College of Business Recognizes 2020 Graduates Online

May 18, 2020
Congratulations Purdue Northwest College of Business Class of 2020

Everyone within Purdue Northwest’s College of Business realizes we are going through a difficult time.

As graduates, students have worked hard for years to reach graduation day. While the coronavirus might have halted our ability to celebrate together on campus, the College of Business wanted to do something special for our students. That’s why on May 13 and 14, we released a series of virtual graduation ceremonies for each one of our majors.

While we hope they will come back and celebrate with us in December at the fall commencement ceremony, until then, let’s celebrate online and help spread the message across social media regarding their tremendous accomplishments.

Please check out all of our virtual graduation parades on our Facebook page and say “Congrats!” to the COB Class of 2020.