Gail M. Augustine, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Gail Augustine is pictured.


As an assistant professor Augustine’s primary responsibilities encompass teaching and research in the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Select Publications

Augustine, M. G. (2020). A World Powered by All Minds: Making All Minds Matter in Higher Education. Denver, CO: Outskirt Press, Inc.

Augustine, M. G. (2020). In Decoding the Epistemological Framework of Social Work Research on Marginalized Population in Higher Education: Social Work Education in Contemporary World: Issues, Challenges and Concerns. Palgrave McMillan: United Kingdom.

Augustine, M. G.& Ally, E. R. (2020). A Comparison of Students’ Perceptions on Research Methods Pedagogy in Social-Work and Sport Management Courses. European Scientific Journal, ESJ.

Previous Roles

  • Program Director of the Master’s in Social Work Program, Florida A & M University
  • Assistant Professor, Florida A & M University
  • Assistant Professor, Anderson University
  • Associate Faculty, Indiana University Purdue University
Gail Augustine is pictured.




  • Ph.D. – Biology, Illinois State University
  • Ph.D. – Social Work, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Ph.D. – Higher Education Leadership, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (Minor)
  • MSc. (Hons) – Social Work, Children & Family, Eastern Michigan University
  • BSc. (Hons) – Social Work, Eastern Michigan University

Areas of Expertise

  • Individual, Family, and Group Practice
  • Program Evaluation
  • Student Centered Pedagogy
  • Distance Learning
  • First Generation Students Retention
  • Social Psychological Experiences of Marginalized Students in Higher Ed