Explore Joining the Economics Club!

September 1, 2020

Hey PNW community,

If you’re watching the below video, chances are you’re interested in joining the PNW Economics Club, and I’m here to tell you more. We’ll be going over what we do, what we’ve done, what we offer and how to join. But first, let’s do some quick introductions of the club officers for this academic year.

Taylor Kroon, President

I’m Taylor Kroon and I am the president of the Economics Club. I am a senior and currently majoring in computer science with minors in economics and statistics. I love economics and hope to use it in my future career. I hope to apply economic principles and models to algorithm design hopefully to help track and maintain the economy or to analyze public policy.

Z, Treasurer

I am Z and I am the treasurer for the Economics Club. I am a third-year accounting major pursuing a minor in information systems at Purdue University Northwest. What interests me most about economics is the way that it impacts basically everything in our lives. Economics is the study of how we use scarce resources to satisfy our needs and wants and it’s just interesting to see how that can be used to satisfy them.

Tory Sharif, Marketing Director

My name is Tory Sharif and I am the club’s marketing director. It’s my third year here so far at Purdue Northwest and I’m studying marketing, so it just ties in there very nicely. When I was a kid, I started thinking about where money goes and I was wondering what happens when we spend it. I then, eventually, started finding out the answers to that and have been hooked on economics ever since. Learning it now, especially in this mad world we’re in, is very intriguing to me.

The Economics Club in general meets once a month. During these meetings, we discuss economic issues and ideas requested by our members. We also do fun economic-related games and activities with prizes. We like to get together and watch movies and documentaries as well. Last year, we all got together and watched The Big Short. In addition to our general meetings, Economics Club organizes and coordinates campus-wide events and activities.

2019-2020 was a very successful year for the Economics Club. Some of our events that we hosted includes partnering with the Mascot Hall of Fame to organize a free event with the Mayor Whiting. We also hosted the influential figure Amara Enya to speak on Chicagoland public policy as well as her work on the African free trade treaties. Our most notable event was the Economics In Action career event where we invited a panel of recent PNW graduates and a second panel of professionals to discuss after-graduation advice, as well as how the discipline of economics impacts their careers. Afterwards, our club members got a chance to personally meet and network with all of our invited guests.

The Economics Club has a lot of exciting opportunities for its active members, ranging from volunteering research internships, networking with professionals, club achievement recognition and awards and economic minor scholarship opportunities. The Economics Club also has a continuing relationship with the Calumet City Economic Development office, offering our active members internships in things such as business, outreach marketing and economic development.

Join the Economics Club by emailing kroon@pnw.edu or you can like us on Facebook at PNW Economics Club. Our Facebook page is where you can see all of our updates and announcements to become an active member and qualify for all of our exciting opportunities. You must attend three meetings and two events to become an active member, so make sure to sign up for our email list or find our social media page to keep up to date on all the exciting things going on in the Economics Club.

Thank you!