Post-Doctoral Associates

Listed below are the postdocs I have supervised at PNW, with their current positions:

  • Dr. Atanu Pathak: CMS (2020-todate): Based at Fermilab
  • Dr. Tongguang Cheng: CMS (2016-2020): Assistant Professor, Beihang University, China
  • Dr. Sheila Amaral: CMS (2016-2017): Visiting Professor, UERJ University, Brazil.
  • Dr. John Stupak: CMS (2012 – 2016): Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma, USA
  • Dr. Samir Guragain: CMS (2011-2012): Data Scientist, Private Sector, USA
  • Dr. Pratima Jindal: CMS (2008-2011): Associate Professor, Waubonsee Community College, Illinois, USA
  • Dr. Vesna Cuplov: CMS and DZERO (2006-2008): Research Associate, Institut Curie, France