Per the Bylaws, the Faculty Senate has seven standing committees and a number of subordinate committees answering to them.

Executive Committee

  • ┬áKim Scipes (Chair)
  • Tom Roach (Vice- Chair)
  • Tony Sindone, Faculty Affairs
  • Lee Artz, Curriculum
  • Dave Pratt, General Education and Assessment
  • Anne Edwards, Educational Policy
  • Anthony Elmendorf, Nominations and Awards
  • Kenny Kincaid, Student Affairs
  • Vanessa Quinn, University Senate Representative
  • Alan McCafferty (Senate Secretary, without vote)
  • Libbie Pelter (Parliamentarian, without vote)

Budget Subcommittee: Paul McGrath (Chair)

Westville Subcommittee: Vanessa Quinn, Tony Sindone (Co-Chairs)

Agenda Committee

  • Kim Scipes (Senate Chair)
  • Tom Roach (Vice Chair)
  • Alan McCafferty (Senate Secretary)

Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee

— (Tech)

Tony Elmendorf (Chair) (CES)


Curriculum Committee

Lee Artz (Chair) (CHESS)

C. C. Chen (CES)

Joan Dorman (Nurs)

Jean Jiang (Tech)

Michael Roller (Tech)

Pitparnee Stompor (Bus)

LaVada Taylor (CHESS)

Educational Policy Committee

Ralph Cherry (CHESS)

Cheryl Deleon (CHESS)

Anne Edwards (Chair) (CHESS)

Robert Kramer (CES)

Maureen Mascha (BUS)

Shoji Nakayama (Tech)

Diane Spoljoric (Nurs)

Shengyong Zhang (CES)

Hairong Zhao (CES)

Subordinate Committee: Honors College

Faculty Affairs Committee

Jai P Agrawal (Tech)

Omer Farook (Tech)

Rob Hallock (CHESS)

Vincent Marasco (CHESS)

Meghan McGonigal-Kenney (Nursing)

Colette Morrow (CHESS)

David Nalbone (CHESS)

Vanessa Quinn (CES)

Tony Sindone (Chair) (COB)

Subordinate Committee: Faculty Development

General Education and Assessment Committee

Wei He (Bus)

Marisa Garcia-Verdugo (CHESS)

David Kozel (CES)

David Pratt (Chair) (CHESS)

Julia Rogers (Nurs)

Khair Al Shamaileh (CES)

Michael Zimmer (CES)

Subordinate Committee: First-Year Experience and New Student Orientation

Subordinate Committee: Transfer Credit Steering

Subordinate Committee: Experiential Learning

Student Affairs Committee

Magesh Chandramouli (Tech)

Kenny Kincaid (Chair) (CHESS)

Rob Merkovsky (CES)

Michael Mick (Bus)

Sheila Rezak (Library)

Oriana White (SGA)

Subordinate Committee: Athletic Policies

Subordinate Committee: Grade Appeals