Pat Obi, Ph.D.

White Lodging Professor of Finance

Director, Executive MBA Program

Pat Obi


The director of PNW’s EMBA program, Pat Obi teaches in areas including corporate finance, financial marketing and derivatives and business analytics. A student mentor, he is also a financial consultant for the City of Hammond.

Research Overview

Obi’s current research examines how financial market variables such as market volatility and currency valuation play a role in how international tourism development affects economic growth. Other areas of research include financial risk management in the derivatives market using options, futures and swaps. His research presentations, including research workshops, have taken place in over 60 countries.

My mantra, informed by my financial education, is that anything that is of value to you is worth paying for - in terms of your effort, money, and time. And in my recent book, We Must Change the Way We Live, I argue that our true success can only be measured by how we utilize the resources we're fortunate to have to impact the lives of others.

Select Publications

We Must Change the Way We Live Verslo Finansu Pagrindai (“Basics of Business Finance” in Lithuanian language)

Teaching Focus

  • Corporate Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Futures, Options and Swaps
  • Statistics and Econometric Analysis
  • Personal Financial Education

Previous Roles

  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • Finance MBA Director, College of Business at PNW
  • Coordinator, Finance Economics Programs at PNW
Pat Obi


(219) 989-2747

Office Location:

Hammond Campus, Anderson 333


  • Ph.D. – Finance & Econometrics, The University of Mississippi
  • MBA – Texas State University
  • Higher Diploma – Institute of Management and Technology (Nigeria)

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Valuation Statistics and Econometric Modeling
  • Personal Finance Derivatives
  • Financial Risk Management

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards

  • Certified Hotel Industry Analyst
  • Outstanding Faculty Scholar
  • PNW Best Paper in Investments
  • AoF Outstanding Professor
  • EMBA Distinguished Faculty Lecturer
  • PNW Global Excellence Award
  • GBATA Outstanding Teacher Award
  • PNW Outstanding Research Award
  • GCBF Beta Gamma Sigma

Curriculum Vitae