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Recruit the Pride of Purdue Northwest and the College of Business! Our students bring a work ethic and enthusiasm to the workplace that sets them apart from many of their peers.

Post Jobs and Internships

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Posting internship and job internships to our students in handshake is a great way to meet bright, motivated, personable, and hardworking PNW College of Business students. It’s an easy way to find qualified workers who you can trust and meet the needs of your company. To post an opportunity simply visit and join Handshake. You’ll need to register and create an account if you don’t already have one. Once your account is created, you can request to connect with PNW and start posting opportunities right away!

Recruit on Campus

A recruiter addresses a PNW classroomThere are many different options that you can take advantage of when recruiting our students. As an employer, it is important you are able to reach students and show them the benefits of taking an internship or job at your company.

We want to make this process easy for you, as well as provide you with various ways of doing so. If you think there are more ways to reach out to our students other than the ones listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Company Info Sessions

You can speak to our COB students directly by visiting our campus locations. These info sessions allow time for you or other representatives of your company to speak on behalf of your company, what it is you do and value, and what type of students you are recruiting. It is a great way to spread the word about your company and an even better way to spark student interest. These are approximately an hour in length and also give our students a chance to meet you and ask questions. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact our center.

COB Career Conference

Each fall the College of Business hosts our very own COB Career Conference where you have an opportunity to meet with business students in a job-fair setting. During this time we also have concurrent sessions providing students with “hot” topics. This is a great way to connect with many students at one time. Many employers take advantage of this opportunity and find many potential hires as a result of attending.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews allow you to visit campus and have rooms set aside to conduct interviews as you would if you were really hiring. These help the students tremendously, as it allows them to gain real experience in their interviewing skills, as well as allows you to screen potential hires. Mock interviews are a required assignment for BUSM 30000 – Third Year Seminar in Business

On Campus Interviews

These are similar to mock interviews in that you are able to reserve rooms on campus; however, these are real interviews when you want to hire our students. These generally take place after you have posted an internship or job to Handshake and have looked through student applications. Once this is accomplished, the interviews for those positions can take place at PNW. This makes it convenient for you to interview multiple students in one day, and the hours you select are up to you.

Campus Recruitment Policies

Please review the PNW Campus Recruitment Policies first and contact us if you have any questions.

Interested in recruiting on campus? Please complete the Recruitment Request Form or
contact Samantha Horn, Director of Belonging & Student Engagement, at Samantha.Horn@pnw.edu or 219-989-2218.

Student Resume Portfolios

The CCM can provide you with electronic portfolios of student resumes. You can simply contact us with your majors of interest and we can send you the student portfolios to help make your selection process quicker and easier when looking to hire PNW students.

To access our resume portfolios, send an e-mail to Samantha Horn, Director of Belonging & Student Engagement at Samantha.Horn@pnw.edu, indicating what major(s) you’d like to recruit.

Hiring Interns

Employers can benefit from hiring an intern, while some simply enjoy sharing their expertise as professional mentors. Some tangible benefits of hiring an intern include:

  • Year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals
  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects
  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects
  • Flexible, cost-effective work force not requiring long-term employer commitment
  • Proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees

Want to post an internship opportunity? Contact Samantha Horn, Director of Belonging & Student Engagement, at Samantha.Horn@pnw.edu.

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