Lead with YOUR Voice. Authentically and Unapologetically.

October 19, 2023
Logo: Leadership Institute at Purdue Northwest

YOUR voice matters and there is only one “right way” to uncover and claim your leadership voice: by being authentic. Everyone in leadership has a natural voice and style. Finding your leadership voice is first about understanding who you are, and then assessing how genuine and consistent your message is. From there, you can work on developing and asserting your leadership voice with conviction and self-assurance.

On October 3, we sat down with two rising Northwest Indiana leaders: Amber Mckinstry and Faith Spencer. Amber is the Public Relations Assistant for C WHITT PR, bringing a fresh millenial outlook to their work. Faith is President and CEO of IronWorkz Corporation, a nonprofit organization which serves as a dynamic business incubator that focuses on minority students and small businesses regarding entrepreneurial development.