Spotlight on Student Research: Dillon Quinones

July 29, 2020

Dillon Quinones, a psychology major expected to graduate in 2021, is currently working on his research paper titled, “The Relationship Between TPH2 Polymorphisms, Depression and Anxiety in Undergraduate Students.”

He is working on his research as part of the McNair Summer Research Internship Program. At the conclusion of the program he will present his findings through a poster presentation. Dillon’s research mentor is Christina Ragan, Ph.D. He believes she has been an important part of the research process stating, “She is also a great mentor in that she keeps me accountable to the research project, encourages me in conducting every separate process involved in completing the research.”

Dillon credits his PNW coursework in statistics, behavioral biology and ethics in psychology for helping him to prepare for this internship. After graduation Dillon plans to study cognitive psychology or cognitive neuroscience in graduate school.