. HeftyBelvidereILUnited States
Lisa HegemannBurlingtonWIUnited States
Justine A. HeggemCaryILUnited States
Nicole HeinzElmhurstILUnited States
Zachary T. HeldBolingbrookILUnited States
Zachary R. HeldMunsterINUnited States
Mary K. HelmuthWhitingINUnited States
Riley A. HendronGriffithINUnited States
Sarah A. HenrichLa PorteINUnited States
Angela R. HenryValparaisoINUnited States
Jahrod T. HenryHammondINUnited States
Dylan T. HensonLowellINUnited States
Jessica HensonCrown PointINUnited States
Nico T. HerknerGermany
Alex L. HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Alexander HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Alexis A. HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Gisselle HernandezSaint JohnINUnited States
Kailoni HernandezHamiltonINUnited States
Miloni HernandezStegerILUnited States
Rodrigo H. HernandezWhitingINUnited States
Tatiana K. HernandezGriffithINUnited States
Andrew S. HerzogRolling MeadowsILUnited States
Carson C. HerzogWanatahINUnited States
Stephen HeywardAwendawSCUnited States
Kathleen T. HickeyCaryILUnited States
Jacob HicksChicagoILUnited States
Malik E. HicksCarmelINUnited States
Dannielle S. HighbergerChestertonINUnited States
David A. HigleyDyerINUnited States
Emily A. HigleyDyerINUnited States
Raymond N. HilbrichScherervilleINUnited States
Gabriella D. HillHammondINUnited States
Jacob M. HillFort WayneINUnited States
Kristie L. HillPortageINUnited States
Seth A. HillLa PorteINUnited States
Alina D. HillegondsMunsterINUnited States
Elizabeth J. HillegondsDyerINUnited States
Jack W. HillegondsDyerINUnited States
Evan A. HillierHighlandINUnited States
Meaghan E. HillierHighlandINUnited States
Zachary J. HillmanHighlandINUnited States
Holly A. HiltonMerrillvilleINUnited States
Jacinda D. HintenValparaisoINUnited States
Bryan P. HippFrankfortILUnited States
Amy E. HirschColumbusOHUnited States
Bruno HnatuskoCrown PointINUnited States
Taylor R. HoffmannElmhurstILUnited States
Christina M. HollingerDurandWIUnited States
Brianne N. HomrichHighlandINUnited States
Harrison S. HooperHammondINAustralia
Brett L. HooverHannaINUnited States
Devin G. HornerValparaisoINUnited States
Skyler D. HosfeldCrown PointINUnited States
Joshua E. HowardValparaisoINUnited States
Julie A. HoydaSaint JohnINUnited States
Thomas A. HubbardMishawakaINUnited States
Jesus HuertaHammondINUnited States
Timothy A. HughesMerrillvilleINUnited States
Victoria M. HughesNappaneeINUnited States
Juliet A. HuiskampValparaisoINUnited States
Joseph HullChestertonINUnited States
Kathryn G. HullChestertonINUnited States
Jensine J. HuntChicagoILUnited States
Daizha M. HunterHammondINUnited States
Elizabeth S. HustonYaleMIUnited States
Vy Ai HuynhMishawakaINVietnam
Geon Hyuk ImHammondINSouth Korea
Sheila S. Inciong-VergaraDes PlainesILUnited States
Rachel K. IngleseCrown PointINUnited States
Seleana A. IsaacsElburnILUnited States
Trevor IsaacsHobartINUnited States
Mary IshoSkokieILUnited States
Farah A. IssaDyerINUnited States
Ziyad A. IssaScherervilleINUnited States
Marija IvicScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew B. IwinskiLowellINUnited States
Haejin JackColumbusOHUnited States
Davina JacksonPortageINUnited States
Kennedy A. JacksonLawndaleCAUnited States
Martina S. JamesScherervilleINUnited States
Casey H. JamrockDyerINUnited States
Chad C. JamrockDyerINUnited States
Nicholas R. JanichDyerINUnited States
Hailey M. JanssenCrown PointINUnited States
Samantha A. JanuszDyerINUnited States
Adam L. JaroszkiewiczHuntleyILUnited States
Sydney E. JasinskiMunsterINUnited States
Hayley M. JenkinsLowellINUnited States
Danielle L. JensenCedar LakeINUnited States
Yuju JeonGangnam-GuSouth Korea
Michael E. JerdeLa PorteINUnited States
Sara T. JerdeLa PorteINUnited States
Lanette M. JerousekMidlothianILUnited States
Soeun JiHammondINSouth Korea
Jose A. JimenezHammondINUnited States
Tanya S. JimenezWhitingINUnited States
Chaeeun JinHammondINSouth Korea
Abigail JohansenValparaisoINUnited States
Andrianna R. JohnsonGaryINUnited States
Drew A. JohnsonHighlandINUnited States
Dylan R. JohnsonValparaisoINUnited States
Hayley K. JohnsonValparaisoINUnited States
Kyle E. JohnsonPortageINUnited States
Michael D. JohnsonPlymouthINUnited States
Rachel JohnsonLake StationINUnited States
Shana M. JohnsonHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Yasmeen H. Jojo-CunninghamMishawakaINUnited States
Anna M. JonesValparaisoINUnited States
Dallas K. JonesHammondINUnited States
Jasmine JonesCalumet CityILUnited States
Melissa A. JonesHobartINUnited States
Spencer D. JonesValparaisoINUnited States
Adam M. JongkindLa PorteINUnited States
Laura L. JosephPortageINUnited States
Tairu JozaitisLa PorteINChina
Joel JuarezHighlandINUnited States
Alexandra V. JurczakMount ProspectILUnited States
Alexander N. JuszczakLowellINUnited States
Alexis P. KaczmarzewskiDyerINUnited States
Leon Tobias Maxilmilian KahHammondINGermany
Monika KajmakoskaPortageINUnited States
Katarzyna B. KaminskiSchaumburgILUnited States
Hannah KampsSouth HollandILUnited States
Stephen KampsSouth HollandILUnited States
Leslie KaniukValparaisoINUnited States
Angelina KapetanovHighlandINUnited States
Christopher J. KarakozisCrown PointINUnited States
Luke V. KarasHammondINUnited States
Nathan P. KarnezisMunsterINUnited States
Arika D. KasperLa PorteINUnited States
Gretchen P. KasperHobartINUnited States
Robin S. KasuriSouth BendINUnited States
Vivek R. KathrotiyaMunsterINUnited States
Ankurpreet KaurPortageINUnited States
Tarlochan KaurValparaisoINUnited States
Taylor N. KazmerCrown PointINUnited States
Noel M. KeebleDyerINUnited States
Kathryn C. KeenMichigan CityINUnited States
Frank H. KellerCrown PointINUnited States
Peyton A. KellingerMinookaILUnited States
Jennifer L. KellyChestertonINUnited States
Kyle KellyScherervilleINUnited States
Sage N. Kelly SantanaLa PorteINUnited States
Dustin J. KendallPortageINUnited States
Vincent T. KennedyHammondINUnited States
Michelle E. KennellFort WayneINUnited States
Ryan M. KepshireCrown PointINUnited States
Katherine R. KerberHighlandINUnited States
Breanna E. KerleyCedar LakeINUnited States
Paige E. KesslerMunsterINUnited States
Anthony E. KetchamValparaisoINUnited States
Upexa KevatHarwood HeightsILUnited States
Gaurav KhatriHammondINIndia
Evgeniya KhenOconomowocWIUnited States
Jasmine M. KiddLa PorteINUnited States
Madison P. KilanderChestertonINUnited States
Kayla L. KilleanChicagoILUnited States
Anthony KimLa PorteINUnited States
Bobah KimWarsawINUnited States
HeeJung KimLos AngelesCAUnited States
Jiwoo KimHammondINSouth Korea
Sonia KincaidChestertonINUnited States
Phillip M. KingDemotteINUnited States
Destiny K. KinnardHammondINUnited States
Susanne M. KinsellaMunsterINUnited States
Ernestas KiseliovasArlington HeightsILUnited States
Teresa KistnerScherervilleINUnited States
Olivia M. KjaerHammondINDenmark
Victoria A. KlahnPortageWIUnited States
Ashley E. KlieberSpring ValleyILUnited States
Dejan KlothWhitingINUnited States
Tyler KlukkenCrown PointINUnited States
Danielle E. KmiecLa PorteINUnited States
Taylor M. KnappKentonOHUnited States
Ashley N. KnerlerCrown PointINUnited States
Jennie KnezevicCedar LakeINUnited States
Bradley R. KnightHammondINUnited States
Brittney R. KnightTerre HauteINUnited States
Kyle R. KnightOrland ParkILUnited States
Madison J. KobitkaHobartINUnited States
Kristine I. KochValparaisoINUnited States
Joshua W. KoepkeKoutsINUnited States
Kelly N. KoesterCrown PointINUnited States
Jasmyne R. KohlerHammondINUnited States
Yelena V. KokhanyukBuffalo GroveILUnited States
Carrie A. KooyWheatfieldINUnited States
David J. KordikWest ChicagoILUnited States
Jacob L. KoselkeWanatahINUnited States
Raymond D. KosinskiDyerINUnited States
Cecilia M. KosirDublinOHUnited States
Matthew J. KosloskiBeecherILUnited States
Valerie N. KozlowskiCedar LakeINUnited States
Rebecca L. KrahnScherervilleINUnited States
Erik M. KrauseMomenceILUnited States
Terra KreisCrown PointINUnited States
Shania KreselWestvilleINUnited States
Cheyenne L. KretchmerHammondINUnited States
Holly KriegPark RidgeILUnited States
Nicholas D. KritikosCrown PointINUnited States
Susan N. KrohnNapervilleILUnited States
Naomi R. KronckeSouth ElginILUnited States
Natasha L. KrskaSaint JohnINUnited States
Kirsten KruegerMadisonWIUnited States
Madison A. KubiakSaint JohnINUnited States
Rachel L. KubiszChicagoILUnited States
Daniel W. KuckuckCrown PointINUnited States
Rylee R. KuikenCedar LakeINUnited States
Jasmine S. KuroBartlettILUnited States
Gregory J. KvintHuntingdon ValleyPAUnited States
Daniel J. KwakBurbankILUnited States
Eun Ji KwakHammondINSouth Korea
Ye Ryeong KweonHammondINSouth Korea
Nahhyun KwonHammondINSouth Korea
Nikoletta S. KyriakakisMunsterINUnited States
Anthony J. LaasLake StationINUnited States
Lisa L. LaBereMichigan CityINUnited States
Abigail LagesteeDyerINUnited States
Danielle R. LagrecoScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew R. LaheyValparaisoINUnited States
Jonathan E. LameterLa GrangeILUnited States
Catina R. LaMotteGarrettINUnited States
Carlie K. LancasterValparaisoINUnited States
Sebastian Landa-MirandaIndianapolisINUnited States
Elaina LanterHammondINUnited States
Kristina LapienytePalos HillsILUnited States
Maricela LaresPosenILUnited States
Kelly LarmonNapervilleILUnited States
Lynzy LathroMishawakaINUnited States
Anthony L. LatronicaFrankfortILUnited States
Hannah M. LauxMichigan CityINUnited States
Diamond T. LavenderGaryINUnited States
Tyler M. LavinScherervilleINUnited States
Corrine E. LawrenceLa PorteINUnited States
Kalyn M. LearnardFairmountILUnited States
Katelyn L. LeCroyLake StationINUnited States
DaJeong LeeJongno-GuSouth Korea
So Min LeeSeoulSouth Korea
Yuijin LeeHammondINSouth Korea
Jacob E. LeekPlainfieldINUnited States
Richelle J. LehmanValparaisoINUnited States
Amir P. LehoHammondINUnited States
Jamie M. LeMasterSidneyOHUnited States
Nicholas J. LemberisLa PorteINUnited States
Danielle R. LemkeAuburnINUnited States
Amanda R. LemonLa PorteINUnited States
Attila LendekChicagoILUnited States
Karen E. LentingCrown PointINUnited States
Aranza S. LeonWalkertonINUnited States
Nikolay LesivDyerINUnited States
Joseph E. LesniakMunsterINUnited States
Kailey E. LessentineSaint JohnINUnited States
Kyle R. LeVanDyerINUnited States
Hannah M. LevyMunsterINUnited States
Benjamin R. LewisPortageINUnited States
Lori L. LewisLowellINUnited States
Nathan K. LewisValparaisoINUnited States
Nicolette M. LewisCrown PointINUnited States
Shan LiValparaisoINUnited States
Xin LiHammondINChina
Sarah E. LidenHighlandINUnited States
Adam J. LillieManhattanILUnited States
Christian N. LilliebridgeChicagoILUnited States
Jiayi LinMichigan CityINChina
Joshua A. LindemanCrown PointINUnited States
Laura LindquistLakemoorILUnited States
Dewayne A. LinwoodIndianapolisINUnited States
Gregory W. LogothetisCrown PointINUnited States
Maricar LogronioWhitingINUnited States
Michelle LondonMiddlevilleMIUnited States
David R. LongHighlandINUnited States
Claudia M. LopezMunsterINUnited States
Emilio R. LopezPortageINUnited States
Anca LoucksLa PorteINUnited States
Teliya J. LoudenberGriffithINUnited States
Jillian S. LoughranHebronINUnited States
Sarah L. LoweSomersetWIUnited States
Renata A. LozinskiChicagoILUnited States
Jacob P. LublowCedar LakeINUnited States
Kyle LudoviceDyerINUnited States
Noel F. LulsdorfScherervilleINUnited States
Joe LumpkinHobartINUnited States
Kristin A. LuomaWausauWIUnited States
Rose LushHobartINUnited States
Emily M. LusskyGermantownWIUnited States
Corinne E. LynemaHollandMIUnited States
Michael J. LyonMichigan CityINUnited States
Autumn R. MacCartneyHammondINUnited States
Megan R. MaceCedar LakeINUnited States
Katrina J. MachtemesMichigan CityINUnited States
Ashley MackBridgeviewILUnited States
Lauren R. MacKenzieHobartINUnited States
Deanna M. MacMillanHamletINUnited States
Diabolique M. MaddoxEast ChicagoINUnited States
Kara M. MaggioChestertonINUnited States
Joshua R. MaghirangStegerILUnited States
Ekaterina A. MaidanikHammondINUnited States
Autumn M. MaidenPortageINUnited States
Khristine MakDemotteINUnited States
Alyssa A. MaldonadoCrown PointINUnited States
Daina M. MaleiskaLemontILUnited States
Nicole MalinowskiHighlandINUnited States
Tina C. MalyjNorthbrookILUnited States
John G. MamelsonSaint JohnINUnited States
Reetam K. ManderScherervilleINUnited States
Angela D. ManesFort WayneINUnited States
Hirenkumar A. MangukiyaValparaisoINUnited States
Jessica L. MannWanatahINUnited States
Kristin D. MannChestertonINUnited States
Tracy L. MannsWinamacINUnited States
Patrick T. MansourScherervilleINUnited States
Theodore N. MantisCrown PointINUnited States
Olivia N. MarantoChestertonINUnited States
Catherine D. MarceloDes PlainesILUnited States
Nathan E. MarciniecCrown PointINUnited States
Betty L. MarlingGrayslakeILUnited States
Daphne MarmolejoHammondINUnited States
Mallory L. MarquissLa PorteINUnited States
Lauren A. MarrieCrown PointINUnited States
Danielle F. MartinWillardOHUnited States
Justin R. MartinNew CarlisleINUnited States
Lindsey B. MartinMunsterINUnited States
Lindsey J. MartinCedar LakeINUnited States
Taylor M. MartinFort WayneINUnited States
Tiffany M. MartinLafayetteINUnited States
Aileen J. MartinezMunsterINUnited States
Eileen A. MartinezWhitingINUnited States
Jocelyn L. MartinezMunsterINUnited States
Liliana V. MartinezDarienILUnited States
Sara M. MartinezHebronINUnited States
Silvia J. MartinezMunsterINUnited States
Faith N. MarvelWanatahINUnited States
Alexis P. MasonHighlandINUnited States
Jessica MasonCaryILUnited States
Jackson E. MastenChestertonINUnited States
Carissa M. MatovinaLowellINUnited States
Steven A. MaturaWhitingINUnited States
Thomas J. MatysikSouth BendINUnited States
Daniel W. MaugerLansingILUnited States
Hannah J. MaurelloMunsterINUnited States
Karl MaurerPeoriaILUnited States
Heather S. MauriceCedar LakeINUnited States
Payton O. MaxValparaisoINUnited States
Abbie J. MayLa SalleILUnited States
Debra McCarthyHamptonGAUnited States
Micaela McCarthyHighlandINUnited States
Mackenzie K. McCarty-HubbardPortageINUnited States
William W. McClellandCedar LakeINUnited States
Arin A. McCollumDyerINUnited States
Rachel C. McCombGaryINUnited States
Ryan N. McCormackValparaisoINUnited States
Hannah S. McCormickLansingILUnited States
Marcel E. McCormickPortageINUnited States
Destinee J. MccoyCrown PointINUnited States
Gavin T. McCoyCrown PointINUnited States
Lauren E. McCulloughAndrewsINUnited States
Dalin L. MccullyMichigan CityINUnited States
Danielle F. McDermottLa PorteINUnited States
Daniel A. McEvillyAlsipILUnited States
Pamela McfaddenMoneeILUnited States
Shannon D. McGlothlinBloomingtonINUnited States
Bailey McGrathStegerILUnited States
Taylor M. McGrathStegerILUnited States
Jeannine McGreevySouth BendINUnited States
Morgan L. McKinneyCedar LakeINUnited States
Skylar A. MckinneyWanatahINUnited States
Travis A. McKinneyLa PorteINUnited States
Emily A. McLaughlinNew CarlisleINUnited States
Jessica McLeanWheatfieldINUnited States
Alysa M. McMahonNapervilleILUnited States
Kathleen M. McNamaraCrown PointINUnited States
Jack R. McshaneCrown PointINUnited States
Seamus P. McShaneCrown PointINUnited States
Calvin-Charles MeadGaryINUnited States
Brianna N. MeadeValparaisoINUnited States
Tracy K. MeckoGriffithINUnited States
Micah J. MedemaSaint JohnINUnited States
Winoska MedinaEast ChicagoINUnited States
Shayla J. MedowsBolingbrookILUnited States
Marcela A. MejiaHammondINUnited States
Jennifer N. MenatosCrown PointINUnited States
Ana M. MendezEast ChicagoINUnited States
Joana G. MendezNapervilleILUnited States
Jasmine S. MendozaHammondINUnited States
Lorenzo MendozaHammondINUnited States
Mauricio MendozaHammondINUnited States
Jessica MerazHammondINUnited States
Rosa MercadoAlgonquinILUnited States
Madison M. MerrimanLowellINUnited States
Jennifer B. MesinaMinookaILUnited States
Mya R. MethnerMichigan CityINUnited States
Jory MetzgerLimaOHUnited States
Corey A. MeyersCrown PointINUnited States
James MichaelUnion MillsINUnited States
Mark W. MichaelHighlandINUnited States
Aubrey J. MichniewiczWhitingINUnited States
Ivana M. MicicCedar LakeINUnited States
Emma S. MiedemaLansingILUnited States
Grace M. MiedemaHighlandINUnited States
Laura MielkeChestertonINUnited States
Andrijana MihajlovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Aryanna M. MillerMichigan CityINUnited States
Claire E. MillerLowellINUnited States
Meghan R. MillerLa PorteINUnited States
Tiffany M. MillerValparaisoINUnited States
Tyler P. MillerRolling PrairieINUnited States
Andrew MiloshoffCrown PointINUnited States
Benjamin I. MiloshoffCrown PointINUnited States
Jayden N. MinixNorth JudsonINUnited States
Nicole A. MinkHammondINUnited States
Kaitlin I. MinogueTinley ParkILUnited States
Christabel C. MintahHammondINUnited States
Francisco de Borja MirallesHammondINSpain
Lisette MirandaEvanstonILUnited States
Amanda L. MitchellJolietILUnited States
Elizabeth N. MitchellLowellINUnited States
Takelia A. MixonHammondINUnited States
Evan M. MomcilovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Samuel J. MomcilovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Maya T. MontoyaMunsterINUnited States
Kimberlee I. MooneyLowellINUnited States
Aira M. MooreHammondINUnited States
Caleb J. MooreSaint JohnINUnited States
Derek MooreDelphosOHUnited States
Joel E. MooreSaint JohnINUnited States
Whitney L. MooreWanatahINUnited States
Cindy S. MoraEast ChicagoINUnited States
Raymond J. MorainSaint JohnINUnited States
Mary A. MoralesPortageINUnited States
Rubi Morales-SalinasEvanstonILUnited States
Rudolf MoravecValparaisoINUnited States
Benjamin R. MoredichDyerINUnited States
Keith R. MorenoHebronINUnited States
Michelle MorfinWhitingINUnited States
Brandon D. MorfordScherervilleINUnited States
Cailie B. MorganMomenceILUnited States
Julia A. MorozHammondINUnited States
Eric K. MorphisPortageINUnited States
Andrew C. MorrisValparaisoINUnited States
Dinetta D. MorrisChicagoILUnited States
Julie MorrisReynolds StationKYUnited States
Rachel J. MorrisValparaisoINUnited States
Rita G. MorrisHenricoVAUnited States
William M. MorrisDyerINUnited States
Tyler J. MoskalickWhitingINUnited States
Chloe I. MountsChestertonINUnited States
Hector H. MoyaValparaisoINUnited States
Hailey R. MoyeMichigan CityINUnited States
Sarah E. MoyerCrown PointINUnited States
Meghan MuldoonHomewoodILUnited States
Christopher MundellDyerINUnited States
Eileen M. MundoTinley ParkILUnited States
Munkhdul MunkhbaatarCedar LakeINUnited States
Alexis M. MunozDyerINUnited States
Jacqueline MunozHighlandINUnited States
Zarina MunshiMorton GroveILUnited States
Sarah A. MunsieHighlandINUnited States
Toni MurphyMichigan CityINUnited States
Kaitlyn F. MurrellValparaisoINUnited States
Brandon MurryMerrillvilleINUnited States
Samantha J. MusgraveLa PorteINUnited States
Kathleen Y. MusticKoutsINUnited States
Austin L. MuthDyerINUnited States
Tiffany R. MutzEvanstonILUnited States
Nikola MuvceskiCrown PointINUnited States
Analia C. MyersEast ChicagoINUnited States
Gregory F. MyersCalumet ParkILUnited States
Jasmin A. NajeraMichigan CityINUnited States
Alicia C. NapulesCrown PointINUnited States
Samantha L. NauracyEast ChicagoINUnited States
Andrea NavarreteEast ChicagoINUnited States
Paola NavarreteEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jessica A. NawrockiHammondINUnited States
Lenora M. NealMerrillvilleINUnited States
Jonathan D. NeeleyMerrillvilleINUnited States
Amanda M. NeffScherervilleINUnited States
Ashley R. NelsonValparaisoINUnited States
Devin D. NelsonRolling PrairieINUnited States
Paul J. NelsonValparaisoINUnited States
Stefani M. NemetCedar LakeINUnited States
Danielle NennigKaukaunaWIUnited States
Kelly N. NicholBensenvilleILUnited States
Cyle J. NichollsGriffithINUnited States
Shela NicklinFort WayneINUnited States
Bailie C. NielsenLa PorteINUnited States
Jacob A. NietfeldtPeotoneILUnited States
Amy NievesChestertonINUnited States
Jordan J. NikkelHighlandINUnited States
Natalie N. NondorfPortageINUnited States
Alexyss NorbyKnoxINUnited States
Faith E. NoremKnoxINUnited States
Ian C. NorrisValparaisoINUnited States
Nelson E. NovalesHammondINUnited States
Lindsey NunleyPlainfieldILUnited States
Priscilla Obeng MensahHammondINUnited States
Colette E. OboyScherervilleINUnited States
Jeremy O’BrienCrown PointINUnited States
John M. O’ConnorHighlandINUnited States
Alexander J. OehrleinVernon HillsILUnited States
Taylor O’GaraChicagoILUnited States
Ashley R. OhPortageINUnited States
Seongeun OhHammondINSouth Korea
Alyssa OkeleyKnoxINUnited States
Heather N. O’KellyValparaisoINUnited States
Gintare S. OkrzesikOak LawnILUnited States
Oyetunji A. OkunolaChicagoILUnited States
Sydney J. OliverWausauWIUnited States
Victoria M. OllingWest LafayetteINUnited States
Julie E. OlnasLake BluffILUnited States
Alexander D. OlsonValparaisoINUnited States
David G. OlsonChestertonINUnited States
Marie O’MalleyCedar LakeINUnited States
Erica C. OntiverosMerrillvilleINUnited States
Samuel D. OphoffSaint JohnINUnited States
Reily C. OpilkaCrown PointINUnited States
Brett M. OppenhuisLowellINUnited States
Nicholas G. OrbikHomewoodILUnited States
Emily O’ReillyWarrenvilleILUnited States
Ethan J. O’RileyHammondINUnited States
Eduardo OrnelasLake StationINUnited States
Jessica L. OrrScherervilleINUnited States
Melanie OrtegaScherervilleINUnited States
Argelia OrtizMinookaILUnited States
Andrea L. OsborneNewberryINUnited States
Arinze OsiliIndianapolisINUnited States
Kevin B. OstafinskiValparaisoINUnited States
Amanda J. OsterlundArlington HeightsILUnited States
Ann M. OstojicMunsterINUnited States
Drake K. OttLa PorteINUnited States
Halie M. OttWheatfieldINUnited States
Steven J. OtteHighlandINUnited States
Quinsean X. OwensValparaisoINUnited States
Tyler T. OwensLa PorteINUnited States
Jacob M. PaceMichigan CityINUnited States
Sara PaceleyValparaisoINUnited States
Natalia K. PacuraLemontILUnited States
Jessica L. PadillaStevensvilleMIUnited States
Lora E. PageMichigan CityINUnited States
Sarah PainterLa PorteINUnited States
Katie PalmerScherervilleINUnited States
Breanna M. PardusHobartINUnited States
Stephanie P. ParishMichigan CityINUnited States
Bryan D. ParkSkokieILUnited States
Maryann T. ParkAlsipILUnited States
Yechan ParkChestertonINSouth Korea
Kelsey M. ParkerCrown PointINUnited States
Andria M. PatakyWanatahINUnited States
Aesha PatelGlendale HeightsILUnited States
Akash PatelScherervilleINUnited States
Aneri V. PatelMunsterINUnited States
Kashyap PatelDyerINUnited States
Krupa PatelDyerINIndia
Pathin H. PatelDyerINUnited States
Tirth V. PatelMichigan CityINIndia
Umang K. PatelMunsterINUnited States
Yash K. PatelOak ForestILIndia
Johanna K. PatinoRomeovilleILUnited States
Breanna E. PatrickScherervilleINUnited States
Dawn M. PatriziAlsipILUnited States
Eileen M. PattersonSchneiderINUnited States
Lindsey N. PattersonCrystal LakeILUnited States
Timothy PaulNew CarlisleINUnited States
Laura PaulsonSchaumburgILUnited States
Jered PawlakCrown PointINUnited States
Magdalena R. PawlowskaRiver GroveILUnited States
Halen PazMunsterINUnited States
Jessica L. PazikMunsterINUnited States
Jack D. PearsonPalatineILUnited States
Kendyl PearsonCrawfordsvilleINUnited States
Mackenzie R. PeddleValparaisoINUnited States
Bradley J. PeeteHammondINUnited States
Jacob F. PehlkeTinley ParkILUnited States
Alan PeiroHammondINSpain
Samuel D. PellarValparaisoINUnited States
Jeffrey M. PenaHighlandINUnited States
Raul PenaMomenceILUnited States
Cameron W. PendrickMunsterINUnited States
Rylee N. PenziolLa PorteINUnited States
Alejandra D. PerezEast ChicagoINUnited States
Caleb G. PerezChicago HeightsILUnited States
Ian PerezHammondINUnited States
Joslyn C. PerezHammondINUnited States
Sara E. PerezHobartINUnited States
Tracy L. PerezchicaMunsterINUnited States
David PetersHighlandINUnited States
Lita PetersChestertonINUnited States
Rebecca J. PetersonHilliardOHUnited States
Joseph M. PetrucciBeecherILUnited States
Thi Mai Huyen PhamScherervilleINVietnam
Anil PhilipArlington HeightsILUnited States
Diontae PhillipsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Joshua R. PhillipsChestertonINUnited States
Megan A. PhillipsAshevilleNCUnited States
Aidan J. PhippsCrown PointINUnited States
Chase P. PickenManitoILUnited States
Andrew PierceValparaisoINUnited States
Arika N. PiggeeGaryINUnited States
Wilore Anne A. PiguingDyerINUnited States
Andrew PilotHomer GlenILUnited States
Anna P. PinkusScherervilleINUnited States
McKenna E. PinskeBeecherILUnited States
Heather L. PirofaloSandwichILUnited States
Caleb C. PisowiczScherervilleINUnited States
Lesley A H. PizerCrown PointINUnited States
Alexandra PlataHammondINUnited States
Michael A. PlautDyerINUnited States
Ryan A. PleckhamValparaisoINUnited States
Robert L. PloenseCrown PointINUnited States
Amber PlonkaDyerINUnited States
Damian PodgorskiFranklin ParkILUnited States
Barbara PodsadaArlington HeightsILUnited States
Yvonne PokuHomewoodILUnited States
Monica PolakowVernon HillsILUnited States
Lindsey E. PolitoScherervilleINUnited States
Tyler PomeroyLowellINUnited States
Robert A. PonzianoCrown PointINUnited States
Emily A. PoortengaLansingILUnited States
Trevor M. PoortingaDyerINUnited States
Heather V. PorterSouth BloomfieldOHUnited States
Rachel M. PorterLa PorteINUnited States
Gabrielle N. PotrawskaStegerILUnited States
Katrina M. Preston WadlingtonChicagoILUnited States
Jacob A. PriceHammondINUnited States
Jesse T. PrimianiHebronINUnited States
Amanda PrinceSaint JohnINUnited States
Brittany N. PrivettChestertonINUnited States
Mitchell J. ProrwiczChestertonINUnited States
Adam J. PruettScherervilleINUnited States
Gabriel V. PryszczBeecherILUnited States
Nicole QuarantaMcHenryILUnited States
Alejandra N. QuezadaHammondINUnited States
Alexander C. QuiltyMidlothianILUnited States
Annette QuinnOglesbyILUnited States
Dillon A. QuinonesPortageINUnited States
Madison T. QuinonesPortageINUnited States
Ryan E. RaczkowskiCedar LakeINUnited States
Petya RadoevaRolling MeadowsILUnited States
Filip RadojcicCrown PointINUnited States
Lordes B. RaguindinScherervilleINUnited States
Shivansh Singh S. RajputHammondINIndia
Kelsey L. RakersValparaisoINUnited States
Julian O. RamirezMunsterINUnited States
Inna Maraine J. RamosDyerINUnited States
Magdalena RamosHammondINUnited States
Sheilah P. RamosPeoria HeightsILUnited States
Abdul Rahman RanaHammondINQatar
Shaza N. RanaHammondINUnited States
Angela N. RandonLa PorteINUnited States
Camryn M. RassbachValparaisoINUnited States
Brooke R. RasselScherervilleINUnited States
Maycen J. RaycroftHighlandINUnited States
Kelly M. ReadDyerINUnited States
Jonah J. ReardonChestertonINUnited States
David M. RedingHammondINUnited States
Lawson J. RedmondPortageINUnited States
Autumn J. ReeseRolling PrairieINUnited States
Braden D. RegierChestertonINUnited States
Colleen M. RehmHammondINUnited States
Alexis J. ReichartScherervilleINUnited States
Heather A. ReichertThorntonILUnited States
Brittany RemingtonDeKalbILUnited States
Breann RentschlerDemotteINUnited States
Elijah W. RepkeChillicotheILUnited States
Carlos ReyesHammondINUnited States
Richard P. ReyesGriffithINUnited States
Shae-Lynn RhonehouseFremontINUnited States
Adam E. RichLa PorteINUnited States
Amanda M. RichCrown PointINUnited States
Patricia C. RichStegerILUnited States
Elise L. RichardsValparaisoINUnited States
Julia P. RichardsonChestertonINUnited States
Nicole R. RichardsonLa PorteINUnited States
Kelly A. RichterElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Michelle E. RickabaughPortageINUnited States
Victoria RicoCedar LakeINUnited States
Conner A. RileyMichigan CityINUnited States
Lisa B. RinkerHartford CityINUnited States
Corey D. RisticSaint JohnINUnited States
Jami L. RitcheaChestertonINUnited States
Megan M. RitterCrown PointINUnited States
Jazmine N. RiveraLockportILUnited States
Elena D. RizovaNilesILUnited States
Kennedy O. RobertsWhitingINUnited States
Iana RobyChicagoILUnited States
Lori D. RobyPlain CityOHUnited States
Christian J. RochaLake StationINUnited States
Courtney Q. RocheDelawareOHUnited States
Kathryn S. RochefortValparaisoINUnited States
Rachel S. RockLakevilleINUnited States
Kay M. RodaPeruILUnited States
Deven E. RodgersMunsterINUnited States
Melanie E. RodgersCrown PointINUnited States
Larissa Rodrigues MeirelesLa PorteINBrazil
Alejandra Y. RodriguezCrown PointINUnited States
Anthony J. RodriguezStegerILUnited States
Jordan G. RodriguezCrystal LakeILUnited States
Melicah Beatriz V. RodriguezDyerINUnited States
Taylor L. RodriguezValparaisoINUnited States
Zachary L. RoedelPortageINUnited States
Staci M. RoeschChicago HeightsILUnited States
Matthew T. RogersValparaisoINUnited States
Daniel H. RohderOrland ParkILUnited States
Ariel C. RoheChestertonINUnited States
Janessa M. RojasGriffithINUnited States
Monique RojasGriffithINUnited States
Anna V. RolewskiScherervilleINUnited States
Luis S. RomeroHammondINUnited States
Kalla RonningPlanoILUnited States
Alexander H. RoodLa PorteINUnited States
Fernando G. RosasLowellINUnited States
Gerardo RosasHammondINUnited States
Rebecca A. RosenbaumHobartINUnited States
Venus P. RosendoTinley ParkILUnited States
John G. RosserPortageINUnited States
Stephen W. RosserPortageINUnited States
Elvira RossiSaint JohnINUnited States
Alexander RuffettiLockportILUnited States
Matthew RuizCrown PointINUnited States
Shear-Jashub D. RuizHammondINUnited States
Jaryd M. RussellPortageINUnited States
Mikayla N. RussellWestvilleINUnited States
Ryan M. RussellScherervilleINUnited States
Bailey N. RutkowskiGrangerINUnited States
Danielle M. RyanChicagoILUnited States
Logan G. RyanCrown PointINUnited States
Paige E. RybickiHammondINUnited States
Taylor M. RyckmanHighlandINUnited States
Savanna R. RyderLowellINUnited States
Rebecca L. SaboCrown PointINUnited States
Cora R. SakalScherervilleINUnited States
Ana R. Salas VillegasCiceroILUnited States
Joseph A. SalazarHighlandINUnited States
Marcela SalazarDyerINUnited States
Natalia E. SalazarMunsterINUnited States
Sandra SalazarWhitingINUnited States
Vanessa A. Salinas-TuckerScherervilleINUnited States
Amanda M. SalzmanChicagoILUnited States
Lauren N. SamanoChicagoILUnited States
Brooke L. SandersDyerINUnited States
Jacob C. SandersPortageINUnited States
Holly R. SantaguidaCrown PointINUnited States
Nicole SantanaMichigan CityINUnited States
Sonny M. SantanaHammondINUnited States
Elbert A. SantareHammondINUnited States
Migdalia SantosLansingILUnited States
Emily SarnaCedar LakeINUnited States
Brittany M. SawyerLa PorteINUnited States
Brooke M. ScartozziScherervilleINUnited States
Alec R. SchaarElkhartINUnited States
Ashley L. SchallerFrankfortILUnited States
Renee D. SchererLa PorteINUnited States
Brianna M. ScherleHuntingburgINUnited States
Gregory L. ScherzingerMunsterINUnited States
Bertie SchlossbergWillowbrookILUnited States
Lauren E. SchmidtFloyds KnobsINUnited States
Andrew D. SchmiedScherervilleINUnited States
Daniel R. SchnebergerPalatineILUnited States
Susan L. Schoenecker-BliesnerMilwaukeeWIUnited States
Sarah M. SchoonSaint JohnINUnited States
Elizabeth K. SchroederValparaisoINUnited States
Ricky L. SchrombeckHebronINUnited States
Barbara A. SchultzDeKalbILUnited States
Joel F. SchwartzMerrillvilleINUnited States
Stephanie E. SchwartzValparaisoINUnited States
Tara ScintaValparaisoINUnited States
Morgan L. ScottMaroaILUnited States
Rachel A. ScottValparaisoINUnited States
Suzanne M. ScottNormalILUnited States
Elizabeth SearleLa PorteINUnited States
Sabiha SeferCrown PointINUnited States
Natalie E. SeidelFrankfortILUnited States
Nicholas B. SeilerJolietILUnited States
Frank D. SekDyerINUnited States
Meghan R. SellersBerwynILUnited States
Brianne R. SemanickHighlandINUnited States
Jonael D. SemexantIndianapolisINUnited States
Rebecca E. SendejasHammondINUnited States
Sarah SenesacGrant ParkILUnited States
Mark SerafinDyerINUnited States
Rahul P. ShahDyerINUnited States
Brennan D. ShankElkhartINUnited States
Alyssa D. SharpHighlandINUnited States
Rebecca SharpMunsterINUnited States
Brooke ShasteenScherervilleINUnited States
Sneha ShathishScherervilleINUnited States
Lauren A. ShawLa PorteINUnited States
Tarah R. ShawEast ChicagoINUnited States
Xiaxin ShenHammondINChina
Patrick T. ShepardWheatfieldINUnited States
Meghan A. ShepherdMichigan CityINUnited States
Seth M. SheptockDemotteINUnited States
Kyle R. ShidlerLa PorteINUnited States
Sohyun ShinGuri-SiSouth Korea
Tannes T. ShmagranoffMunsterINUnited States
Zakris I. ShmagranoffMunsterINUnited States
Isaac D. SikmaDyerINUnited States
Vanessa Marie D. SilvanoSkokieILUnited States
Rani L. SilvertValparaisoINUnited States
Megan E. SiminskiPalm HarborFLUnited States
Latrese L D. SimmonsHammondINUnited States
Will SimonLansingILUnited States
Stephan SimsPark ForestILUnited States
Regan J. SinkChestertonINUnited States
Stephen A. SipeWheatfieldINUnited States
April M. SirbasCrown PointINUnited States
Ryan A. SironRound LakeILUnited States
Mia A. SkertichCrown PointINUnited States
Alyssa M. SkiffDyerINUnited States
Michael G. SkorupWalkertonINUnited States
Rebeca M. SkrzypczakValparaisoINUnited States
Nicholas P. SkurkaHighlandINUnited States
Benjamin N. SlackChestertonINUnited States
Matthew M. SlanaWestvilleINUnited States
Kamil J. SledzLockportILUnited States
Anica SljivarScherervilleINUnited States
Kathryn L. SlyDyerINUnited States
Sydney M. SmallMichigan CityINUnited States
Alexander SmeetsLa PorteINUnited States
Anthony J. SmierciakScherervilleINUnited States
Gabrielle R. SmitPeoriaILUnited States
Caleigh L. SmithMarengoIAUnited States
Darian L. SmithSaint JosephMIUnited States
Heidi M. SmithUnion MillsINUnited States
Hunter P. SmithHobartINUnited States
Jacob S. SmithLisleILUnited States
Jessica L. SmithMount ProspectILUnited States
Kimberly SmithMishawakaINUnited States
Kristen A. SmithLa PorteINUnited States
Leanna L. SmithLa PorteINUnited States
Paige A. SmithValparaisoINUnited States
Payton M. SmithCedar LakeINUnited States
Samantha SmithPlanoILUnited States
Sidney I. SmithWarsawINUnited States
Cody J. SnoreckSaint JohnINUnited States
Allison C. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Chris D. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Kyle M. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Nathan W. SolichHobartINUnited States
Sarah SolidayValparaisoINUnited States
Jaewon SongHammondINSouth Korea
Krystal B. SorensenPortageINUnited States
Mikayla H. SorensenGrangerINUnited States
Stephanie M. SotiropoulosMantenoILUnited States
Jacob H. SoulesTroyMIUnited States
Amber M. SouthChestertonINUnited States
Noah A. SparksCrown PointINUnited States
Thomas A. SperanzaMunsterINUnited States
Francesca C. SperoValparaisoINUnited States
Paige SpiegelHighlandINUnited States
Kathy SpringerItascaILUnited States
Timothy J. StacyJolietILUnited States
Kayla J. StadtBeecherILUnited States
Tiffany StaleyGaryINUnited States
Milan A. StanisicScherervilleINUnited States
Alexis A. StarkeyMunsterINUnited States
Owen M. StarrBourbonnaisILUnited States
Allyson R. StaterHebronINUnited States
Danielle R. StegallOsceolaINUnited States
Cheri SteigertChicagoILUnited States
Taylor C. SteinTinley ParkILUnited States
Samantha L. SteinkeStreamwoodILUnited States
Philip J. StercheleOrland ParkILUnited States
Brett M. StevensRolling PrairieINUnited States
Taylor D. StevensHebronINUnited States
Jamie A. StewartCrown PointINUnited States
Samantha N. StirlingHammondINUnited States
Tyler A. StoegerEl PasoTXUnited States
Aimee C. StokerRensselaerINUnited States
Toni A. StokesCreteILUnited States
Andrew L. StolzChestertonINUnited States
Addisen T. StoneCrown PointINUnited States
Alexandria T. StoneKingsford HeightsINUnited States
Jacob J. StoneMidlandMIUnited States
Te’Aire S. StormHammondINUnited States
Nina StosicGriffithINUnited States
Tiana StoverDes PlainesILUnited States
Abbigail StramValparaisoINUnited States
Jack T. StrimelMunsterINUnited States
Zachary A. StriplinPinoleCAUnited States
Stephanie M. StrizakMokenaILUnited States
Aspen N. StrongLa PorteINUnited States
Terrell G. SucreHammondINTrinidad – Tobago
Aleksandra SuleskiCrown PointINUnited States
Alyssa SullivanCrown PointINUnited States
Kayla M. SullivanValparaisoINUnited States
Kelsey K. SullivanNew BuffaloMIUnited States
Meghan R. SullivanValparaisoINUnited States
Spencer C. SummersValparaisoINUnited States
Brianna SurowiecLowellINUnited States
Kathryn A. SussenSaint JosephILUnited States
Charlie A. SuttenLa PorteINUnited States
Miriam G. SvobodaLa PorteINUnited States
Caitlyn N. SwanLa PorteINUnited States
Kristin Swartz-SchultLa PorteINUnited States
Katelyn N. SwistekTrail CreekINUnited States
Melissa R. SymmesHobartINUnited States
Ally V. SzakacsScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew J. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Nicholas F. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Samuel A. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Jadwiga SzczechowiczHammondINUnited States
Matthew R. SzmajdaPort BarringtonILUnited States
Matthew A. TabaczynskiMunsterINUnited States
Randy TadrosCrown PointINUnited States
Kristina M. TagueLa PorteINUnited States
Michael E. TalagaPlymouthINUnited States
Melissa A. TalboyPortageINUnited States
Jansen M. TanMerrillvilleINUnited States
Jing TangHammondINChina
Ran TaoHammondINChina
Adam T. TavarezWhitingINUnited States
Austin J. TaylorDyerINUnited States
Johnathon M. TaylorGaryINUnited States
Rachel L. TaylorSan JoseCAUnited States
Shakira L. TaylorDecaturILUnited States
Megan TeitgeKoutsINUnited States
Jennifer E. TendickWinamacINUnited States
Stephanie E. TequimilaHammondINUnited States
Chantiyanna ThigpenRound LakeILUnited States
Damon ThomasLa PorteINUnited States
Zoe A. ThomasCrown PointINUnited States
Autumn N. ThompsonTipp CityOHUnited States
Erin ThoringtonHinsdaleILUnited States
Cynthia M. ThorsenChampaignILUnited States
Steven R. ThurmanValparaisoINUnited States
Lijun TianHammondINChina
Joshua M. TimmonsHammondINUnited States
Kylie A. TincherCharlestownINUnited States
Marnette L. TiptonGaryINUnited States
Elizabeth TiradoWhitingINUnited States
Jennifer L. TohtzChestertonINUnited States
Joel M. TokarczykLake VillageINUnited States
Samantha R. TokarzDemotteINUnited States
Nikita TolokonskiHammondINNetherlands
Shawn M. TolsonKnoxINUnited States
Philipp TolxdorfFernandina BeachFLGermany
Brendon E. TomkyScherervilleINUnited States
Levi A. TompkinsDemotteINUnited States
George ToneyOak ParkILUnited States
Lily L. Toney LaballiereHighlandINUnited States
Emily TonkovichDyerINUnited States
Milton A. Torres-HagePrairie ViewILUnited States
Jennifer TowneOttawaILUnited States
Thuy Thi Thu TranBeecherILVietnam
Noah TrautValparaisoINUnited States
Kelsey N. TravisMichigan CityINUnited States
Heather L. TreestOttawaILUnited States
Matthew T. TrimbleValparaisoINUnited States
Apexa H. TrivediLewis CenterOHUnited States
Sarah L. TroxellMichigan CityINUnited States
Jamie TrunickValparaisoINUnited States
Karson M. TrzeciakLowellINUnited States
Sarnai TsogtsaikhanLansingILUnited States
Tyler J. TuckerCulverINUnited States
Ashlee N. TurnboughScherervilleINUnited States
Danielle A. TurnerCrown PointINUnited States
Aaron C. TwistWest FrankfortILUnited States
Grant UgarteOak LawnILUnited States
Freddy UlloaCalumet CityILUnited States
Dianna R. UnderwoodHobartINUnited States
Daniel J. UpdykeScherervilleINUnited States
Brenna N. UporskyPortageINUnited States
Lila C. UpshawPortageINUnited States
Karissa L. UrbackCrest HillILUnited States
Yvette Uribe-DiazCiceroILUnited States
Araceli P. UrquizoCreteILUnited States
Alona UshomirskySkokieILUnited States
Matthew ValantHebronINUnited States
Sydney A. ValiskaNew LenoxILUnited States
Lisa ValleeWhitingINUnited States
Tajae’ M. VallotCreteILUnited States
Calvin Van BarenCedar LakeINUnited States
Isaac Van BarenCedar LakeINUnited States
Lena van BergenHighlandINGermany
Sara R. Van Den AkkerMundeleinILUnited States
Joel R. Van DrielLansingILUnited States
Chad R. Van DrunenLansingILUnited States
Dylan R. Van DrunenCedar LakeINUnited States
Emily J. Van EssenCedar LakeINUnited States
Leah C. Van KeppelValparaisoINUnited States
Andrew G. Van MilliganLansingILUnited States
Jacob M. Van WierenLowellINUnited States
Ashlie M. VanceUnion MillsINUnited States
Kaylin VandermeerWheatfieldINUnited States
Garret VanDerNoordCrown PointINUnited States
Hilary K. VanderVeldeScherervilleINUnited States
Maria D. VargasHammondINUnited States
Garrett A. VarnerCedar LakeINUnited States
Kayla M. VasilkoCrown PointINUnited States
Keanu P. VasquezRomeovilleILUnited States
Andrew J. VassarHighlandINUnited States
Morgan T. VatlandOttawaILUnited States
Tayler P. VautersRockvilleINUnited States
Sarah R. VavrekValparaisoINUnited States
Cristal Z. VazquezHammondINUnited States
Jamilexy VazquezLa PorteINUnited States
Avi J. VegaCedar LakeINUnited States
Nancy N. VegaSaint JohnINUnited States
Naiomi V. VelascoCrown PointINUnited States
Jaime VelazquesEast ChicagoINUnited States
Brett A. VeltemaJenisonMIUnited States
Silvia VendelSchaumburgILUnited States
Ariana VenzianoLockportILUnited States
Eva VercelScherervilleINUnited States
Kirsten O. VerdeganCrown PointINUnited States
Keely VerhaarCedar LakeINUnited States
Alyssia M. VerlindenHammondINUnited States
Matthew T. VetorValparaisoINUnited States
Savannah M. VikingLowellINUnited States
Brent VilchezMount ProspectILUnited States
Lukas VilkovskyHammondINSlovakia
Julia J. VillalpandoHammondINUnited States
Joseph J. VirusHammondINUnited States
Mark D. VittetoeChestertonINUnited States
Lesley N. VizcarraHammondINUnited States
Brittney N. VroomCreteILUnited States
Nikola S. VuckovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Stevan I. VuckovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Katie A. VuckovichPlainfieldILUnited States
Anna N. WachowskiScherervilleINUnited States
Jacob C. WagnerValparaisoINUnited States
Joseph F. WagnerMichigan CityINUnited States
Jamie N. WajdaNorth JudsonINUnited States
Kathryn P. WalshScherervilleINUnited States
Justin WalterHammondINUnited States
Shekinah V. WaltonMunsterINUnited States
Stephanie WareColumbusOHUnited States
Jessica S. WaszakCrown PointINUnited States
Carli A. WatkinsCrown PointINUnited States
Michelle L. WatkinsScherervilleINUnited States
Hannah L. WattsHammondINUnited States
Karly L. WauroCrown PointINUnited States
George J. WawerskiSerenaILUnited States
Chris J. WaymanScherervilleINUnited States
Karly WciselBeecherILUnited States
Amy WeaverLisleILUnited States
Stepheny M. WeaverWestvilleINUnited States
Daisy WebbDyerINUnited States
Gina E. WebberMunsterINUnited States
Emily R. Weber-BrokkeScherervilleINUnited States
Roy M. WebsterMichigan CityINUnited States
Amanda J. WeedStreamwoodILUnited States
Carol A. WeedonBourbonnaisILUnited States
Katie WelcomeEvergreen ParkILUnited States
Deanna K. WeldonHobartINUnited States
Nathan T. WendorfCrown PointINUnited States
Sara K. WenzelCrown PointINUnited States
Koryn WerderitsLemontILUnited States
Jacob I. WesleyChestertonINUnited States
Lauren J. WesleyLake StationINUnited States
Lara WestMichigan CityINUnited States
Merrick S. WesterfieldSaint JohnINUnited States
Jacob A. WheelerValparaisoINUnited States
Stephanie WheelerOttawaILUnited States
Courtney E. WhippleWhitingINUnited States
Jaelyn K. WhiteHammondINUnited States
Mark A. WhiteChicagoILUnited States
Tiffany L. WhiteLowellINUnited States
Clayton D. WhitingHighlandINUnited States
Hope WickershamSaint ParisOHUnited States
Kaitlyn A. WieningHammondINUnited States
Benjamin J. WiersemaDyerINUnited States
Hannah S. WiesemannWheatfieldINUnited States
Trevor WiesemannWheatfieldINUnited States
Kaitlyn WilcherChestertonINUnited States
Rachel M. WilkeningHebronINUnited States
Cailee R. WilkinsonSaint JohnINUnited States
Christopher B. WilliamsScherervilleINUnited States
Isun L. WilliamsCreteILUnited States
Jessica R. WilliamsWinamacINUnited States
Khloe L. WilliamsGaryINUnited States
Lorena A. WilliamsChicagoILUnited States
Michael R. WilliamsHammondINUnited States
Michael B. WillingKankakeeILUnited States
Alexandria WillisSaint JohnINUnited States
Kristy J. WillisScherervilleINUnited States
Samantha WillmanOwenWIUnited States
Mariah I. WilsonHebronINUnited States
Lindsey M. WinebrennerDyerINUnited States
Gretchen I. WineingerMunsterINUnited States
Catherine WinnLake StationINUnited States
Matthew J. WirthValparaisoINUnited States
Ethan R. WittMunsterINUnited States
Summer R. WitvoetMunsterINUnited States
Melissa A. WojnowskiCarpentersvilleILUnited States
Matthew W. WolfHebronINUnited States
Stephanie K. WolfeMount SterlingOHUnited States
Megan M. WolskiMunsterINUnited States
Leigh WoltersPleasant PrairieWIUnited States
Jessica C. WoodValparaisoINUnited States
Olivia F. WoodPortageINUnited States
Darren WoodsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Yamani A. WoodyCreteILUnited States
Brock A. WordenPayneOHUnited States
Danielle L. WozniakowskiCedar LakeINUnited States
Kalyna E. WoznyScherervilleINUnited States
Dolores WrightPortageINUnited States
Jade A. WrightHighlandINUnited States
Lauren A. WrightSouth BendINUnited States
Takiela WyattHomewoodILUnited States
Lixin XuHammondINChina
Savannah G. YamatScherervilleINUnited States
Julia Yanes BarreraHammondINSpain
Antionette P. YaskoLa PorteINUnited States
Stanislau YavorskiChicagoILUnited States
Domel C. Yisra’elHammondINUnited States
Dong Min YooHammondINSouth Korea
William W. ZanderValparaisoINUnited States
Ewa Zapart PlacekBloomingdaleILUnited States
Jazmyn ZapataDyerINUnited States
Kevin J. ZaragozaGriffithINUnited States
John T. ZdanowiczLibertyvilleILUnited States
Ashley M. ZeckmeisterGreen BayWIUnited States
Aziza K. ZeilerScherervilleINUnited States
Fernando ZepedaChestertonINUnited States
Stephanie L G. ZervosLake VillageINUnited States
Tommy ZhangCrown PointINUnited States
Kimberly K. ZielinskiPalos HillsILUnited States
Kalina D. ZiemloDemotteINUnited States
Brianna J. ZimmermanDemotteINUnited States
Emilie N. ZimmermanSaint JohnINUnited States
Thomas B. ZimmermanValparaisoINUnited States
Sarah G. ZinzerOswegoILUnited States
Matthew ZipkoEast ChicagoINUnited States
Zachary ZirkleHamletINUnited States
Anthony ZitoSaint JohnINUnited States
Yu ZongHammondINChina
Christina ZubiCrown PointINUnited States
Mark A. ZyskowskiFrankfortILUnited States