We offer Wifi service across PNW’s campuses, including Eduroam, our log-in wifi service for students, faculty and staff, and a guest AT&T Wifi.

A free, secure worldwide network developed for the international research and education community, Eduroam is the primary wireless network at PNW, providing high speed connectivity throughout our Hammond and Westville campuses. It is available worldwide as a safe method for educational institutions and their users to access the Internet.

How Do I Connect?

Non-Mobile Devices

  • Select “eduroam” from your wireless settings.
  • Enter your username in the following format careeraccount@pnw.edu. Don’t forget to add the domain of @pnw.edu to your login ID.
  • Then enter your current password.

Mobile Devices

Sign in using the same credentials as above. The settings for Apple devices can be left at their default settings. For Android users, a few additional configurations need to be made:

  • EAP method = PEAP
  • Phase2 Authentication = MSCHAPv2
  • CA certificate = Do not validate

How Do I Connect?

Visitors will see the network’s public name as “attwifi”

  • Select the attwifi network
  • Agree to ‘Acceptable Use Policy.’ You will be connected to the network
  • If you are not prompted with the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’, please open your web browser. You will be redirected to the AT&T ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ page. Once you agree to the policy, you will be granted access.

Customer Service

Visitors needing technical help with AT&T can call the AT&T Wi-Fi Technical Operations Center toll-free at 1-888-888-7520 for assistance. AT&T Wi-Fi Services will provide support for the University with 24/7 network monitoring, and call center support.

For Eduroam, users should contact CSC for support at 219-989-2888.

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