Strategic Plan

Purdue University Northwest’s Strategic Plan, Power Onward, provides the framework for our shared goals and our vision for the future.

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The plan builds on our many strengths and focuses on addressing the most pressing issues that we face as a university in a rapidly changing environment. The plan’s structure focuses on significant goals in three critical areas – student success, community and regional partnerships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This plan will guide the investment of our resources as we continue to strengthen our academic programs, expand our outreach, and fulfill our promise as a premier metropolitan university.

The world that shaped PNW, and much of higher education, has changed, and we must be prepared to be a university that will, in turn, shape the new world. This plan sets forth a vision of Purdue Northwest as a metropolitan university that attracts talent, addresses the important issues facing our region, and produces the leaders of tomorrow. As we imagine the PNW of the future, we envision bold approaches that meet ambitious goals, goals that will position Purdue University Northwest as the leading institution of higher education in northwest Indiana.

Our success will be a catalyst for progress in the changing world. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we will revisit this Plan often; it is our working agenda and will guide our continuous improvement efforts. We will Power Onward.


Purdue University Northwest transforms students’ lives and our metropolitan region through a diverse campus committed to innovative education, applied research and community engagement.


As a premier metropolitan university, Purdue University Northwest (PNW) will power intellectual, cultural, and economic development in northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago metropolitan area, enriching the surrounding community through collaborative partnerships that leverage the university’s expertise to improve people’s lives.

PNW will continue to focus on preparing students to be effective, ethical, and innovative leaders in their careers and communities through enhanced academic programming and integrative, experiential learning.

A PNW student laughs in the classroomPNW will support a diverse, talented faculty as they tailor their research and teaching to address the needs of a changing economy and workforce.

PNW’s vibrant student experience, robust campus resources, and engaged alumni community will enhance students’ abilities to form lasting connections with each other and the university.

Core Values

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Community

Strategic Plan Themes

Enriched Student Experience

PNW’s curricular offerings and support services are designed to be responsive to student interests and needs, providing them with an excellent college experience that prepares graduates to succeed in meeting their life and career goals.


Strategic Enrollment Growth and Student Success

The long-term strength of our institution correlates to the success of our students and graduates. Purdue Northwest will build on its academic culture and support structures, focusing on degree attainment and post-graduate success, by using a multifaceted, data-informed approach.

A student conducts research at PNW

Promote National and Regional Growth through Discovery and Innovation

PNW is uniquely equipped to strengthen and enrich our surrounding communities in ways that are mutually beneficial for internal and external stakeholders alike.


In an increasingly competitive higher education landscape, PNW will continue to build its vibrant and cohesive identity as the public metropolitan university of choice for our diverse range of stakeholders.

Students walk in front of the Nils K, Nelson Bioscience Innovation Building

PNW’s Next Strategic Plan

Purdue University Northwest is in the process of developing our new strategic plan, “Excellence Evolving,” which will guide and focus PNW’s journey from 2025-2030. “Excellence Evolving” will set forth a bold vision for the future of our institution, grounded in our core values and driven by our collective aspirations.

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