Grethe Hystad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistics

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D. is pictured


Grethe Hystad is an Associate Professor of Statistics. Her role is to teach and mentor students in statistics and to solve applied statistical research problems.

When I lived in Norway, I was honored with carrying the Olympic torch for the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. It was even more memorable for me because my glove caught fire!

Select Publications

Hystad, G.; Morrison, S. M.; and Hazen R. M., Statistical Analysis of Mineral Evolution and Mineral Ecology: The Current State and a Vision for the Future, Inaugural Issue of Applied Computing and Geosciences, 1:1-5, 2019.

Hystad, G.; Eleish, A.; Hazen, R. M.; Morrison, S. M.; and Downs, R. T., Bayesian Estimation of Earth’s undiscovered mineralogical diversity using Noninformative Priors. Mathematical Geosciences, 51; 401-417, 2019.

Hystad, G.; Downs, R. T.; Hazen, R. M.; and Golden, J. J., Relative Abundances of Mineral Species: A Statistical Measure to Characterize Earth-like Planets Based on Earth’s Mineralogy. Mathematical Geosciences, Volume 49; 179-194, 2017.

Teaching Focus

Hystad really enjoys teaching and has taught a variety of classes in both statistics and mathematics at PNW and the University of Arizona. She also has mentored several students at PNW on research projects. These projects have been awarded with both external and internal grants.

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D. is pictured

Lionhearted Leaders: Grethe Hystad

Educator Grethe Hystad uses her passion for problem-solving to create an engaging learning environment for students.

Meet Professor Hystad

Grethe Hystad, Ph.D. is pictured


(219) 989-2598

Office Location:

Hammond Campus, CLO 364


  • Ph.D. – Mathematics, University of Arizona
  • M.S. – Mathematics, University of Arizona
  • Candidata Magisterii (B.S. equivalent) – Mathematics, University of Oslo

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistics

Curriculum Vitae