Mohammed Errihani, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Director of the English Language Program

Mohammed Errihani


Mohammed Errihani is an associate professor of linguistics at Purdue University Northwest where he teaches courses in linguistics, history of English, writing, and other language-related courses.

Research Overview

My research focuses on language policy and planning, language in education policy, especially in Morocco, the teaching of English as a second / foreign language, and rhetoric.

Since I grew up in Morocco and currently live and work in the U.S., I am fluent in 3 languages. That's a fact! I coached a college soccer team for one year after the coach was fired. That's because I played soccer in college and in second and third divisions in Morocco. That's a fun fact!

Select Publications

Language, Power, and the Economics of Education (Book-in progress) (2021)

Springer. “Language and Social Class: Speaking Darija with the “right” accent.” Journal of North African Studies. 21.5(2016): 1-24.

“English Education Policy and Practice in Morocco.” English Language Education Policy in the Middle East and North Africa. Kirkpatrick, Robert (ed.). Springer International Publishing AG: 2017. 115-131.

Teaching Focus

History of English Writing Introduction to Linguistics Experiential Learning and Peer Mentoring Grammar for Teaching Majors

Previous Roles

Founder and former director of the ESL program at Purdue University Northwest (2007-2016).

Mohammed Errihani


(219) 989-2657

Office Location:

Hammond, CLO 264


  • Ph.D. – English: Language and Rhetoric, University of Illinois at Chicago

Areas of Expertise

  • Language Policy Applied Linguistics
  • TESOL Sociolinguistics
  • North African Studies

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • Fulbright Scholar Award for Morocco: 2018-2019
  • PNW Teaching Excellence Award: 2018
  • Senior Fellow Award for Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt: 2011-2012
  • ACUE Certificate in Effective College Teaching: 2018
  • Experiential Learning Award of Excellence: 2016