An Investment for Life: Fall 2020 Grad Samuel Arjona Ruiz

December 11, 2020

Samuel Arjona Ruiz of Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico, travelled to the United States for his education. “I discovered that Purdue University Northwest is a great diverse school that understands the needs for international students and has the programs needed for a successful career,” says Ruiz, who is projected to earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in finance at the conclusion of the Fall 2020 semester.

When he enrolled at PNW, Ruiz found the opportunity for tutoring advantageous to his education. “Once I was in the tutoring center, everyone made me feel very comfortable with my questions. The tutors were very capable and helpful with the material,” he remarks.

While at PNW, Ruiz also had the opportunity to study abroad in Toulouse, France, a life-changing experience. “I discovered that there is another world full of opportunities overseas and we should not limit ourselves,” he states.

During his sophomore year, Ruiz struggled with the decision to change his major from biology to accounting. He felt this was the best course of action because he was performing exceptionally well in his math courses. “Although accounting does not require a very complex math level, I discovered my passion for this field,” he adds. “At first, I was upset about the timeframe for my studies, because changing my major was going to push my completion date back, but then I realized that education is a privilege and investment for life.”

Fall 2020 graduate Samuel Arjona is pictured.

A decision to switch to accounting helped graduate Samuel Arjona Ruiz discover his true passion—and a road map toward success.

Ruiz developed various relationships with his professors. Dr. Songtao Mo and Dr. Maureen Mascha are especially motivational to him. “Dr. Mo always motivated me to pursue my dreams, even though they seem difficult. Dr. Mascha has been helping me a lot this semester with advice for graduate school. She always recalls her own experience as a Ph.D. student and all the challenges and benefits from it,” says Ruiz, who will begin working toward a Master of Science in Accountancy in February. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in his field after this accomplishment.

Looking back on his education at Purdue Northwest, Ruiz is thankful for the resources and faculty connections he has established. He concludes, “PNW has been a great and important experience in my life. I feel that five years defined who I will be in the future. PNW gave me the fundamentals for my career and I feel very confident about my capabilities now.”