Food Truck and Outside Catering Request Aladdin Update

September 20, 2023

Hello Hammond Campus Community,

We would like to share two updates with you concerning Aladdin Dining Services at the Hammond campus. Going forward Aladdin will 1) be managing the process for inviting food trucks to campus for outdoor events and 2) managing the process for hiring outside food vendors/caterers in the event an approved waiver is issued and an outside vendor will be serving food on campus. As with any catering requests, food trucks and outside food vendors will be requested through Catertrax.

Departments will no longer submit a PNW Contract request form through the Contract Office. For both food trucks and outside food vendors Aladdin Dining Services will work with the department and the vendor/s to finalize a contract once their request has been received through Catertrax.

Please be aware food trucks and outside food vendors will only be invited to campus if Aladdin agrees to issue a waiver for the event. Departments and organizations planning to contract for a campus food and/or beverage service activity/event outside of Aladdin Dining Services must complete a PNW Catering Waiver found as a template in DocuSign at least twenty (20) business days before the scheduled event.

Aladdin may grant an exception if they are unable to provide the service that is requested, and each request is considered on a case-by-case basis. Waivers approved during any given term are not guaranteed to be approved for subsequent requests later within a term, or in future terms. The approval of a waiver is an exception and does not set a precedent for future events.

Catering requests a minimum of 5 business days before an event, but the food truck requests a minimum of 20 business days due to facilitating a contract and requesting paperwork from the food truck vendor. These notices allow ample time for event preparation and will guarantee the best possible services. Campus members are encouraged to schedule events as far in advance as possible to ensure calendar availability.

An approved and signed waiver must be attached to all future DIVs and P-Card forms for outside food services for the payment to be approved and processed.