Purdue University Northwest students earn fall semester Dean’s List honors

February 8, 2021

Purdue University Northwest’s (PNW) 2020 fall semester Dean’s List recognizes 1,812 undergraduate students for their academic achievement. 

Students who have completed 12 credit hours, including at least six during the fall, qualified for Dean’s List recognition by sustaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 and a semester grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The fall semester Dean’s List consists of 1,288 Indiana residents from 79 communities; 416 Illinois residents from 158 communities; 24 residents from Wisconsin; 11 residents from Michigan; seven from Ohio; five from California; four from Iowa; three each from Arizona and Minnesota; two each from Florida, Texas, and Washington; and one each from Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee.

PNW’s international students were strongly represented on the Dean’s List as well. They are as follows: 12 students from China; five students from Canada; four from Spain; three each from Germany and India; two each from Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea; and one each from Australia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nigeria, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad-Tobago, Vietnam and Yemen. 

Below is the comprehensive Dean’s List, offered alphabetically by state and then students’ last names.

Dean’s List Honorees

Chris Ivy Jamaica A. AbadMunsterINUnited States
Christhyl Joy AbadMunsterINUnited States
Charmagne C. AbanganDyerINUnited States
Charles Y. AboniChicagoILUnited States
Stephanie A. AbrahamValparaisoINUnited States
Stephanie G. AbregoHammondINUnited States
Loyane K. AbreuNew AlbanyOHUnited States
Dianna M. Abu-AliMunsterINUnited States
Suad AbuAlZolufHammondINUnited States
Nagham J. AbudayyehScherervilleINUnited States
Sandy W. Abu-LailHammondINUnited States
Kidist G. AchenefChicagoILUnited States
Keli AcostaCreteILUnited States
Saige M. AddisonValparaisoINUnited States
Esther O. AdepojuHammondINUnited States
Hallee J. AgelsonSaint JohnINUnited States
Anthony J. AgnePlainfieldILUnited States
Arjun AgrawalHighlandINUnited States
Blanca E. AgronPlainfieldILUnited States
Aurora AguilarPosenILUnited States
Brianna Q. AhrensElginILUnited States
Farida I. AkhmadullinaSaint JohnINUnited States
Abdullah E. AlabdaliValparaisoINUnited States
Eric AlanizHammondINUnited States
Brianna AlbaScherervilleINUnited States
Kayla S. AlcoxMerrillvilleINUnited States
Eric J. AlegreHighlandINUnited States
Christina R. AliagaSaint JohnINUnited States
Alexa H. AllenNorth LibertyINUnited States
Jose AllenGrovertownINUnited States
Xavier R. AllisonCarlsbadCAUnited States
Jillian M. AlmanzaWhitingINUnited States
Samantha AlmanzaHammondINUnited States
Kara R. AloisioYorkvilleILUnited States
Alexander AlonsoOrland ParkILUnited States
James Alston-ButlerGaryINUnited States
Arvin AltankhundagaHammondINMongolia
Shae N. AlvaNew CarlisleINUnited States
Alma AlvaradoChicagoILUnited States
Ruby AlvarezChicagoILUnited States
Gabriela AlvarezHammondINUnited States
Ines D. AlvarezHammondINUnited States
Krystal G. AlvarezGaryINUnited States
Esmeralda Alvirde-GuzmanHammondINUnited States
Kelsey A. AmelseMerrillWIUnited States
Alyse AmesLa PorteINUnited States
Katelyn M. AmesDemotteINUnited States
Jessie AmezcuaHammondINUnited States
Nura AminMilwaukeeWIUnited States
Anastasia A. AmslerMunsterINUnited States
Maureen M. AnbarCrown PointINUnited States
Ashley R. AndersonMunsterINUnited States
Cade M. AndersonSaint JohnINUnited States
Tyler S. AndersonHighlandINUnited States
Zachary R. AndersonScherervilleINUnited States
Brittany AntunaWheatonILUnited States
Alexandra S. AragonPalatineILUnited States
Jennifer C. AragonPalatineILUnited States
Daisy T. AraizaEast ChicagoINUnited States
Pau Aran MiguelHammondINSpain
Victoria R. ArchuletaMerrillvilleINUnited States
Perla ArellanoScherervilleINUnited States
Samantha S. ArevaloGurneeILUnited States
Laura AriasZionILUnited States
Samuel Arjona RuizEast ChicagoINUnited States
Hailey D. ArlisMinookaILUnited States
Allison J. ArnoldTucsonAZUnited States
Jay ArnoldDenverCOUnited States
Donald F. ArnoldDemotteINUnited States
Leslie A. ArreguinCalumet CityILUnited States
Tyler B. AscheHammondINUnited States
LeeAnn M. AshbyValparaisoINUnited States
Jacob S. AtchisonCrown PointINUnited States
Amber T. AtkinsonChicagoILUnited States
Kathleen E. AtonMerrillvilleINUnited States
Samantha L. AurelioSaint JohnINUnited States
Sarah M. AurelioSaint JohnINUnited States
Alaska M. AustinValparaisoINUnited States
Casey D. AustinHighlandINUnited States
Marwan H. AwadhWorthILYemen
Amir AwwadBurbankILUnited States
Jason N. BaderScherervilleINUnited States
Alexandra M. BaginskiCreteILUnited States
Daniel BahenaHighlandINUnited States
Cynthia I. BahorichHammondINUnited States
Dakota C. BaileyHobartINUnited States
Maximus G. BaileyValparaisoINUnited States
Katerina BakasValparaisoINUnited States
Timothy BakasScherervilleINUnited States
Brittany R. BakerScherervilleINUnited States
Hilary J. BakerScherervilleINUnited States
Tristan L. BakerFortvilleINUnited States
Alesia N. Baldwin-JonesBrookfieldWIUnited States
Alexander E. BalousekSaint JohnINUnited States
Christopher BaltagesMunsterINUnited States
Roberto BaltazarChicagoILUnited States
Mark C. BanaagCrown PointINUnited States
Helena N. BanachAuroraILUnited States
Brett J. BandstraCrown PointINUnited States
Brandon M. BareheadScherervilleINUnited States
Jessica M. BarenieScherervilleINUnited States
Leah BarkleyGlen EllynILUnited States
Emma N. BarnettGriffithINUnited States
Veronica M. BarnhillLowellINUnited States
Michael BarrazaCiceroILUnited States
Felix BarreraMunsterINUnited States
Benjamin J. BarretteKenoshaWIUnited States
Eva M. BarronLa PorteINUnited States
Nicholas J. BarronValparaisoINUnited States
Mindaugas BartasiunasMokenaILUnited States
Alissa BartlettPlanoILUnited States
Hannah BassAdaOHUnited States
Amelia W. BatistatosHobartINUnited States
Zoe Y. BatistatosHobartINUnited States
Jeremy BatterbeeValparaisoINUnited States
Noah C. BauerCedar LakeINUnited States
Dane J. BaughHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Mohammad A. BaydounMichigan CityINLebanon
Tinnekke M. BeboutHighlandINUnited States
Riley J. BeckCedar RapidsIAUnited States
Kendall R. BeckmanCrown PointINUnited States
Ryne G. BeckmanChestertonINUnited States
Sedelia BeecherHammondINUnited States
Tiffany S. BeedlesDes PlainesILUnited States
Andrew D. BeggsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Connor B. BehrensWestfieldINUnited States
Anissa J. BelghozlaneChestertonINUnited States
Michelle BellLake in the HillsILUnited States
Mya E. BellScherervilleINUnited States
Ashlyn R. BelleganteNew CarlisleINUnited States
Tyler E. BenderValparaisoINUnited States
Emma L. BennettSaint JohnINUnited States
Luke R. BensingValparaisoINUnited States
Ethan M. BerdineCrown PointINUnited States
Anika R. BergScherervilleINUnited States
Madeline G. BergValparaisoINUnited States
Richard L. BernierMerrillvilleINUnited States
Felicia BernsteinHammondINUnited States
Iris C. BerryGaryINUnited States
Allison M. BettsCrown PointINUnited States
Allison S. BiancardiGriffithINUnited States
Danielle T. BiancardiCrown PointINUnited States
Ryker G. BiasEvansvilleINUnited States
Sally A. BibbMichigan CityINUnited States
Kendra M. BickelKnoxINUnited States
Ariel P. BiegelWestvilleINUnited States
Nathan J. BielakCedar LakeINUnited States
Catarina L. BirkenfeldCrown PointINUnited States
Ashley R. BiroHammondINUnited States
Brianna E. BlackWestvilleINUnited States
Chloe P. BlackLa PorteINUnited States
Alexis P. BlackwellPark ForestILUnited States
Courtney A. BlackwellWhitingINUnited States
Eric J. BlankenshipScherervilleINUnited States
Mark R. BlaskiSaint JohnINUnited States
Hailey G. BlauwHighlandINUnited States
Abigail M. BobeleValparaisoINUnited States
Jason C. BodnarHammondINUnited States
Nemanja BogunovicMunsterINUnited States
Petar BogunovicCrown PointINUnited States
Paige M. BohlingMunsterINUnited States
Natasha R. BoilekHighlandINUnited States
Diana BolanosDyerINUnited States
Adam BolozChicagoILUnited States
David M. BoltonMerrillvilleINUnited States
Juan J. BonillaHammondINMexico
Alexander M. BonnerTrail CreekINUnited States
Elaine P. BonnerWestvilleINUnited States
Delia G. BookerGriffithINUnited States
Christian J. BoothHammondINCanada
Autum N. BorenCedar LakeINUnited States
Michael D. BorgHinsdaleILUnited States
Jaklyn K. BossermanMichigan CityINUnited States
Jordyn N. BossermanMichigan CityINUnited States
Jake P. BottariPortageINUnited States
Stephanie J. BowenCrown PointINUnited States
Isabella M. BowersMunsterINUnited States
Cameron M. BoydLansingILUnited States
Trevor BoydLansingILUnited States
Steven J. BozackiScherervilleINUnited States
Emma BozicMunsterINUnited States
Caitlin M. BradyCrown PointINUnited States
Ashley L. BravoChicagoILUnited States
Olivia R. BrazauskasNorth JudsonINUnited States
Jack A. BrennerGrangerINUnited States
Michelle J. BreslanHamletINUnited States
Bailey M. BristleyHobartINUnited States
Fatima Brito-DiazProspect HeightsILUnited States
Savaya T. BrockingtonWestfieldINUnited States
Bailey M. BroelmannMunsterINUnited States
Erica N. BrohmBettendorfIAUnited States
Haley M. BronkLa PorteINUnited States
Tyler BrooksPortageINUnited States
Taylor M. BroskyPortageINUnited States
Tracy L. BrownIsland LakeILUnited States
Alexander D. BrownLa PorteINUnited States
Elysse N. BrownCrown PointINUnited States
Jessica L. BrownfieldForsythILUnited States
Valerie A. BruntHighlandINUnited States
Hunter J. BryakHighlandINUnited States
Madison E. BryantChestertonINUnited States
Ramon BryantGaryINUnited States
Kathryn K. BryzgalskiHomewoodILUnited States
Douglas BuchanBartlettILUnited States
Hannah R. BucknerSaint JohnINUnited States
Sandra M. BucknerKnoxvilleTNUnited States
Nicholas R. BuellMunsterINUnited States
Sarah Victoria V. BuenoWest ChicagoILUnited States
Joseph A. BuikemaChicagoILUnited States
Patrick BulgerChicagoILUnited States
Ashley P. BultemaCedar LakeINUnited States
Brooke M. BunchekWheatfieldINUnited States
Anthony J. BuonomoValparaisoINUnited States
Maria C. BuraLincolnwoodILUnited States
Adrianna D. BurgerNorth JudsonINUnited States
Noah D. BurghWarsawINUnited States
Hannah N. BurksDyerINUnited States
Lillian D. BurnettHobartINUnited States
Gavin R. BurnsonChestertonINUnited States
Ashley N. BushIndianapolisINUnited States
Neal A. BussScherervilleINUnited States
Madison BydalekLowellINUnited States
Baylee L. ByfordScipioINUnited States
Andrew T. ByrnsideChestertonINUnited States
Damayanty CabralesWheatonILUnited States
Carie A. CabreraCarpentersvilleILUnited States
Anelisa L. CadenaCrown PointINUnited States
Zhijia CaiPalos HillsILChina
Giulia E. CalabreseBensenvilleILUnited States
Ma Irene D. CalandriaChicagoILUnited States
Tiffany A. CallahanMichigan CityINUnited States
Zachary A. CamelPortageINUnited States
Lauren N. CameronHammondINUnited States
Curtis J. CampbellHammondINCanada
Alejandro CamposHammondINUnited States
Emily A. CanningWhitingINUnited States
Orlando CanoPeotoneILUnited States
James A. CanslerOlympia FieldsILUnited States
Kelli L. CanulMunsterINUnited States
Gisselle CanutoHammondINUnited States
Michelle L. CanutoHammondINUnited States
Selena CanutoHammondINUnited States
Sydney R. CapouchWheatfieldINUnited States
Jacob T. CarbonaraSaint JohnINUnited States
Blake M. CardenMoroccoINUnited States
Casey A. CarieValparaisoINUnited States
Austin J. CarlosMichigan CityINUnited States
Taylor C. CarlsonJolietILUnited States
Kevin L. CarmanWheatfieldINUnited States
Baily D. CarnageyValparaisoINUnited States
Katie-Sue M. CarothersMerrillvilleINUnited States
Alyssa R. CarpenterMunsterINUnited States
Baylee A. CarpenterNew CarlisleINUnited States
Samuel W. CarpenterHighlandINUnited States
Genessis CarvajalIndianapolisINUnited States
Kara CasePalos HeightsILUnited States
Anthony J. CasertaMerrillvilleINCanada
Lori L. CasillasWhitingINUnited States
Ivette CastanedaBolingbrookILUnited States
Jessica K. Castillo-RiveraMunsterINUnited States
Gwendolyn R. CastonLake StationINUnited States
Daniel E. CastroChestertonINUnited States
Jade A. CauleyPortageINUnited States
Julia I. CavazosEast ChicagoINUnited States
Ricardo CedenoHobartINUnited States
Morgan R. CehHuntleyILUnited States
Paul M. ChaffinsKnoxINUnited States
Kiana L. ChandlerLowellINUnited States
Maria I. ChaplesMichigan CityINUnited States
Cameron M. ChapmanValparaisoINUnited States
Danica CharnetzkyPortageINUnited States
Paula ChavarriaScherervilleINUnited States
Alyssa D. ChavezMunsterINUnited States
Cristian A. ChavezHighlandINUnited States
Lizeth Chavez BenitezAddisonILUnited States
Macy M. ChayhitzValparaisoINUnited States
Wenliang ChenHammondINChina
Jieying ChenScherervilleINUnited States
Esther ChisaniSouth BendINUnited States
Megan E. ChristiansenChicagoILUnited States
Cooper M. ChristiansenMunsterINUnited States
Hope K. CiarrocchiScherervilleINUnited States
Bartlomiej CiasDyerINUnited States
Szymon P. CiasDyerINUnited States
Ieva CiccioNew LenoxILUnited States
Louis CioeScherervilleINUnited States
Justin L. CirakCrown PointINUnited States
Kama Clapper-ErpeldingFort WayneINUnited States
Madison ClarkPhiloILUnited States
Mollie C. ClarkMunsterINUnited States
Shelbi R. ClarkMoxeeWAUnited States
Marissa M. Clark-DebutchScherervilleINUnited States
Madeline T. ClementHammondINUnited States
Sara A. ClemonsNorth JudsonINUnited States
Jessica N. CloseFort WayneINUnited States
Drew CohsDyerINUnited States
Sarah T. ColbyCrown PointINUnited States
Kennedi A. ColeHammondINUnited States
Kyle C. ColeHighlandINUnited States
Akeia S. ColemanCalumet CityILUnited States
Daniel ColinChicagoILUnited States
Fotios Z. CollarosMunsterINUnited States
Kristian D. CollinsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Dianne M. CometaDyerINUnited States
Ryan N. ComptonRoselleILUnited States
Lexie K. CongerHammondINUnited States
Rachel D. CongerCrown PointINUnited States
Antonio L. ContrerasEast ChicagoINUnited States
Gabriela Contreras-GomezCiceroILUnited States
Trina L. CookPortageINUnited States
Amber CooperLowellINUnited States
Katheryn R. CoopriderGurneeILUnited States
Danny C. CorderoElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Brooke O. CornettCrown PointINUnited States
Jennifer CorralHammondINUnited States
Yesenia CorralHobartINUnited States
Cynthia M. Corral-TorresHammondINUnited States
Isabel M. CorreaWestvilleINUnited States
Dania I. CorredorIndianapolisINUnited States
Madison R. CorreyWhitingINUnited States
Elizabeth CortesHammondINUnited States
Holly L. CosletChestertonINUnited States
Pietro S. CosoLa PorteINBrazil
Lauren K. CourtneyGlenwoodILUnited States
Kelly A. CovaciuCrown PointINUnited States
Elias V. CovarrubiasHighlandINUnited States
Samuel G. CovertNew BuffaloMIUnited States
Peter W. CowlingCrown PointINUnited States
Spencer CoxLansingILUnited States
Henry W. CraferChicagoILUnited States
Jonah M. CraftonValparaisoINUnited States
Jennifer R. CragueScherervilleINUnited States
Jordan M. CraigPortageINUnited States
Erin E. CrawfordHammondINUnited States
Miranda CreedHammondINUnited States
Jacob M. CrepinsekNoblesvilleINUnited States
Abigail R. CribariCrown PointINUnited States
Amanda N. CrispenLafayetteINUnited States
Mason R. CristMerrillvilleINUnited States
Phalla CristanchoChicagoILUnited States
Thomas A. CrossLa PorteINUnited States
Hannah CrumpleyHammondINUnited States
Shyleena C. CruzHobartINUnited States
Bozana CucuzScherervilleINUnited States
Danka CucuzScherervilleINUnited States
Erick CuellarEast ChicagoINUnited States
Nolan E. CulpSaint JohnINUnited States
Maggie CurranLake in the HillsILUnited States
Charles Christien A. DacanayHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Concetta J. DalsantoDyerINUnited States
Karen DamSkokieILUnited States
Phea DamHarwood HeightsILUnited States
Jonathan DanielzadehElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Lucas E. D'AntonioOak ForestILUnited States
Jacquelyn M. DavidsonLansingILUnited States
Nathaniel D. DavilaSouth HollandILUnited States
Kevin M. DavisLockportILUnited States
Derrick M. DavisCrawfordsvilleINUnited States
Elijah D. DayneyInglesideILUnited States
Danielle E. De BoerSaint JohnINUnited States
Rafael A. De Jesus DiazHammondINUnited States
Yaneli M. De Jesus DiazHammondINUnited States
Doron J. De JongCrown PointINUnited States
Stephania P. De La FuentePortageINUnited States
Kimberly De SantiagoEast ChicagoINUnited States
Roxana DeacDes PlainesILUnited States
Amanda C. DeanerMichigan CityINUnited States
Jessica L. DeBoerDyerINUnited States
Savannah J. DeBoerLowellINUnited States
Rachel L. DeckGriffithINUnited States
Zachary J. DeckerRolling PrairieINUnited States
Kara A. DeGardKnoxINUnited States
Emma M. DeGrootSaint JohnINUnited States
Matthew J. DeGrootDemotteINUnited States
Max C. DeJorisDyerINUnited States
Armando Del RealCrown PointINUnited States
Jonathan Del RealMunsterINUnited States
Vanessa K. Del RealValparaisoINUnited States
Jordan N. DelaurentisCrown PointINUnited States
Brenda DelgadoMorrisILUnited States
Jakob DelichDyerINUnited States
Rosalinda M. DeLunaCrown PointINUnited States
Kelly M. DeMichaelValparaisoINUnited States
Daniela R. DemkoPortageINUnited States
Cassidy N. DerksSaint JohnINUnited States
Jordan F. DesiderioPark ForestILUnited States
Drew A. DeyoungMerrillvilleINUnited States
Alisha A. Di RuzzaIndianapolisINUnited States
Jennifer E. DicksDaytonOHUnited States
Mikaela DidierSaint CharlesILUnited States
Lucas-Mario J. DieguezHammondINUnited States
Teodor DimitrovChicagoILUnited States
Ryan J. DimosHammondINUnited States
Jonathan D. DingaCedar LakeINUnited States
Madison M. DingaMunsterINUnited States
McKenzie L. DingaDemotteINUnited States
Nicole M. DingessValparaisoINUnited States
Sheralyn S. DinoNilesILUnited States
Anna R. DittoValparaisoINUnited States
Mya L. DixonLynwoodILUnited States
Suzana DjordjevicSaint CharlesILUnited States
Elyssa P. DjordjevichCrown PointINUnited States
Paul DoanPlainfieldILUnited States
Mikayla M. DobeCedar LakeINUnited States
Brice R. DoescherScherervilleINUnited States
Violet L. DoffinCrown PointINUnited States
Steven B. DonovanMunsterINUnited States
Leron D. DossBurbankILUnited States
Abigail E. DossHammondINUnited States
Colton D. DoughertyScherervilleINUnited States
Narina DovlatyanSkokieILUnited States
Megan E. DrossCrown PointINUnited States
Monica DuarteLa PorteINUnited States
Elisha M. DudaCrown PointINUnited States
Karolina I. DudzinskiArlington HeightsILUnited States
Kayla DuesingCedar LakeINUnited States
Emily R. DuffyPlainfieldILUnited States
Jessica J. DuffyMarshallWIUnited States
Timothy E. DuganSaint JohnINUnited States
Makenzie E. DugganBolingbrookILUnited States
Noah T. DujmovichValparaisoINUnited States
Jacqueline H. DumbskyLowellINUnited States
Daniel R. DuncanCrown PointINUnited States
Thomas DuncanGriffithINUnited States
Aidan C. DunleavySaint PaulMNUnited States
Harlie N. DurhamHammondINUnited States
Kiersten A. DuzanValparaisoINUnited States
Michael D. DywanMunsterINUnited States
Yoana DzhugdanovaSchaumburgILUnited States
Courtney EatonNapervilleILUnited States
Iziegbe E. EboigbeHammondINUnited States
Austin C. EcholsChampaignILUnited States
Christopher EcholsScherervilleINUnited States
Ciarra M. EddingsHammondINUnited States
Michael A. EdingtonHammondINUnited States
Brittany Y. EdmondScherervilleINUnited States
Emily V. EdmondValparaisoINUnited States
Aniya L. EdwardsMerrillvilleINUnited States
Ryan M. EdwardsCrown PointINUnited States
Desirae M. EgebrechtMunsterINUnited States
Adolfo A. EgureDemotteINUnited States
Meghan A. EldridgeChestertonINUnited States
Hailee A. EllenwoodChestertonINUnited States
Amber L. EllisDemotteINUnited States
Zachary E. EmchSaint JohnINUnited States
Madison N. EmerickMichigan CityINUnited States
Jessica EmeryValparaisoINUnited States
Zachary E. EngMunsterINUnited States
Natasha E. EnglishScherervilleINUnited States
Colin A. EplerValparaisoINUnited States
Vanessa E. EppersonValparaisoINUnited States
Madison N. EricsonMichigan CityINUnited States
Jaden P. ErrachoCrown PointINUnited States
Elizabeth EscobedoWaukeganILUnited States
Hailey A. EscoeCrown PointINUnited States
Beverly A. EshelmanElkhartINUnited States
Madeline EstradaValparaisoINUnited States
Jennifer E. EvanichHobartINUnited States
Brittany N. EvanovichLake StationINUnited States
Cole M. EvansValparaisoINUnited States
Thomas W. EvansChestertonINUnited States
Hannah L. EvattPlainfieldILUnited States
Keondra L. ExfordGaryINUnited States
Shane ExnerCrown PointINUnited States
Steven K. FadkeLowellINUnited States
Anthony C. Fadke-GiblinLowellINUnited States
Yulong FanHammondINUnited States
Austin C. FantCedar LakeINUnited States
Ivana FarkicMokenaILUnited States
Angela FarkicGaryINUnited States
Will D. FeithenChestertonINUnited States
Jennifer L. FeldmanLibertyvilleILUnited States
Jessica FerrellValparaisoINUnited States
Rebecca S. FeuchtFostoriaOHUnited States
Nerissa C. FezlerCedar LakeINUnited States
Allie J. FiedlerClarendon HillsILUnited States
Christopher G. FieramoscaTinley ParkILUnited States
Anna V. FinnellMerrillWIUnited States
Michaela FischChampaignILUnited States
Tyler M. FiskeCrown PointINUnited States
Julia R. FitzwaterDavidsonvilleMDUnited States
Jasmin P. FlaminiaChicagoILUnited States
Sara E. FlanaganStreatorILUnited States
Brooke M. FlanaganNoblesvilleINUnited States
Julia A. FleszewskiCrown PointINUnited States
Rachel R. FleszewskiCedar LakeINUnited States
Charlotte E. FletcherNapervilleILUnited States
Sydney M. FlickChestertonINUnited States
Ashley FloresRomeovilleILUnited States
Angel C. FloresLowellINUnited States
Anna G. FloresPlainfieldINUnited States
Miguel A. Flores CepedaHammondINMexico
Matthew T. FloridaSaint JohnINUnited States
Dimirti D. FloutsisDyerINUnited States
Panayoti D. FloutsisDyerINUnited States
Anna A. FoglesongLa PorteINUnited States
Charles T. FonerBartlettILUnited States
Alexis FordHammondINUnited States
Noah P. FordWanatahINUnited States
Shannon N. ForeRochelleILUnited States
Jordan L. ForneyUnion MillsINUnited States
Erika D. FortesDowners GroveILUnited States
Jasmine T. FosterDoltonILUnited States
Comron K. FouladiCrown PointINUnited States
Christina FoyHebronINUnited States
Jennifer E. FrancisLowellINUnited States
Alina L. FrancoHammondINUnited States
Antonia M. FrechChestertonINUnited States
Heather FrederickWaukeshaWIUnited States
Lisa FriedoperNorthbrookILUnited States
Jacqueline FryeHighlandINUnited States
Rong FuHammondINChina
Meagan FuechtmannBartlettILUnited States
Bryce J. FulkersonHighlandINUnited States
Anthony R. FumagalliPlainfieldILUnited States
Jessica FurlanCrown PointINUnited States
Joshua R. FurtekSaint JohnINUnited States
Samantha M. GagliardiDyerINUnited States
Louis P. GagnerDyerINUnited States
Mitchell A. GajdaHomer GlenILUnited States
Aristotle J. GalanosHammondINUnited States
Anjel J. GalbraithVallejoCAUnited States
Victoria M. GallSaint JohnINUnited States
Jack R. GallagherBloomingtonINUnited States
Riley F. GallagherBloomingtonINUnited States
Kamren M. GallasCrown PointINUnited States
Kaila M. GallinaValparaisoINUnited States
Alexsander J. GalvanGaryINUnited States
Staci L. GamblinHammondINUnited States
Christian V. GaminoWhitingINUnited States
Elena GarabajiuLemontILUnited States
Amalin L. GarciaAuroraILUnited States
Sabrina GarciaMount ProspectILUnited States
Adriana C. GarciaHammondINUnited States
David GarciaCrown PointINUnited States
Larissa GarciaCrown PointINUnited States
Maxwell J. GarciaCrown PointINUnited States
Sabrina GarciaGriffithINUnited States
Kathy GardnerBlue IslandILUnited States
Brandon M. GarganoCrown PointINUnited States
Gerardo GaribayMunsterINUnited States
Collin A. GarmonMunsterINUnited States
Raul Garrido GarciaMerrillvilleINSpain
Megan M. GarrityFlossmoorILUnited States
Alex C. GasbarroNew LenoxILUnited States
Noah A. GattoLowellINUnited States
Joel M. GaudioHighlandINUnited States
Jocelyn G. GaultWest LafayetteINUnited States
Bryce R. GawronskiDemotteINUnited States
Collin M. GeeCrown PointINUnited States
Julius Henri B. GegantenioSkokieILUnited States
Madison A. GehringRensselaerINUnited States
Kayla D. GentryCalumet CityILUnited States
Marisa M. GentryPortageINUnited States
Ariana E. GerdtValparaisoINUnited States
Elias C. GerodemosCrown PointINUnited States
Violet GerodemosScherervilleINUnited States
Rhiannon A. GibsonDowners GroveILUnited States
Jessie M. GideonValparaisoINUnited States
Caitlyn R. GilbertMunsterINUnited States
Erica N. GillespieHighlandINUnited States
Kaitlin M. GilmanWest ChicagoILUnited States
Joan Giner RodriguezHammondINSpain
John S. GleasonGrant ParkILUnited States
Dana M. GnoskePalatineILUnited States
Joshua M. GoffRochelleILUnited States
Jenny K. GogalScherervilleINUnited States
Richard E. GogginSaint JohnINUnited States
Zachary E. GolabPortageINUnited States
Angela L. GolubHighlandINUnited States
Samuel GomezPhoenixILUnited States
Ashley M. GomezHighlandINUnited States
Miriam GomezCrown PointINUnited States
Abigail Gomez AvilaSouth BendINUnited States
Angela K. GonzalezSouth HollandILUnited States
Fabian GonzalezCalumet CityILUnited States
Jazmin GonzalezChicagoILUnited States
Tiffany GonzalezElginILUnited States
Jeremy R. GonzalezEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jesus GonzalezHammondINUnited States
Paul E. GonzalezPortageINUnited States
Ruben GonzalezHammondINUnited States
Rosa Gonzalez-RobledoHillsideILUnited States
Calvin GoodValparaisoINUnited States
Brian GoodmanDyerINUnited States
Kendra S. GoodwinWanatahINUnited States
Kiersten E. GoraSaint JohnINUnited States
George GorgievskiCrown PointINUnited States
Eric M. GorskiCrown PointINUnited States
Jessica R. GorskiCrown PointINUnited States
Marisa A. GorskiScherervilleINUnited States
Neol S. GoveasClovisCAUnited States
Isabella N. GozoCrown PointINUnited States
Abigail E. GraczykNew LenoxILUnited States
Matthew A. GrafenauerLansingILUnited States
Megan K. GranadosHighlandINUnited States
Elizabeth A. GrandeSchaumburgILUnited States
Asia J. GrayMerrillvilleINUnited States
Kylei J. GrayValparaisoINUnited States
Emma N. GreenScherervilleINUnited States
Kayla A. GreenEast ChicagoINUnited States
Brandon J. GregozeskiPort WashingtonWIUnited States
Jessica N. GriffinTrail CreekINUnited States
Elizabeth F. GriffithKnoxINUnited States
Madelynn N. GriggsLowellINUnited States
Jason GrischkatHinsdaleILUnited States
Angela M. GrisolanoValparaisoINUnited States
Tammy GroshekAmherstWIUnited States
Hannah Y. GrossScherervilleINUnited States
Jazmin A. GrundLowellINUnited States
Maria R. GuardiolaMerrillvilleINUnited States
Anne Charmine L. GuerreroRiver GroveILUnited States
Sarah GuerreroStreamwoodILUnited States
Jacob A. GuglielmoDyerINUnited States
Amanda V. GuizarDyerINUnited States
Leah M. GurrolaLa PorteINUnited States
Jack I. GutierrezHammondINUnited States
Romulo J. GutierrezHammondINUnited States
Thao HaChicagoILUnited States
Luke J. HaanMunsterINUnited States
Margret C. HaasWheelingILUnited States
Lawrence E. HackerHighlandINUnited States
Brandon T. HaczynskiCrown PointINUnited States
Sabrina V. HaddadScherervilleINUnited States
Tyler V. HaddadScherervilleINUnited States
Kathryn M. HajdukValparaisoINUnited States
Joshua G. HallHammondINCanada
Kelly HallLockportILUnited States
Donald HallEast ChicagoINUnited States
Layla HamadBerwynILUnited States
Laquon T. HamiltonGriffithINUnited States
Nicholas J. HammondLansingILUnited States
Cathryn E. HamptonArgosINUnited States
Julianna B. HamstraWheatfieldINUnited States
Benjamin H. HandMunsterINUnited States
Octavia A. HandabutChicagoILUnited States
Brylle Keane H. HandangOrland ParkILUnited States
Mallory J. HanewichRensselaerINUnited States
Kaitlin R. HanlonCrown PointINUnited States
Juli HannaChestertonINUnited States
Sydney G. HansonAlmaMIUnited States
Lilybeth HaqueItascaILUnited States
Mohammed HaraColumbusOHUnited States
Gabrielle F. HarbrechtHebronINUnited States
Aaron M. HardisonValparaisoINUnited States
Colleen M. HarleyGrangerINUnited States
Julisa D. HaroMichigan CityINUnited States
Destinee HarrellChestertonINUnited States
Jenna A. HarrellDemotteINUnited States
Gabrielle HarrisonSouth HollandILUnited States
Krista L. HartSleepy HollowILUnited States
Gregory HarvatSheboyganWIUnited States
Auqib HassanScherervilleINUnited States
Karly A. HatchettKoutsINUnited States
Isabella G. HathawayCedar LakeINUnited States
Jaylene R. HauglandCrown PointINUnited States
Esaleigh HauptliWestvilleINUnited States
Klara J. HausenfleckRensselaerINUnited States
Emily E. HawkinsWestvilleINUnited States
Adam E. HaymanLa PorteINUnited States
Ryan P. HeatherlyHobartINUnited States
Leonie HeckHammondINGermany
Raylene HedrickGaryINUnited States
Brinley G. HeftyBelvidereILUnited States
Justine A. HeggemCaryILUnited States
Alyssa M. HeiderTonicaILUnited States
Zachary R. HeldMunsterINUnited States
Blake A. HeltonPortageINUnited States
Lesa HendelJolietILUnited States
Brianna J. HendersonChicagoILUnited States
Aaron T. HensleyCrown PointINUnited States
Dylan T. HensonLowellINUnited States
Jessica HensonCrown PointINUnited States
Craig O. HermanMinneapolisMNUnited States
Nydia HernandezChicagoILUnited States
Sara Y. HernandezBartlettILUnited States
Alex L. HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Alexander HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Alexis A. HernandezCrown PointINUnited States
Destiny M. HernandezMerrillvilleINUnited States
Nataly HernandezSaint JohnINUnited States
Victor M. HernandezHammondINUnited States
Jesus E. HerreraMontgomeryILUnited States
Luis A. HerreraLansingILUnited States
Suzana HerreraHammondINUnited States
Lee M. HerschbergerGrangerINUnited States
Noah R. HertleinWheatonILUnited States
Kylyn M. HicksChannahonILUnited States
Maria M. HigerColfaxINUnited States
Blake E. HightshoeValparaisoINUnited States
David A. HigleyDyerINUnited States
Emily A. HigleyDyerINUnited States
Raymond N. HilbrichScherervilleINUnited States
Nancy L. HilgerOswegoILUnited States
Alyssa M. HilkerWaupacaWIUnited States
Gabriella D. HillHammondINUnited States
Kendyl B. HillCrown PointINUnited States
Kristie L. HillPortageINUnited States
Rachel A. HillLa PorteINUnited States
Seth A. HillLa PorteINUnited States
Alina D. HillegondsMunsterINUnited States
Meaghan E. HillierHighlandINUnited States
Kimberly S. HobbsWestportINUnited States
Cooper R. HochstedlerWinamacINUnited States
Theresa G. HockWheatonILUnited States
Claudia HodgeWaucondaILUnited States
Ashley N. HollenbeckOttawaILUnited States
Hayden J. HomokyHobartINUnited States
Anna L. HooksLake VillageINUnited States
Harrison S. HooperHammondINAustralia
Regan C. HooperManhattanILUnited States
Brett L. HooverHannaINUnited States
Kyle HorlacherPeotoneILUnited States
Devin HornerValparaisoINUnited States
Brianna N. HorsleyLowellINUnited States
Skyler D. HosfeldCrown PointINUnited States
Joshua E. HowardValparaisoINUnited States
Timothy J. HowardSouth BendINUnited States
Noelani R. HowlandHobartINUnited States
Katelyn R. HudsonLa PorteINUnited States
Brooke N. HughesLowellINUnited States
Kathryn G. HullChestertonINUnited States
Meghan N. HullChestertonINUnited States
Alan F. HunterHammondINUnited States
Daizha M. HunterHammondINUnited States
Jonah G. HuppenthalPeruINUnited States
Danny HurtadoGaryINUnited States
Elizabeth S. HustonYaleMIUnited States
Joseph M. IgnatukSaint JohnINUnited States
Geon Hyuk ImHammondINSouth Korea
Ethan W. ImlachMokenaILUnited States
Anthony J. IrvinChandlerAZUnited States
Trevor IsaacsHobartINUnited States
Farah A. IssaDyerINUnited States
Ziyad A. IssaGriffithINUnited States
Biljana IvanezaChicagoILUnited States
Marija IvicScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew B. IwinskiLowellINUnited States
Kennedy A. JacksonLawndaleCAUnited States
Davina JacksonPortageINUnited States
Thomas K. JacksonChestertonINUnited States
Katie T. JacobsonAntiochILUnited States
Edinenidoabasi O. JamesHammondINNigeria
Hannah E. JamesTerre HauteINUnited States
Chad C. JamrockDyerINUnited States
James M. JamrozHighlandINUnited States
Shae N. JanduraLynwoodILUnited States
Nicholas R. JanichDyerINUnited States
Hailey M. JanssenMomenceILUnited States
Samantha A. JanuszDyerINUnited States
Samantha A. JanuszHighlandINUnited States
Anna K. JaramilloHammondINUnited States
Sydney E. JasinskiMunsterINUnited States
Edward J. JelinekHobartINUnited States
Danielle L. JensenCedar LakeINUnited States
Rachel JensenSaint JohnINUnited States
Michael E. JerdeLa PorteINUnited States
Sara T. JerdeLa PorteINUnited States
Lanette M. JerousekMidlothianILUnited States
Jazmin JimenezBolingbrookILUnited States
Tanya S. JimenezWhitingINUnited States
Kaley N. Jimenez-AponteCrown PointINUnited States
Abigail JohansenValparaisoINUnited States
Simone D. JohnsonChicago HeightsILUnited States
Alyssa K. JohnsonHighlandINUnited States
Kyle E. JohnsonPortageINUnited States
Michael D. JohnsonPlymouthINUnited States
Rachel K. JohnsonSaint JohnINUnited States
Yasmeen H. Jojo-CunninghamMishawakaINUnited States
Kiearra L. JonesLynwoodILUnited States
Serene T. JonesCrest HillILUnited States
Anna M. JonesValparaisoINUnited States
Curtis M. JonesValparaisoINUnited States
Dallas K. JonesHammondINUnited States
Melissa A. JonesHobartINUnited States
Adam M. JongkindLa PorteINUnited States
Laura L. JosephPortageINUnited States
Tairu JozaitisLa PorteINChina
Joel JuarezHighlandINUnited States
Conner R. JudgeTrail CreekINUnited States
Alexandra V. JurczakMount ProspectILUnited States
George F. KacengaSaint JohnINUnited States
Leon T. KahHammondINGermany
Joanna M. KaletaItascaILUnited States
Zachary A. KaminskyCrown PointINUnited States
Stephen KampsSouth HollandILUnited States
Laura KanisDowners GroveILUnited States
Leslie KaniukValparaisoINUnited States
Alexander M. KapoteChestertonINUnited States
Christopher J. KarakozisCrown PointINUnited States
Luke V. KarasHammondINUnited States
Nathan P. KarnezisMunsterINUnited States
Arika D. KasperLa PorteINUnited States
Gretchen P. KasperHobartINUnited States
Ankurpreet KaurPortageINUnited States
Laura J. KavitzHammondWIUnited States
Jennifer L. KawaMichigan CityINUnited States
Ali R. KazmiPlainfieldILUnited States
Kathryn C. KeenMichigan CityINUnited States
Livia K. KegleyValparaisoINUnited States
Frank H. KellerCrown PointINUnited States
Peyton A. KellingerMinookaILUnited States
Kyle KellyScherervilleINUnited States
Nicole M. KellyCrown PointINUnited States
Joseph D. KerberHighlandINUnited States
Breanna E. KerleyCedar LakeINUnited States
Emma R. KharchafLowellINUnited States
Sarah KiesDekalbILUnited States
Finn J. KigerCrown PointINUnited States
Larissa N. KilePlanoILUnited States
HeeJung KimLos AngelesCAUnited States
Destiny K. KinnardHammondINUnited States
Luca J. KirchhoffHammondINUnited States
Ernestas KiseliovasArlington HeightsILUnited States
Benjamin KluckRosholtWIUnited States
Tyler D. KlukkenCrown PointINUnited States
Danielle E. KmiecLa PorteINUnited States
Jennie KnezevicCedar LakeINUnited States
Bradley R. KnightHammondINUnited States
Erica M. KnoxCrown PointINUnited States
Kristine I. KochValparaisoINUnited States
Isabel R. KochanekLa GrangeILUnited States
Joyce A. KoenigWoodridgeILUnited States
Sarah T. KoenigGardnerILUnited States
Kelly N. KoesterCrown PointINUnited States
Courtney A. KohlmanScherervilleINUnited States
Marko KolundzijaScherervilleINUnited States
Rosemary L. KongHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Kaitlyn B. KontorHammondINUnited States
Megan J. KorousWhitestownINUnited States
Jacob L. KoselkeWanatahINUnited States
Raymond D. KosinskiDyerINUnited States
Matthew J. KosloskiBeecherILUnited States
Yianna M. KourosScherervilleINUnited States
Christina M. KovachItascaILUnited States
Valerie N. KozlowskiCedar LakeINUnited States
Kinsey N. KrachinskiMichigan CityINUnited States
Rebecca L. KrahnScherervilleINUnited States
Hannah M. KrausElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Erik M. KrauseMomenceILUnited States
Terra KreisCrown PointINUnited States
Nicholas D. KritikosCrown PointINUnited States
Taylor J. KroonScherervilleINUnited States
Natasha L. KrskaSaint JohnINUnited States
Daniel C. KrzeminskiCrown PointINUnited States
Gintare KucinskeOrland ParkILUnited States
Holly A. KueblerKoutsINUnited States
Lauren KuetemanEarlvilleILUnited States
Grace E. KuhnHighlandINUnited States
Rylee R. KuikenCedar LakeINUnited States
Kandice A. KuypersValparaisoINUnited States
Nikoletta S. KyriakakisMunsterINUnited States
Chhoung LaMortonILUnited States
Cameron N. La BelleCrown PointINUnited States
Anthony J. LaasLake StationINUnited States
Lisa L. LaBereMichigan CityINUnited States
David I. LadicScherervilleINUnited States
Danielle R. LagrecoScherervilleINUnited States
Csarene Gyan A. LaguardiaSkokieILUnited States
Keri B. LambCatlinILUnited States
Jennifer M. LamekaCedar LakeINUnited States
Jonathan E. LameterLa GrangeILUnited States
Catina R. LaMotteGarrettINUnited States
Carlie K. LancasterValparaisoINUnited States
Sebastian Landa-MirandaIndianapolisINUnited States
Nicholas R. LaneValparaisoINUnited States
Madeline C. LanglotzSchaumburgILUnited States
Hailee J. LarabeePortageMIUnited States
Anthony L. LatronicaFrankfortILUnited States
Nicole M. LaubscherEvansvilleINUnited States
Tyler M. LavinScherervilleINUnited States
Carolyn M. LawrenceChicagoILUnited States
Corrine E. LawrenceLa PorteINUnited States
Kaitlin I. LazaroffTinley ParkILUnited States
Jelena LazicAuroraILUnited States
Amber N. LeeKankakeeILUnited States
Jennifer LeeWilmetteILUnited States
Min Young LeeNapervilleILUnited States
Amanda LeeverBartlettILUnited States
Rayann Paul V. LegaspiLake In The HillsILUnited States
Tzolkin LehmanWest DundeeILUnited States
Amir P. LehoLowellINUnited States
Amanda R. LemonLa PorteINUnited States
Anna E. LentingSaint JohnINUnited States
Karen E. LentingCrown PointINUnited States
Aranza S. LeonWalkertonINUnited States
Nicole E. LeonardHobartINUnited States
Kirsten N. LeousesChestertonINUnited States
Ivanna LepakWestchesterILUnited States
Michaela LepperValparaisoINUnited States
Olivia M. LermaHighlandINUnited States
Madelynn L. LessardChestertonINUnited States
Kailey E. LessentineSaint JohnINUnited States
Lesly A. LettieriHuntleyILUnited States
Kyle R. LeVanDyerINUnited States
Lawautha LewisCalumet CityILUnited States
Erin R. LewisMerrillvilleINUnited States
Jala L. LewisHammondINUnited States
Nathan K. LewisValparaisoINUnited States
Nicolette M. LewisCrown PointINUnited States
Yan LiDyerINUnited States
Jennifer LibersDeforestWIUnited States
Kenya LileWhitingINUnited States
Jiayi LinMichigan CityINChina
Cindy LinDyerINUnited States
Joshua A. LindemanCrown PointINUnited States
Faith F. LindenValparaisoINUnited States
Leonard M. LinnMunsterINUnited States
Tiara M. LockwoodHighlandINUnited States
Devon M. LohmanPortageINUnited States
Austin A. LomaxGriffithINUnited States
David R. LongHighlandINUnited States
Emily LongMunsterINUnited States
Nicole J. LongdonArlington HeightsILUnited States
Alejandro G. LopezHammondINUnited States
Claudia M. LopezMunsterINUnited States
Elizabeth LopezWhitingINUnited States
Emelia I. LopezScherervilleINUnited States
Emilio R. LopezPortageINUnited States
Luis A. LopezHammondINUnited States
Adam LorenzLansingILUnited States
Anca LoucksLa PorteINUnited States
Teliya J. LoudenberGriffithINUnited States
Weston LounsburyHighlandINUnited States
Elizabeth LoveWaukeganILUnited States
Caitlyn LoveSchofieldWIUnited States
Ashley A. LovinsHuntleyILUnited States
Sarah L. LoweSomersetWIUnited States
Kyle L. LoweryChestertonINUnited States
Jacob P. LublowCedar LakeINUnited States
Alena M. LudwigDyerINUnited States
Noel F. LulsdorfScherervilleINUnited States
Joe LumpkinHobartINUnited States
Angela P. LunaHammondINUnited States
Jose LunaRichmondTXUnited States
Kynsey E. LylesLa PorteINUnited States
Corinne E. LynemaHollandMIUnited States
Elisabeth M. LynnValparaisoINUnited States
Autumn R. MacCartneyHammondINUnited States
Megan R. MaceCedar LakeINUnited States
Katrina J. MachtemesMichigan CityINUnited States
Deanna M. MacMillanHamletINUnited States
Mackenzie A. MacRobertsScherervilleINUnited States
Anahi MagallanesCalumet CityILUnited States
Valeria MaganaMunsterINUnited States
Kara M. MaggioChestertonINUnited States
Autumn M. MaidenScherervilleINUnited States
Jada M. MajorPortageINUnited States
Madison A. MajorValparaisoINUnited States
Jonas D. MalabungaSkokieILUnited States
Alyssa A. MaldonadoCrown PointINUnited States
Litzi V. MaldonadoHammondINUnited States
Daina M. MaleiskaLemontILUnited States
Hannah R. MalekowLemontILUnited States
Nicole MalinowskiHighlandINUnited States
Toi K. MaloneHobartINUnited States
Marissa J. MalottCrown PointINUnited States
Reetam K. ManderScherervilleINUnited States
Rocio I. MandliKronenwetterWIUnited States
Angela D. ManesFort WayneINUnited States
Brooke A. ManhattonCrown PointINUnited States
Kristin D. MannChestertonINUnited States
Christopher E. ManningMerrillvilleINUnited States
Ilija D. ManojlovicMunsterINUnited States
Julia MansourMunsterINUnited States
Theodore N. MantisCrown PointINUnited States
Alexander B. MantoanDyerINUnited States
Olivia N. MarantoChestertonINUnited States
Carlos J. MarcanoChicagoILUnited States
Robert S. MarcianoSaint JohnINUnited States
Nathan E. MarciniecCrown PointINUnited States
Craig MarcumLa PorteINUnited States
Allyssa MarinoDyerINUnited States
Tricia MarlowMunsterINUnited States
Kaylee J. MarovichSaint JohnINUnited States
Martin A. MarquezCrown PointINUnited States
Mallory L. MarquissLa PorteINUnited States
Lauren A. MarrieCrown PointINUnited States
Justin R. MartinMichigan CityINUnited States
Kyle A. MartinCrown PointINUnited States
Lindsey B. MartinMunsterINUnited States
Ruby L. MartinMichigan CityINUnited States
Taylor M. MartinFort WayneINUnited States
Aileen J. MartinezMunsterINUnited States
Eileen A. MartinezWhitingINUnited States
Jennifer MartinezHammondINUnited States
Oscar A. MartinezHammondINUnited States
Silvia J. MartinezMunsterINUnited States
Victor J. MartinezWhitingINUnited States
Rachel A. MartiradonnaValparaisoINUnited States
Faith N. MarvelWanatahINUnited States
Lucyna B. MastejChicagoILUnited States
Rogelio MataHammondINUnited States
Morgan M. MathewsScherervilleINUnited States
Alexis A. MathiasDuluthMNUnited States
Carissa M. MatovinaLowellINUnited States
Steven A. MaturaWhitingINUnited States
Hannah J. MaurelloMunsterINUnited States
Lucas D. MaurerCedar LakeINUnited States
Abbie J. MayLa SalleILUnited States
Ashley D. MayZionsvilleINUnited States
Katherine McardleWaucondaILUnited States
Micaela McCarthyHighlandINUnited States
Mackenzie K. McCarty-HubbardPortageINUnited States
William W. McClellandCedar LakeINUnited States
Rachel C. McCombGaryINUnited States
Maxwell J. McCorkelLa PorteINUnited States
Ryan N. McCormackValparaisoINUnited States
Marcel E. McCormickPortageINUnited States
Gavin T. McCoyCrown PointINUnited States
Dalin L. MccullyMichigan CityINUnited States
Danielle F. McDermottLa PorteINUnited States
Daniel A. McEvillyAlsipILUnited States
Taylor M. McGrathStegerILUnited States
Morgan C. McHughHammondINUnited States
Jennifer A. McIlrathHoffman EstatesILUnited States
Brenna A. McKayMedaryvilleINUnited States
Morgan L. McKinneyCedar LakeINUnited States
Travis A. McKinneyLa PorteINUnited States
Jessica McLeanWheatfieldINUnited States
Benjamin N. McMahonCarol StreamILUnited States
Aimee R. McMillinLafayetteINUnited States
Tavion D. McNeilLansingILUnited States
Lauren McNellisJolietILUnited States
Joshua J. McPhersonMoneeILUnited States
Jeri Nichole McVeyGenevaILUnited States
Brianna N. MeadeValparaisoINUnited States
Micah J. MedemaSaint JohnINUnited States
Liliana MedinaChicagoILUnited States
Winoska MedinaEast ChicagoINUnited States
Shayla J. MedowsBolingbrookILUnited States
Marcela A. MejiaHammondINUnited States
Ashley G. MelcherValparaisoINUnited States
Brianna C. MeloyLansingILUnited States
Jennifer L. MeltonValparaisoINUnited States
Sarah M. MeltonPortageINUnited States
Jennifer N. MenatosCrown PointINUnited States
J Felix MendozaHammondINUnited States
Jasmine S. MendozaHammondINUnited States
Jessica MendozaGriffithINUnited States
Julio C. MendozaHammondINUnited States
Natalia A. MendozaScherervilleINUnited States
Dianzhi MengHammondINChina
Lizette MerazChicagoILUnited States
Imanol MercadoBlue IslandILUnited States
Dawn M. MerrillDanvilleILUnited States
Ben L. MeterDyerINUnited States
Mya R. MethnerMichigan CityINUnited States
Melanie J. MeyerGriffithINUnited States
Mark W. MichaelHighlandINUnited States
James MichaelsUnion MillsINUnited States
Emma S. MiedemaLansingILUnited States
Grace M. MiedemaHighlandINUnited States
Andrijana MihajlovicCedar LakeINUnited States
Sydney E. MikicichCedar LakeINUnited States
Malgorzata MikolonElmwood ParkILUnited States
Milana MilankovicDyerINUnited States
Aryanna M. MillerMichigan CityINUnited States
Meghan R. MillerLa PorteINUnited States
Tiffany M. MillerValparaisoINUnited States
Tyler P. MillerRolling PrairieINUnited States
Andrew MiloshoffCrown PointINUnited States
Benjamin I. MiloshoffCrown PointINUnited States
Brenton L. MinichSaint JohnINUnited States
Katherine A. MinierChestertonINUnited States
Jayden N. MinixNorth JudsonINUnited States
Kennedy MinixKnoxINUnited States
Porter J. MinixPlymouthINUnited States
Nicole A. MinkHammondINUnited States
Ana MiroskiChestertonINUnited States
Amy R. MisiunasDyerINUnited States
Lucas P. MiskaCarol StreamILUnited States
Arnas MiskinisOrland ParkILUnited States
Vincent C. MiszkiewiczSouth ElginILUnited States
Daniel J. MitchellGriffithINUnited States
Kayli MitchellValparaisoINUnited States
Arnulfo MogatoScherervilleINUnited States
Abdel W. MohammedPalos HillsILUnited States
Denise MolHighlandINUnited States
Evan M. MomcilovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Samuel J. MomcilovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Petrina R. MonroeCrown PointINUnited States
James D. MontgomeryMerrillvilleINUnited States
Cheyanne R. MontozziHebronINUnited States
Yeonjung MoonDeerfieldILUnited States
Aira M. MooreHammondINUnited States
Caleb J. MooreSaint JohnINUnited States
Jason M. MooreLake VillageINUnited States
Kylie C. MooreWestvilleINUnited States
Mathew D. MooreDyerINUnited States
Derek MooreDelphosOHUnited States
Cindy S. MoraEast ChicagoINUnited States
Damien R. MoralesCrown PointINUnited States
Mary A. MoralesPortageINUnited States
Aiden J. MoranChestertonINUnited States
Rudolf MoravecValparaisoINUnited States
Jack K. MorawskiTinley ParkILUnited States
Benjamin R. MoredichDyerINUnited States
Noemi MorenoChicagoILUnited States
Emmanuel MorenoHammondINUnited States
Esperanza A. MorenoHammondINUnited States
Keith R. MorenoHebronINUnited States
Michelle MorfinWhitingINUnited States
Brandon D. MorfordScherervilleINUnited States
Cailie B. MorganMomenceILUnited States
Patricia A. MorganEvergreen ParkILUnited States
Julia A. MorozHammondINUnited States
Stacy R. MorphisStegerILUnited States
Andrew C. MorrisValparaisoINUnited States
Rachel J. MorrisValparaisoINUnited States
William M. MorrisDyerINUnited States
Jacob P. MorrisonLa PorteINUnited States
Paisleigh M. MossmanHobartINUnited States
Chloe I. MountsChestertonINUnited States
Jennifer D. MowryLa PorteINUnited States
Hector H. MoyaValparaisoINUnited States
Sarah E. MoyerCrown PointINUnited States
Jessica L. MullinPlainfieldILUnited States
Megan E. MullnerBeecherILUnited States
Christopher MundellDyerINUnited States
Kaley M. MunguiaWestvilleINUnited States
Munkhdul MunkhbaatarCedar LakeINUnited States
Alexis M. MunozDyerINUnited States
Sarah A. MunsieHighlandINUnited States
Madison N. MurphyPlainfieldILUnited States
Toni MurphyMichigan CityINUnited States
Amber R. MurraySaint JohnINUnited States
Kaitlyn F. MurrellValparaisoINUnited States
Breanna C. MurwinEdgertonWIUnited States
Jayla N. MuseHomewoodILUnited States
Samantha J. MusgraveLa PorteINUnited States
Kathleen Y. MusticKoutsINUnited States
Tiffany R. MutzEvanstonILUnited States
Nikola MuvceskiCrown PointINUnited States
Analia C. MyersEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jack A. MyersSaint JohnINUnited States
Matthew M. NahnsenMunsterINUnited States
Micah H. NajachtHighlandINUnited States
Jasmin A. NajeraMichigan CityINUnited States
Alicia C. NapulesCrown PointINUnited States
Anastasija NaumoskiCrown PointINUnited States
Allison NavedaLisleILUnited States
Jessica A. NawrockiHammondINUnited States
Desislava D. NedelchevaAlgonquinILUnited States
Amanda M. NeffScherervilleINUnited States
Abigail R. NegriCrown PointINUnited States
Kiara N. NegronChicagoILUnited States
Danielle NennigKaukaunaWIUnited States
Nicholas M. NewtonManhattanILUnited States
Anh D. NguyenGlendale HeightsILUnited States
Cyle J. NichollsGriffithINUnited States
Bailie C. NielsenLa PorteINUnited States
Jacob A. NietfeldtPeotoneILUnited States
Amy NievesChestertonINUnited States
Austen D. NigroBeecherILUnited States
Jordan J. NikkelHammondINUnited States
Skyla A. NikollajHobartINUnited States
Tyler S. NimonHebronINUnited States
Zachary NippertCrown PointINUnited States
Sabina S. NoelHebronINUnited States
Natalie N. NondorfPortageINUnited States
Alexyss NorbyKnoxINUnited States
Katelyn M. NordmeyerStreamwoodILUnited States
Faith E. NoremKnoxINUnited States
Ian C. NorrisValparaisoINUnited States
Jordyn D. NorrisHebronINUnited States
Amy L. NorwichFrankfortILUnited States
Jacob L. NovakHobartINUnited States
Nelson E. NovalesHammondINUnited States
Nwamaka A. NwannunuSaint JohnINUnited States
Daniel A. NykielScherervilleINUnited States
Priscilla Obeng MensahHammondINUnited States
Jeremy O'BrienCrown PointINUnited States
Chantil D. OchoaChicagoILUnited States
Nheydi OchoaBerwynILUnited States
Ryan M. O'ConnorDyerINUnited States
Natasha K. OehlerkingMontgomeryILUnited States
Alexander J. OehrleinVernon HillsILUnited States
Seongeun OhChicagoILSouth Korea
Alyssa OkeleyKnoxINUnited States
Heather N. O'KellyValparaisoINUnited States
Jessica L. O'KellyValparaisoINUnited States
Julie E. OlnasLake BluffILUnited States
Brendan N. OlsonMunsterINUnited States
Henry T. OlsonValparaisoINUnited States
Ifeoma L. OnwumeluDoltonILUnited States
Samuel D. OphoffCedar LakeINUnited States
Reily C. OpilkaCrown PointINUnited States
Ethan J. O'RileyHammondINUnited States
Alondra OrnelasWhitingINUnited States
Jessica L. OrrScherervilleINUnited States
Orlando E. OrtegaValparaisoINUnited States
Kristin D. OrtizJolietILUnited States
Ashley E. OrtizSaint JohnINUnited States
Caroline OrzelHighlandINUnited States
Teressa L. O'SheaValparaisoINUnited States
Amanda J. OsterlundArlington HeightsILUnited States
Mykelle M. OtanoCrown PointINUnited States
Halie M. OttWheatfieldINUnited States
Julia L. OwensHammondINUnited States
Quinsean X. OwensValparaisoINUnited States
Nicholas A. PackwoodCrown PointINUnited States
Hannia T. PadillaEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jessica L. PadillaSouth BendINUnited States
Hannah M. PaigeGreenfieldINUnited States
Sarah PainterLa PorteINUnited States
Tadas PalinauskasValparaisoINUnited States
Katie PalmerScherervilleINUnited States
Santiago PalmerinHammondINUnited States
Gianna R. PalumboLockportILUnited States
Melika PanahiSaint CharlesILUnited States
Vanessa PantojaHammondINUnited States
Breanna M. PardusHobartINUnited States
Stephanie P. ParishMichigan CityINUnited States
Kelsey M. ParkerCrown PointINUnited States
Jessica J. ParlockLake StationINUnited States
Stephanie L. PaschkeRound Lake BeachILUnited States
Krupa PatelDyerINIndia
Yash G. PatelOak ForestILIndia
Meghana D. PatelLombardILUnited States
Tajal PatelNapervilleILUnited States
Akash PatelScherervilleINUnited States
Aneri V. PatelMunsterINUnited States
Arti H. PatelChestertonINUnited States
Kashyap PatelDyerINUnited States
Umang K. PatelMerrillvilleINUnited States
Shauna PatesMunsterINUnited States
Dawn M. PatriziAlsipILUnited States
Jasmyn N. PattersonRoscoeILUnited States
Timothy PaulChestertonINUnited States
Laura PaulsonSchaumburgILUnited States
Andrew R. PavichDyerINUnited States
Jennifer A. PavlinacLowellINUnited States
Jered PawlakCrown PointINUnited States
Halen PazMunsterINUnited States
Miles Paz de LeonHammondINUnited States
Jessica L. PazikMunsterINUnited States
Kendyl PearsonCrawfordsvilleINUnited States
Andrea M. PeckChestertonINUnited States
Jacob F. PehlkeTinley ParkILUnited States
Samuel D. PellarValparaisoINUnited States
Christian PenaEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jeffrey M. PenaHighlandINUnited States
Jenna R. PennyGenoaILUnited States
Rylee N. PenziolLa PorteINUnited States
Caleb G. PerezChicago HeightsILUnited States
Eileen K. PerezAuroraILUnited States
Paula PerezBuffalo GroveILUnited States
Sofia PerezCedar LakeINUnited States
Tracy L. PerezchicaMunsterINUnited States
Edgar Perez-FloresChicago HeightsILUnited States
Miranda N. PerriSycamoreILUnited States
Kortney L. PersuhnValparaisoINUnited States
David M. PetersHighlandINUnited States
Lita PetersChestertonINUnited States
Luke E. PetersHighlandINUnited States
Ashley N. PetersonHighlandINUnited States
Joseph M. PetrucciBeecherILUnited States
Andrew C. PetscheOswegoILUnited States
Julianna P. PhelpsWheatfieldINUnited States
Kara M. PhilipLockportILUnited States
Logan J. PhillipsChandlerAZUnited States
Diontae PhillipsHighlandINUnited States
John M. PhillipsEllettsvilleINUnited States
Joshua R. PhillipsValparaisoINUnited States
Gabrielle S. PiaskyGaryINUnited States
Andrew PierceValparaisoINUnited States
Kevin D. PietruchaMonticelloINUnited States
Patrick A. PietrylaIndian Head ParkILUnited States
Andrew PilotHomer GlenILUnited States
Adriana PinaChicagoILUnited States
Karina PinaChicagoILUnited States
McKenna E. PinskeBeecherILUnited States
Hunter R. PiochChestertonINUnited States
Caleb C. PisowiczScherervilleINUnited States
Andrew L. PitmonValparaisoINUnited States
Searra PittsChestertonINUnited States
Zakery PizerHighlandINUnited States
Mateusz A. PlachtaSchiller ParkILUnited States
Alexandra PlataHammondINUnited States
Fernando A. PlataHammondINUnited States
Michael A. PlautDyerINUnited States
Viviana G. PlazaPortageINUnited States
Krystyna R. PlebanskiHighlandINUnited States
Ryan A. PleckhamValparaisoINUnited States
Robert L. PloenseCrown PointINUnited States
Savannah I. PoehlerSalemWIUnited States
Monica PolakowVernon HillsILUnited States
Lindsey E. PolitoScherervilleINUnited States
Patrycja PolkowskaDes PlainesILUnited States
Tyler PomeroyScherervilleINUnited States
Emily A. PoortengaLansingILUnited States
Joshua W. PoortingaDemotteINUnited States
Trevor M. PoortingaCrown PointINUnited States
Natalie PorodBolingbrookILUnited States
Karla M. PorrataSauk VillageILUnited States
Anthony M. PowellValparaisoINUnited States
Olivia R. PowellLa PorteINUnited States
Jentre A. PowellHoltMIUnited States
Danielle PrchalArlington HeightsILUnited States
Jacob A. PriceHammondINUnited States
Brittany N. PrivettChestertonINUnited States
Mitchell J. ProrwiczChestertonINUnited States
Adam J. PruettScherervilleINUnited States
Dallas PruettBloomingtonINUnited States
Elizabeth C. PucherMunsterINUnited States
Lauren C. PurzeChestertonINUnited States
Alejandra N. QuezadaHammondINUnited States
Alexander C. QuiltyMidlothianILUnited States
Dillon A. QuinonesPortageINUnited States
Madison T. QuinonesPortageINUnited States
Vivianna A. QuirogaCalumet CityILUnited States
Marissa F. RaabMantenoILUnited States
Kimberly M. RacineRomeovilleILUnited States
Filip RadojcicCrown PointINUnited States
Lordes B. RaguindinScherervilleINUnited States
Shivansh Singh S. RajputHammondINIndia
Kelsey L. RakersValparaisoINUnited States
Aaron L. RamirezEast ChicagoINUnited States
Jasmin RamirezHammondINUnited States
Julian O. RamirezMunsterINUnited States
Sheilah P. RamosPeoriaILUnited States
Inna Maraine J. RamosDyerINUnited States
Magdalena RamosHammondINUnited States
Richard J. RamosValparaisoINUnited States
Shaza N. RanaHammondINUnited States
Jacob W. RasmussenBeecherILUnited States
Brooke R. RasselScherervilleINUnited States
Gianna L. ReaSaint JohnINUnited States
Kelly M. ReadDyerINUnited States
Cindy Reblora-ArangurenChicagoILUnited States
Braden D. RegierChestertonINUnited States
Brielle J. RegierChestertonINUnited States
Heather A. ReichertThorntonILUnited States
Nicole B. ReichertThorntonILUnited States
Marisa T. RempalaMichigan CityINUnited States
Ashley E. RevlettCedar LakeINUnited States
Anna G. ReyesLake StationINUnited States
Carlos ReyesHammondINUnited States
Alexis M. RhoadesHebronINUnited States
Griffin D. RhyneSaint JohnINUnited States
Theodore R. RichDeerfieldILUnited States
Amanda M. RichCrown PointINUnited States
Elise L. RichardsValparaisoINUnited States
Zackary J. RichardsDyerINUnited States
Anastasia L. RichardsonHammondINUnited States
Matt S. RichardsonScherervilleINUnited States
Nicole R. RichardsonLa PorteINUnited States
Kelly A. RichterElk Grove VillageILUnited States
Victoria RicoCedar LakeINUnited States
Brenda S. RileyLa PorteINUnited States
Fiona RileyMunsterINUnited States
Maeve E. RileyMunsterINUnited States
Ashley M. RipleyCrown PointINUnited States
Jami L. RitcheaChestertonINUnited States
Kyleigh M. RitchieFort WayneINUnited States
Brayan I. RiveraChicagoILUnited States
Megan RiveraCaryILUnited States
Ariana J. RiveraCedar LakeINUnited States
Isaiah J. RiveraEast ChicagoINUnited States
Julian RiveraMunsterINUnited States
Mia A. RiveraSaint JohnINUnited States
Samantha E. RiveraHammondINUnited States
Victoria RiveraMerrillvilleINUnited States
Jazmine N. RiveraOlympiaWAUnited States
McKenna RobbinsAshlandWIUnited States
Sydnie L. RobersonEast ChicagoINUnited States
Emily J. RobertsPalatineILUnited States
Alysha S. RobertsHammondINUnited States
April M. RobertsMunsterINUnited States
Casey P. RobertsValparaisoINUnited States
Kennedy O. RobertsWhitingINUnited States
Kathleen A. RobsonVilla ParkILUnited States
Christian J. RochaLake StationINUnited States
Kathryn S. RochefortValparaisoINUnited States
Peyton V. RodgersLa PorteINUnited States
Larissa Rodrigues MeirelesLa PorteINBrazil
Anthony J. RodriguezStegerILUnited States
Ellyn J. RodriguezMendotaILUnited States
Gabriela RodriguezHomewoodILUnited States
Jordan G. RodriguezCrystal LakeILUnited States
Patricia RodriguezChicagoILUnited States
Jessica M. RodriguezMerrillvilleINUnited States
Marissa R. RodriguezCedar LakeINUnited States
Melicah Beatriz V. RodriguezDyerINUnited States
Francesca C. Rodriguez-NunezDekalbILUnited States
Zachary L. RoedelPortageINUnited States
Matthew T. RogersValparaisoINUnited States
Nolan J. RogersScherervilleINUnited States
Daniel H. RohderOrland ParkILUnited States
Ariel C. RoheChestertonINUnited States
Ewa M. RohlwingChicagoILUnited States
Leyda J. RojasChicagoILUnited States
Ruben RojasChicagoILUnited States
Janessa M. RojasGriffithINUnited States
Monique RojasGriffithINUnited States
Anna V. RolewskiScherervilleINUnited States
Faith E. RomstadtLa PorteINUnited States
Alexander H. RoodLa PorteINUnited States
Maddison A. RoopHudsonILUnited States
Fernando G. RosasLowellINUnited States
Gerardo RosasHammondINUnited States
Caitlin N. RosinkoDemotteINUnited States
Dakota L. RossLowellINUnited States
Emily R. RossRileyMIUnited States
Elvira RossiSaint JohnINUnited States
Mallory S. RoyerMarshallILUnited States
Matthew D. RozinskiMichigan CityINUnited States
Karina RubioLake In The HillsILUnited States
Melanie RubioHammondINUnited States
Megan B. RudovichValparaisoINUnited States
Alexander RuffettiNew LenoxILUnited States
Daisy RuizMunsterINUnited States
Shear-Jashub D. RuizHammondINUnited States
Viridiana Ruiz ChimalNapervilleILUnited States
Mikayla N. RussellWestvilleINUnited States
Bailey N. RutkowskiSouth BendINUnited States
Emmaline R. RutkowskiValparaisoINUnited States
Logan G. RyanCrown PointINUnited States
Paige E. RybickiHammondINUnited States
Jenna M. RyczekLansingILUnited States
Paulina A. RzeszowskaVilla ParkILUnited States
Suzanne Jan Q. SaballaBolingbrookILUnited States
Greg SafstromMokenaILUnited States
Jaime SahagunChicago HeightsILUnited States
Avi S. SahiMunsterINCanada
Cora R. SakalScherervilleINUnited States
Gloria M. SalasCrown PointINUnited States
Ana R. Salas VillegasAddisonILUnited States
Marcela SalazarDyerINUnited States
Natalia E. SalazarMunsterINUnited States
Sandra SalazarWhitingINUnited States
Nicole SalemiNapervilleILUnited States
Lauren N. SamanoChicagoILUnited States
Brooke L. SandersDyerINUnited States
Lauren R. SandersIndianapolisINUnited States
Tabitha S. SandersChestertonINUnited States
Xochitl SandovalHobartINUnited States
Angela D. SansoneVilla ParkILUnited States
Holly R. SantaguidaCrown PointINUnited States
Nicole SantanaMichigan CityINUnited States
Sonny M. SantanaHammondINUnited States
Elbert A. SantareHammondINUnited States
Vito SantinoHighlandINUnited States
Arlene SantosEvanstonILUnited States
Migdalia SantosLansingILUnited States
Tyler M. SargentValparaisoINUnited States
Emily SarnaCedar LakeINUnited States
Makayla R. SatterfieldHobartINUnited States
Brooke M. ScartozziScherervilleINUnited States
Sarah A. ScasnyCrown PointINUnited States
Alec R. SchaarElkhartINUnited States
Camille R. SchaferSaint JohnsMIUnited States
Gregory L. ScherzingerHighlandINUnited States
Pamela A. SchettekNapervilleILUnited States
Ellise S. SchmidtNapervilleILUnited States
Joey D. SchmidtDyerINUnited States
Lauren E. SchmidtFloyds KnobsINUnited States
Brittany A. SchneiderLake StationINUnited States
Tiffany J. SchoofKingsford HeightsINUnited States
Sarah M. SchoonSaint JohnINUnited States
George C. SchreiberFrankfortILUnited States
Elizabeth K. SchroederValparaisoINUnited States
Aubrey R. Schuls-TrongeauNeenahWIUnited States
Patrick L. SchulteLa PorteINUnited States
Madison L. SchultzLafayetteINUnited States
Joel F. SchwartzMerrillvilleINUnited States
Stephanie E. SchwartzWestvilleINUnited States
Bernadine M. SchwegmanBatesvilleINUnited States
Alex E. SchwittersLowellINUnited States
Tara ScintaValparaisoINUnited States
Rachel A. ScottValparaisoINUnited States
Rebecca A. SebastianHebronINUnited States
Karen M. SeibertDekalbILUnited States
Natalie E. SeidelFrankfortILUnited States
Nicholas B. SeilerJolietILUnited States
Cassidy M. SeiterLowellINUnited States
Maggie A. SeizysLong BeachINUnited States
Frank D. SekDyerINUnited States
Kristin N. SellMunsterINUnited States
Meghan SellersGrant ParkILUnited States
Qevsere Selmanaj-GardnerMiddleburgFLUnited States
Marco A. SernaHighlandINUnited States
Michelle E. SernaGriffithINUnited States
Alicia J. SettlesHobartINUnited States
Mary Tatum Y. SevillaSkokieILUnited States
James SewardHighlandINUnited States
Luke R. ShacklettMunsterINUnited States
Yash N. ShahDyerINUnited States
Brennan D. ShankElkhartINUnited States
Emilia P. ShapiroGriffithINUnited States
Alyssa D. SharpHighlandINUnited States
Dash M. ShawCrown PointINUnited States
Lauren A. ShawLa PorteINUnited States
Tarah R. ShawEast ChicagoINUnited States
Olivia N. SheldonValparaisoINUnited States
Drake A. ShelledyDekalbILUnited States
Patrick T. ShepardWheatfieldINUnited States
Mason G. ShepherdMishawakaINUnited States
Seth M. SheptockDemotteINUnited States
Jessica L. Sherman-CorbettChampaignILUnited States
Liljana SheroChicagoILUnited States
Kyle R. ShidlerPortageINUnited States
Ian R. ShinglerValparaisoINUnited States
Emma M. ShiremanKnoxINUnited States
Zakris I. ShmagranoffMunsterINUnited States
Kate E. SienkowskiMishawakaINUnited States
Isaac D. SikmaDyerINUnited States
Brandon M. SikorskiCrestwoodILUnited States
Julian M. SilvaValparaisoINUnited States
Vanessa Marie D. SilvanoSkokieILUnited States
Megan E. SiminskiPalm HarborFLUnited States
Will SimonLansingILUnited States
Miranda R. SimsDyerINUnited States
Regan J. SinkChestertonINUnited States
Kimberly SklenaCaryILUnited States
Michael G. SkorupWalkertonINUnited States
Benjamin N. SlackChestertonINUnited States
Matthew M. SlanaWestvilleINUnited States
Kathryn L. SlyDyerINUnited States
Sydney M. SmallMichigan CityINUnited States
Vincent M. SmallMichigan CityINUnited States
Anthony J. SmierciakScherervilleINUnited States
Caleigh L. SmithMarengoIAUnited States
Taylor R. SmithMarengoIAUnited States
Angela C. SmithDanvilleILUnited States
Jacob S. SmithWestmontILUnited States
Cassandra B. SmithCrown PointINUnited States
Heidi M. SmithUnion MillsINUnited States
Paige A. SmithValparaisoINUnited States
Sidney I. SmithWarsawINUnited States
Wesley SmithValparaisoINUnited States
Cody J. SnoreckSaint JohnINUnited States
Allison C. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Chris D. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Kyle M. SnyderMunsterINUnited States
Matthew A. SolisPortageINUnited States
Krystal B. SorensenPortageINUnited States
Mikayla H. SorensenGrangerINUnited States
Daniela R. SosaSaint JohnINUnited States
Siomara E. SoteloGlen EllynILUnited States
Jacob H. SoulesTroyMIUnited States
Amber M. SouthChestertonINUnited States
Noah A. SparksCrown PointINUnited States
Lauren M. SpaseskaSaint JohnINUnited States
Zoe N. SpenceLa PorteINUnited States
Thomas A. SperanzaMunsterINUnited States
Francesca C. SperoValparaisoINUnited States
Georgia A. SperryDelphosOHUnited States
Paige SpiegelHighlandINUnited States
Claudia SpigolonCrown PointINUnited States
Griffin M. SpinkGrangerINUnited States
Jessie S. SplechterLa PorteINUnited States
Kathy SpringerItascaILUnited States
Jessica S. SpurrWestvilleINUnited States
Milan A. StanisicScherervilleINUnited States
Alexis A. StarkeyMunsterINUnited States
Owen M. StarrBourbonnaisILUnited States
Allyson R. StaterHebronINUnited States
Megan D. StecArlington HeightsILUnited States
Danielle R. StegallOsceolaINUnited States
Anabel A. SteinLowellINUnited States
Brett M. StevensRolling PrairieINUnited States
Taylor D. StevensHebronINUnited States
David A. StevensonPortageINUnited States
Alexander J. StinnettCrown PointINUnited States
Samantha N. StirlingHammondINUnited States
Tyler A. StoegerGeneseoILUnited States
Aleksandar StojovMunsterINUnited States
Toni A. StokesCreteILUnited States
Andrew L. StolzChestertonINUnited States
Hannah M. StombaughNew CarlisleINUnited States
Addisen T. StoneCrown PointINUnited States
Alexandria T. StoneKingsford HeightsINUnited States
Jacob J. StoneMidlandMIUnited States
Amber D. StorkUrbanaILUnited States
Te'Aire S. StormHammondINUnited States
Nina StosicGriffithINUnited States
Tiana StoverDes PlainesILUnited States
Carli A. StrbiakMunsterINUnited States
Jack T. StrimelMunsterINUnited States
Aspen N. StrongLa PorteINUnited States
Krystine Marie R. StrzepekDundeeILUnited States
Chang SuHammondINChina
Terrell G. SucreHammondINTrinidad - Tobago
Yeliz SulamcFrankfortILUnited States
Aleksandra SuleskiCrown PointINUnited States
John J. SullivanMunsterINUnited States
Karen E. SullivanScherervilleINUnited States
Neha SultanaChicagoILUnited States
Spencer C. SummersValparaisoINUnited States
Brianna SurowiecLowellINUnited States
Nicole SwartzBataviaILUnited States
Kristin Swartz-SchultLa PorteINUnited States
Katelyn N. SwistekTrail CreekINUnited States
Melissa R. SymmesHobartINUnited States
Ally V. SzakacsScherervilleINUnited States
Matthew J. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Nicholas F. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Samuel A. SzalaMunsterINUnited States
Jadwiga SzczechowiczHammondINUnited States
Gabrielle S. SzumlasScherervilleINUnited States
Zachary D. SzymanekNew LenoxILUnited States
Matthew A. TabaczynskiMunsterINUnited States
Phillip M. TaborskyWoodridgeILUnited States
Bojana TadicGlendale HeightsILUnited States
Amanda Y. TaingPortageINUnited States
Michael E. TalagaPlymouthINUnited States
Melissa A. TalboyPortageINUnited States
Jansen M. TanMerrillvilleINUnited States
Lucina M. TanMerrillvilleINUnited States
Adam T. TavarezWhitingINUnited States
Francis TaylorMerrillvilleINUnited States
Johnathon M. TaylorGaryINUnited States
Teniya T. TaylorHammondINUnited States
Megan TeitgeKoutsINUnited States
Dustin ThibideauCedar LakeINUnited States
Joshua A. ThomasGaryINUnited States
Zoe A. ThomasCrown PointINUnited States
Kallie M. ThorenWheatonILUnited States
Erin ThoringtonHinsdaleILUnited States
Rodney L. ThorntonHobartINUnited States
Kirstin A. ThuftedalOlneyILUnited States
Jacob M. TietzMokenaILUnited States
Lauryn T. TillmonPlainfieldILUnited States
Kylie A. TincherCharlestownINUnited States
Marnette L. TiptonGaryINUnited States
Viridiana TiradoWhitingINUnited States
Erin K. TitusScherervilleINUnited States
Angelina TkachenkoWheelingILUnited States
Abigail ToddPeoriaILUnited States
Jennifer L. TohtzChestertonINUnited States
Joel M. TokarczykLake VillageINUnited States
Shawn M. TolsonKnoxINUnited States
Levi A. TompkinsDemotteINUnited States
Dino TopcagicValparaisoINUnited States
Jennifer L. TorresChestertonINUnited States
Roberto TorresGarlandTXUnited States
Stephanie ToweyMount ProspectILUnited States
Alexis M. TracyWanatahINUnited States
Thuy Thi Thu TranBeecherILVietnam
Foivi TriantafyllouScherervilleINUnited States
John G. TrollsasHammondINSweden
Sarah L. TroxellMichigan CityINUnited States
Jamie TrunickValparaisoINUnited States
Olena TsyssSchaumburgILUnited States
Lorena TuckerChicagoILUnited States
Ashlee N. TurnboughScherervilleINUnited States
Danielle A. TurnerCrown PointINUnited States
Janelle D. TurnerHammondINUnited States
Nolan R. TurociHighlandINUnited States
Teal A. TurveyJolietILUnited States
Emily L. UelmanScherervilleINUnited States
Sydnie R. UlmenMichigan CityINUnited States
Lila C. UpshawPortageINUnited States
Yvette Uribe-DiazCiceroILUnited States
Theodore W. UzelacPortageINUnited States
Christopher A. ValdesHighlandINUnited States
Gabrielle K. ValentineGlendale HeightsILUnited States
Sydney A. ValiskaNew LenoxILUnited States
Kaley M. ValkerRoselleILUnited States
Calvin Van BarenCedar LakeINUnited States
Luke A. Van BarenCedar LakeINUnited States
Lena van BergenHighlandINGermany
Sara R. Van Den AkkerLake ForestILUnited States
Dylan R. Van DrunenCedar LakeINUnited States
Travis J. Van DrunenCedar LakeINUnited States
Emily J. Van EssenCedar LakeINUnited States
Matthew J. Van EssenCedar LakeINUnited States
Nicholas L. Van EssenCedar LakeINUnited States
Leah C. Van KeppelValparaisoINUnited States
Daniel S. Van KleyDemotteINUnited States
Garrett A. VarnerCedar LakeINUnited States
Kaitlyn G. VasilkoCrown PointINUnited States
Kayla M. VasilkoCrown PointINUnited States
Keanu P. VasquezRomeovilleILUnited States
Andrew J. VassarHighlandINUnited States
Tayler P. VautersRockvilleINUnited States
Cristal Z. VazquezHammondINUnited States
Jamilexy VazquezLa PorteINUnited States
Nancy N. VegaSaint JohnINUnited States
Naiomi V. VelascoCrown PointINUnited States
Brett A. VeltemaJenisonMIUnited States
Alexis G. VeraCedar LakeINUnited States
Austin J. VerbeekCedar LakeINUnited States
Eva VercelScherervilleINUnited States
Keely VerhaarSouth HollandILUnited States
Alyssia M. VerlindenHammondINUnited States
Kathrynn B. VettasScherervilleINUnited States
Kelly VetterNapervilleILUnited States
Savannah M. VikingLowellINUnited States
Sarah C. VillaHammondINUnited States
Alan E. VillalobosCalumet CityILUnited States
Julia J. VillalpandoHammondINUnited States
Jose A. VillarruelValparaisoINUnited States
Seoma N. VirgoEvanstonILUnited States
Joseph J. VirusHammondINUnited States
Douglas R. VisnackScherervilleINUnited States
Laura VivarDes PlainesILUnited States
Brittney N. VroomScherervilleINUnited States
Stevan I. VuckovicSaint JohnINUnited States
Anna N. WachowskiCrown PointINUnited States
Alexis N. WadeUnion MillsINUnited States
Teague WalkerGenoaILUnited States
Ryan D. WalkerDyerINUnited States
Ryan J. WalkowiakLowellINUnited States
Stefanie WallaceHarvardILUnited States
Justin WalterElkhartINUnited States
Dana J. WaltersFort WayneINUnited States
Yuhao WanHammondINChina
Mingqian WangHammondINChina
Macie C. WangstromLa PorteINUnited States
Lema WardakHinsdaleILUnited States
Linlin WarnerBloomingtonINUnited States
Annalise L. WarnockLa PorteINUnited States
Aaleeyah L. WashingtonSouth HollandILUnited States
La-Wedia E. WashingtonLansingILUnited States
Zebaneeka M. WashingtonGriffithINUnited States
Jessica S. WaszakCrown PointINUnited States
Michelle L. WatkinsScherervilleINUnited States
Nattinan WattanasirichotMunsterINThailand
Hannah L. WattsHammondINUnited States
Chris J. WaymanScherervilleINUnited States
Stepheny M. WeaverWestvilleINUnited States
Daisy WebbDyerINUnited States
Emily R. Weber-BrokkeScherervilleINUnited States
Deanna K. WeldonHobartINUnited States
Keaton J. WellmanWanatahINUnited States
Nathan T. WendorfCrown PointINUnited States
Sara K. WenzelCrown PointINUnited States
Samantha M. WesleyChestertonINUnited States
Carla WestbyChicagoILUnited States
Merrick S. WesterfieldSaint JohnINUnited States
Peyton M. WestphalChestertonINUnited States
Taylor N. WheelerValparaisoINUnited States
Courtney E. WhippleMerrillvilleINUnited States
Tiffany L. WhiteLowellINUnited States
Clayton D. WhitingHighlandINUnited States
Cameron J. WickershamWestvilleINUnited States
Tyler J. WidgerBeecherILUnited States
Hannah S. WiesemannHighlandINUnited States
Kadin E. WilbournCrown PointINUnited States
Kassidy E. WilbournCrown PointINUnited States
Kaitlyn WilcherChestertonINUnited States
Rachel M. WilkeningHebronINUnited States
Heather A. WilkinsonAuroraILUnited States
Cailee R. WilkinsonSaint JohnINUnited States
Isun L. WilliamsCreteILUnited States
Daphney L. WilliamsWanatahINUnited States
Drucilla A. WilliamsHammondINUnited States
Jessica R. WilliamsWinamacINUnited States
Michael R. WilliamsHammondINUnited States
Mariah I. WilsonHebronINUnited States
Sydnie E. WilsonCedar LakeINUnited States
Taylor R. WilsonValparaisoINUnited States
Gretchen I. WineingerMunsterINUnited States
Austin A. WinieckeHobartINUnited States
Jacob J. WintersCedar LakeINUnited States
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