Fall 2022 Call for Proposals

August 24, 2022

 Undergraduate Research Grant and Senior Design/Capstone Research Grant

Dear Students and Faculty Mentors,

Welcome back to the Fall Semester! 

The Student Research Office (SRO) is pleased to announce proposal solicitation for the Fall 2022 Undergraduate Research Grant. PNW undergraduate students in all fields of study are eligible for this grant. Students must have a faculty or staff mentor. This grant will fund research expenses up to $500 for individual projects and $1000 for group projects.

In addition to the traditional Undergraduate Research Grant, we’re pleased to announce a new funding mechanism called the Fall 2022 Senior Design/Capstone Grant specifically for students engaged in research through a required Senior Design or Senior Capstone course. This new grant mechanism will also fund research expenses up to $500 for individual projects and $1000 for group projects. If you are enrolled in either a Senior Design or Senior Capstone course, please apply for funding using this new grant mechanism.

Application Deadline

Applications for the Undergraduate Research Grant program are due by Friday, September 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted by students via the InfoReady Application System. The complete request for proposals, including formatting instructions, evaluation criteria, required forms and content requirements, is available at the Student Research Office.

Students must coordinate with their faculty or staff mentor to complete the Budget Form and the Certification Form to upload with the application. After the application is submitted, the faculty or staff mentor will receive an email to approve the application in the InfoReady system.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Research Office at sro@pnw.edu.


Michael I. Zimmer and Lindsay Gielda on behalf of the Student Research Office.