Charles A. Steele, M.S.

Lecturer of Physical Science

Forensic Science Coordinator

Charles Steele


Charles Steele is a visiting instructor of Physical Science and serves as the forensic science coordinator. He teaches courses in forensics, chemistry and physics and mentors student research.

Research Overview

Research is Steele’s driving motivation. At PNW, he has designed new methods for drug testing and worked with CIVS and UIC to develop a virtual reality crime scene. He is mentoring forensic students at both campuses in professional level research in fingerprint detection, pattern evidence analysis and drug testing. His personal research models how well jurors understand scientific evidence.

I often describe my life as day camp without the adult supervisor where each day brings something new. In my spare time, I am working on a cookbook, I have a few of my own product lines on the market and my music has been heard on all seven continents. I have also been fencing since I was a teenager.

Select Publications

A Forensic Scientists Guide to Color: Color Theory for the Crime Lab, ISBN-13: 978-1505728675

Introduction to Forensic Science: Chapter 2 Crime Scene Processing and Analysis and Forensic Technologies ISBN:-13 1-62178-546-0

Teaching Focus

Whether it is explaining fingerprint detection items of color theory or how quality control relates to criminal trials, Steele likes to put things in context. Students learn best when they understand the history of the science and see how concepts connect to the real world.

Previous Roles

Before coming to PNW, Steele was a scientific consultant, an adjunct research mentor for the forensic science program at the University of Illinois at Chicago and was the laboratory manager and quality manager for the largest domestic dye and pigment company.

Charles Steele


(219) 989-3185

Office Location:

Hammond Campus, GYTE 272


  • M.S. – Forensic Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • B.S. – Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago

Areas of Expertise

  • Color Chemistry Experimental Design
  • Foresnic Science
  • Statistical Modeling Quality System Design

Curriculum Vitae