A Warm Welcome: Fall 2020 Graduate Joel Tokarczyk

December 8, 2020
Joel is pictured.

Joel Tokarczyk graduates this fall with a major in psychology and minor in sociology. As a returning adult student, he was worried about re-enrolling in school after having taken a few years off. He indicated that the thought was a bit scary. However, he was pleasantly surprised when he was welcomed so warmly by faculty, staff and fellow students.

He was thrilled to find so many “amazing professors” that encourage their students to “think creatively and boldly, without fear of being wrong or judged.” Tokarczyk, believes each of his professors has been devoted to his learning and is thankful for the memories he has made at PNW.

Tokarczyk believes that the experience he had at PNW is possible for every student.

He stated, “I believe that PNW is unique because of this collective spirit of acceptance, support and appreciation for diversity that is embodied by the campus community.”

After graduation, Tokarczyk plans to obtain a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. His goal is to help others that experience mental health challenges stemming from racism, homophobia, discrimination and poverty. Additionally, he hopes to write and illustrate children’s books that focus on themes of well-being, such as mental health, self-esteem and acceptance for the self and others.