PRIDE Team: PNW Respecting, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Team

September 27, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the membership of our new PRIDE Team initiative. PRIDE’s (PNW Respecting Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) mission is to promote an open, respectful and welcoming climate and culture that facilitates learning, discovery, service, engagement and professional development.

Each member of the team was nominated by their Vice Chancellor or Dean and will represent their areas while working on campus-wide initiatives that will promote cultural awareness, equity and belonging as well as appreciating diverse perspectives.

Congratulations and thank you to the members of PRIDE for their willingness to serve PNW.

  • Athletics – Kendall Aldridge
  • College of Business – Dr. Shontrai Irving
  • College of Engineering and Sciences – Dr. Sayanti Roy
  • College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences – Dr. Colette Morrow
  • College of Nursing – Dr. Taryn Eastland
  • College of Technology – Jesus De La Cruz
  • Enrollment Management and Student Affairs – Britt Hudson
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Linda Knox (facilitator)
  • Finance and Administration – Timothy Griffin
  • Information Services – Joseph Coates
  • Institutional Advancement – Kara Griffin
  • Graduate student – Britney Daniels
  • Undergraduate student – TBD

Thomas L. Keon, Chancellor and the Senior Leadership Team