Writing Retreat

A Writing Retreat provides a focused block of time and supportive environment for you to commit to and have some level of accountability for accomplishing a research goal. There will be no planned programming, instead it will be a time for you to focus on your research/writing goals and hopefully be very productive! Participation can be in-person or virtually via ZOOM (link sent at registration).


Part 2: TILT Your Assignment Workshop

Collaborate with your peers to TILT your own assignments. Attend one or more of these sessions to get feedback and ideas on how to present your assignments clearly to students using the TILT framework.


Summer 2023 Faculty Book Club

Burnout, a mental health syndrome caused by chronic workplace stress, is endemic to higher education in a patriarchal, productivity-obsessed culture. In this unique book for women in higher education, Rebecca Pope-Ruark, PhD, draws from her own burnout experience, as well as collected stories of faculty in various roles and career stages, interviews with coaches and educational developers, and extensive secondary research to address and mitigate burnout. 

Resource Fair

The Center for Faculty Excellence is hosting the Fall 2023 Resource Fair. Many departments from across campus will be sharing information about their programs and have information available for those in attendance. Please join us for a Grab 'N Go breakfast and learn what your colleagues are doing as we start another exciting academic year.