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Research can be an essential part of academic development.  PNW provides hands-on opportunities for students to explore their passions.

PNW Student Conference Presentation Grants

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The Student Conference Presentation Grant is available to support graduate and undergraduate students to present their research or projects at conferences or competitions. The maximum funding is $300 for a presentation or competition, subject to funding availability.

  • Students must be registered for classes and in good academic standing to apply.
  • Only students are eligible for the Student Conference Presentation Grant. Funds cannot be used to support faculty travel.
  • Total grant will not exceed $300 for individual or multi-student presentations.
  • The grant will be used to cover travel expenses directly through the PNW Travel Center. All pre-travel paperwork needs to be completed based on the Travel Center policies. Students will not receive cash.
  • All expenses, including mileage and per-diem rates, must follow Purdue guidelines. Grant funds can be used for the following expenses:
    • Conference registration
    • Hotel lodging
    • Airfare or other transport to the conference
    • Meals
    • Materials and supplies necessary for the presentation
  • Students who receive the grant must agree to present their research at the PNW Days of Discovery in April of 2019.
  • Free poster printing for awardees is available in the Student Research Office – Lawshe 238. Please contact or Maja Marjanovic at with questions.
  • To apply, please make sure to have the following information ready:
    • First and Last Name
    • PNW Email
    • Are you graduate or undergraduate student?
    • Department and Major
    • Faculty Mentor’s Name and PNW Email
    • Will your mentor accompany you to the conference?
    • Name, website, and location of the conference
    • Dates and Title of your presentation
    • Abstract of the paper/presentation (250 words max)
    • Registration, invitation or presentation acceptance letter has to be attached.
    • Estimated cost of the travel, broken down by category (registration, air/car travel, hotel, food, supplies, other)
    • Is your department or college funding any part of the conference travel?
    • Signed email or letter from your faculty mentor supporting your participation at the conference has to be attached.
    • Certification that if awarded, you will participate in the Days of Discovery in April of 2019.

This grant is funded collaboratively by the PNW Graduate School and the PNW Office of Research – Student Research Office Division. If you have any questions:

  • Graduate students – Please contact Rebecca Stankowski, Interim Director of Graduate Studies at
  • Undergraduate students – Please contact Maja Marjanovic, Director of Sponsored Programs at
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