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Welcome to PNW! Explore how PNW visitors can access technology resources while on campus.

How do I access computer resources while on campus?

Staff of Purdue University Northwest affiliates logging in to campus computers must submit a request from a department or organization affiliated with the university through the CSC ticketing system.

We will need the guest’s full name and a start/end date. A temporary or departmental account will be created once the information is verified and will expire in one year or less if stated.

Please note that the account created will only have access to log in to PNW computers, browse the internet from that PC and login to eduroam.

How do I connect to the wireless network while on campus?

PNW utilizes the Eduroam wireless network. If you are a member of an Eduroam institution, you can connect with your institutional credentials.

If you are not a member of an Eduroam institution, you may still access wireless networking at PNW. A wireless network provided by AT&T should be visible to all compatible devices.

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What is the IT security policy for accessing IT resources at PNW?

All users of PNW technology resources must adhere to all PNW IT Policies.

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