Recent Project Highlights: Enterprise Applications

December 20, 2022
A student smiles while holding a folder.

Here are a few recent projects performed by Enterprise Applications (EA) and how each contributes to student access and success at PNW.

Completed Project(s)

  • StarRez Cloud Migration: The Web-based Cloud Solution delivers a full range of housing, residence life, and group conference solutions, including fully responsive online student self-service, comprehensive staff communication, reporting, billing, and bulk action tools.

In Progress Project(s)

  • Unitime Scheduling Assistant: The Student Scheduling Assistant helps students build a workable class schedule. It takes a list of courses a student is interested in and determines the class sections the student needs to take to get as many requested courses as possible. The Student Scheduling Assistant tries to calculate a schedule for the student making registration smooth and aligning it with their plans will help keep students on track, save them money, and help us retain students.

Proposed Project(s)

  • Develop Capacity for Mobile Digital Engagement with Students: Work with student focus groups, EMSA, and student support offices to develop digitally engaging ways to do business with PNW and track through the mobile app and myPNW web pages to improve retention and outcomes. The goal is to create additional technical capacity to use Ellucian Experience and Campus M capabilities for student engagement and support and to develop user experience techniques such as focus groups, effective feedback mechanisms, and analytics.