WebEx is an on-demand collaborative web meeting and conferencing software used to present webinars, hold class online or provide virtual office hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a host, you are the final decision maker concerning the security settings of your meeting. Always remember that you control nearly every aspect of the meeting, including when it begins and ends.

Follow the security best practices when scheduling the meeting, and during and after the meeting, based on your business needs for keeping meetings and information secure.

  • Set passwords for your meeting and only share them with your intended attendees.  Share the meeting PIN via secure method, such as e-mail or Brightspace/Blackboard.  Do not post the PIN on a public-facing page.
  • Only send the links to your meetings to your intended attendees, and do not post them on a public-facing page.
  • Auto-lock your Personal Room.  This is similar to the waiting room feature in Zoom.  If you set this at “0 minutes” attendees will not be able to auto-join your meeting, rather, you will need to allow them in from a lobby after you have joined.
  • Lock your in-progress meeting.  If all of your attendees are in the meeting, you can lock the meeting to prevent additional people from connecting.
  • Only start a meeting in your personal room when you are sure the attendees are those that you are expecting.  If you receive an e-mail that someone is waiting for you to start the meeting, ensure that that individual is someone you trust, and are expecting.
  • Remove unwanted attendees during the meeting.  The host can expel attendees at any time.
    • How to: Select the name of the participant whom you want to remove, then select “Participant > Expel.”
  • Do not designate someone as a presenter unless you are sure they can be trusted.  By default, only the presenter/host can share their screen, but this permission can be granted to other attendees.  Do not grant that permission unless it is absolutely necessary.


Source: https://help.webex.com/en-us/8zi8tq/Cisco-Webex-Best-Practices-for-Secure-Meetings-Hosts

Purdue faculty and staff can schedule meetings that anyone can participate or present in. Once the session has begun, hosting authority can be transferred to any participant, including students.  Students can host meetings with up to 8 participants by using purdue-student.webex.com.

Depending on how you wish to connect to the meeting, you will need some combination of the following:

Hammond campus

  • ANDR 311
  • CLO 310
  • LAWS 218, 232, 247, 305, 333
  • POTT 121
  • SAB 090, 092
  • SHP1 300, SHP2 434
  • SULB 150F, 224, 229, 307, 318, 321, 324D, 324E

Westville campus

  • Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex (DSSAC) 1113
  • Schwarz Hall 135
  • Technology Building 345
  • Technology Building 368

Unit/College/Department Conference Rooms

Academic Affairs

  • Westville campus – Library-Student-Faculty Building 132


  • Hammond campus – Classroom Office Building 230, 239

College of Nursing

  • Hammond campus – NILS 240, 242

College of Technology

  • Hammond campus – Anderson 247

Information Services

  • Hammond campus – Powers 201
  • Hammond campus – Powers 226A
  • Hammond campus – Gyte 134
  • Westville campus – Technology Building 225

Please email the Customer Service Center one week prior to your scheduled meeting to ensure equipment will be available during this time. Include the room number, date, and time of your meeting.

If you are using WebEx and another program (like Jabber or Discord) that uses voice communication, and you are having issues with your microphone:

  • Go to the Start Menu and type “Sound Settings”
  • Click the blue “Sound Control Panel” link on the right.
  • On the “Recording” tab, go to properties for your Microphone.
  • On the “Advanced” tab uncheck “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”.

WebEx can be accessed from a web browser on PC, Mac, and Linux. iPhone, iPad and Android apps are available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Detailed system requirements are listed here online.

Below is a checklist guide that will assist you with making sure your meeting runs smoothly whether you are the host or a participant!