Research Positions and Professional Organizations

Explore a list of research positions and organizations involved with Neeti Parashar, Professor of Physics at Purdue University Northwest.

Research-Related Positions

  • NSF CAREER Grant Reviewer, current
  • Chair of the Purdue University Northwest Research Board, 2016-2017
  • Lead Faculty Mentor for Purdue University Northwest QuarkNet Center, current
  • Co-Supervisory Role for Pixel Module Assembly and Testing at Fermilab
  • Co-Coordinator for Tracker Shifts at Fermilab’s Remote Operations Center for CMS
  • Leader of CMS Institution Board for Purdue University Northwest, current
  • Leader of DZERO Institution Board for Purdue University Northwest, current
  • Leader of Upgraded Forward Pixel Geometry at CMS
  • Tevatron Electroweak Working Group member at Fermilab

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Lifetime member, American Physical Society, USA
  • Honorary Lifetime member, Society of Innovators, Indiana
  • Member, Influential Women of Northwest Indiana
  • Member, National QuarkNet Outreach Program for High Energy Physicists, USA
  • Distinguished member,  Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter of Society of Physics Students, USA
  • Member, Women Scientist Association, USA
  • Member, American Physical Society member for Division of Particles and Fields, USA
  • Member, Fermilab Users Group, USA
  • Member, Physical Society, University of Delhi, India
  • Member, Italian Physical Society, Italy
  • Member, Indian Academy of Sciences, India