Severe Weather Closing Procedures 2020/2021

October 29, 2020

PNW Students, Faculty and Staff,

With the first wintry weather of fall 2020 approaching, it is time to remind you of our severe weather closing procedures.

Please note with the remote work and remote learning options currently in place, weather closing procedures for students, faculty and staff have changed.

It is important to familiarize yourself with these procedures now, so that you are prepared for the coming season.

Alert Me

Alert Me, PNW’s text messaging service, is our first method of communication for campus closures, severe weather warnings and emergencies.  If you are not signed up, you can do so by visiting the Alert Me website.

Campus Closing Notifications

During the winter season it may become necessary to suspend in-person and on-campus operations at one or both of the PNW campuses due to adverse weather conditions or other emergencies. If we must cancel onsite campus operations, we will notify students, faculty and staff in the manner listed below.

Decisions related to severe weather closures are typically made by 5 a.m. Notifications are then issued to the campus and greater community as soon as possible thereafter.

What Is New for This Year?

For academic year 2020-21, if in-person and on-campus activities are suspended due to severe weather, classes will NOT be canceled but will shift to remote learning. Students enrolled in any face-to-face and hybrid classes should check Brightspace for course instruction if PNW announces suspension of on-campus operations. Virtual and 100% online classes will continue as usual.

Delayed campus openings will not be used this year. Due to current changes in instructional delivery and campus operations, a delayed campus opening will not be an option this year.

Faculty and staff members who are working or can work remotely during a weather closure should plan to do so. In the next few weeks, Human Resources will provide updated university policies related to work duties during a weather closure and the applicable payroll procedures.

Closing Notifications Are Available At

Purdue University Northwest

Text MessagesSign up for Alert Me

Email: A University-wide email will be issued to faculty, students and staff as early in the day as possible.

Social Media: Check the Purdue Northwest Facebook and Twitter pages.

Radio Stations

  • WAKE 1500 AM – Valparaiso
  • WBBM 780 AM – Chicago
  • WCOE 96.7 FM – La Porte
  • WEFM 95.9 FM – Michigan City
  • WGN 720 AM – Chicago
  • WIMS 1420 AM – Michigan City
  • WJOB 104.7 FM – Hammond
  • WJOB 1230 AM – Hammond
  • WKVI 1520 AM – Knox
  • WKVI 99.3 FM – Knox
  • WLJE 105.5 FM –Valparaiso
  • WLPR 89.1 FM – Lowell
  • WLOI 1540 AM – South Bend
  • WLTH 1370 AM – Gary
  • WSBT 96.1 FM – South Bend
  • WSBT 960 AM – South Bend
  • WZVN 107.1 FM – Lowell

Television Stations

  • ABC – Chicago and South Bend
  • CBS – Chicago and South Bend
  • FOX – Chicago
  • NBC – Chicago and South Bend

Online Media

Please note: Each college, department or office is responsible for notifying part-time employees, guests and others they have scheduled to be on campus on the day of a delayed start or campus closing.

Have questions? Please contact the Public Safety Office at (219) 989-2994.