Annual Reminder: Reportable Outside Activity

August 31, 2023

All employees are obligated to file a Reportable Outside Activity Form with their unit head on an annual basis if you have engaged in any Reportable Outside Activity, as well as when requesting permission to engage in a new Reportable Outside Activity.

A Reportable Outside Activity is defined as any work, advice, or service for an entity other than Purdue University Northwest that may potentially result in a Conflict of Commitment. Some examples that may result in a Conflict of Commitment include the following:

  • Participation in any business enterprise as owner, partner, officer, supervisor, manager or in any capacity with management responsibilities
  • Service as an officer, director, trustee or public representative of a professional association, educational institution, nonprofit organization, national commission or board, or foundation
  • Consulting (as defined in the policy)
  • Having responsibility for any course at, or representing oneself as a faculty member at, any other school or university
  • Conducting external research that would not ordinarily be conducted as a part of the employee’s duties with the University
  • Service on an advisory council or scientific advisory board of a company or organization other than a state or federal agency
  • Volunteer work that involves a commitment of time that may interfere with the employee’s ability to fulfill their responsibilities to the University
  • For exempt employees, including faculty members, any other employment with or service to an outside entity where compensation in the form of money, services, goods, or other consideration of value is received

The Reportable Outside Activity Form must be completed by September 15, 2023.

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Thomas L. Keon, Chancellor