Funding Opportunity for Faculty and Staff Gatherings 2023-24

July 31, 2023

Last year we implemented a process offering funds for gatherings of large and small groups to facilitate comradery, recognize outstanding work and celebrate accomplishments. This opportunity was very well-received, with more than 800 faculty and staff members participating in various events such as recognition ceremonies, holiday celebrations and picnics.

To recognize the many accomplishments of our faculty and staff and show appreciation for your hard work, the Senior Leadership Team is once again making available funds to encourage these types of gatherings.

For 2023-24, we will make available up to $25 per person to support an event planned and executed by a department, unit or division once per fiscal year. These funds cannot be spent on “give-a-ways” or gear but should be used for meals and other refreshments (no alcohol). Once this fund is depleted within a fiscal year, no additional requests will be funded.

To access the funds, department leaders must send an email request to the Vice Chancellor of the division with the number of faculty and/or staff members expected to attend, and the total of funds requested. The Vice Chancellor will, if the request is approved, forward a message to the Business Office approving the amount to be transferred.

The funds used in the past for an annual faculty and staff picnic are being earmarked to fund new and ongoing unit events, therefore we will not hold a university-wide picnic.

If you have any questions, please contact your Vice Chancellor. We hope to continue to see many fun and celebratory events going on around the university!

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon and the Senior Leadership Team