Regulations and Enforcement

Parking Violation Fines

  • No Valid Permit: $25
  • Improper Parking: $10
  • Moving Violations: $25
  • Violation of Reserved Space: $50
  • Use of Stolen Permit: $100
  • Violation of Handicapped Space: $100

Detailed Regulations


These Regulations are adopted pursuant to the authority conferred by the laws of the State of Indiana upon the Board of Trustees of Purdue University to do all acts necessary and expedient to put and keep Purdue University Northwest in operation and to make all rules and regulations required and proper to conduct and manage Purdue University Northwest (University).


The Board of Trustees of Purdue University deems it necessary and desirable to make and enforce these regulations for the safety and welfare of students, staff members, and visitors, the proper use and protection of the property of the University, and the efficient operation of the University.


These regulations apply to all students and staff members of the University and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the admission and enrollment of students and of the employment of staff members. These regulations apply to all visitors and are part of the terms and conditions of the permission to enter the grounds of the University and to drive vehicles on the streets and in the parking lots of the University.

The operation of motor vehicles on the streets and in the parking lots of the University by any person signifies their agreement to observe and be bound by these Regulations.

Conflicts With Indiana Law

If any provision of these regulations is in conflict with any applicable provision of any Indiana state law, ordinance, rule or regulation, the latter will govern.


Unless otherwise indicated, the words and phrases used in these regulations shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways, being Chapter 48 of the 1939 Act of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, as amended and supplemented from time to time.


Terms frequently used in this publication are defined below.

  • Access Permit – Purchased or awarded authorization to park in any staff designated area.
  • Bicycle – Any two or three-wheeled vehicle that is not motorized.
  • Boot – A device affixed to the wheel of a motor vehicle to prevent it from moving.
  • Hammond Campus – All real property owned, leased or occupied by Purdue University Northwest.
  • Westville Campus – All real property owned, leased or occupied by Purdue University Northwest.
  • Chancellor – The Chancellor of Purdue University Northwest.
  • Department – The University Police Department of Purdue University Northwest.
  • Graduate Staff – Includes graduate assistants, graduate aids and graduate administrative and professional.
  • Limited Term Lecturer – Staff member employed on a part-time basis to instruct one or more courses on a semester by semester basis.
  • Motor Vehicle – Any motorized conveyance having two or more wheels including motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.
  • Parked Vehicle – A standing motor vehicle with no licensed driver at the wheel or in the seat.
  • Parking Area – Inclusive of all parking areas/garages owned or occupied by Purdue University Northwest in Indiana.
  • Parking Waiver Request Form – A form to request year to year exemption from otherwise required staff payroll deductions because the staff member will not bring a motor vehicle to the any PNW Campus during the applicable year.
  • Person – Any student, staff member, retired staff member or visitor.
  • Retired Staff Member – Any person who is officially recognized as a retired staff member as defined by the University.
  • Restricted Parking Areas – Areas designated as “Restricted Staff  Parking,” “Handicapped,” “Motorcycle”, “Reserved,” “Visitor” or as may be determined by the Chancellor of Purdue University Northwest.
  • Staff Member – Any person who is employed by Purdue University Northwest in any capacity other than student employment.
  • State – State of Indiana
  • Student – Any person who is enrolled in courses and in facilities operated and managed by Purdue University Northwest. For the purposes of these regulations this excludes staff taking seven credit hours or less in the Fall Term or Spring Term and taking four credit hours or less in the Summer Term.
  • Student Accounts – Office of Student Accounts of Purdue University Northwest.
  • Student Employee – Includes graduate staff/aides and undergraduate student employees.
  • Visitor – Any person who is neither a student nor staff.
  • Violation Notice – A hard copy notice that  informs a person of a violation of the Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, and Traffic Regulations.

Staff and Students Operation of Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles that are operated at Purdue University Northwest must have a current state vehicle registration and display current license plates.

Staff Access Fee

All Staff  Members (by definition) are required to submit paperwork authorizing the required payroll deduction (pre-tax). Staff members who never bring a motor Vehicle to Purdue University Northwest are entitled to submit a Parking Waiver Request Form that will be forwarded by the Department to the Traffic Appeals Board for their consideration. In order to take advantage of paying for parking as a pre-tax payroll deduction, the IRS requires staff members to file a new Parking Access Permit Application each time the parking fee changes. The Application is available at the Department and on the Department’s website under forms.

Student Access Fee

All Students (by definition) are assessed a mandatory parking fee as part of their tuition.

Parking in Restricted Areas


No motor vehicle may park in any restricted area at Purdue University Northwest unless authorized in this Article.

  • 15-Minute Zone – Motor Vehicles may be  parked in areas designated as load/unload zones for no longer than 15 minutes to load or unload their motor vehicle.
  • Motor Vehicle Storage – Motor Vehicles  may not be stored in any parking area longer than 24 hours without written permission from the Purdue University Northwest Police Department.
  • Contractor Parking Areas – Contractor parking at Purdue University Northwest is assigned based on need and location. Assignment of contractor parking areas at Purdue University Northwest is by Facilities Services Department or the Purdue University West Lafayette Physical Facilities Construction Department. An appropriate contractor parking permit is required for contractor motor vehicles other than motor vehicles displaying the company’s name.

Designation of Restriction Parking Areas

The department may designate any area or areas at Purdue University Northwest as restricted parking areas and establish restrictions (including time limits) governing the use of such areas for parking. Such designations may be made effective for temporary or indefinite periods of time and may be changed or terminated by the department. The department will erect appropriate signs at or near the areas that are restricted.

Village Housing Area

Spaces marked as “Handicapped,” “Staff Only” and “Visitor” are restricted to their posted use. All other spaces are open for resident parking.

Reserved Spaces

  • Use – Reserved spaces are for the use of vehicles displaying a reserved parking permit.
  • Persons Eligible – Reserved parking permits may be purchased by only those persons designated by and approved by the Chancellor.

Temporary Permits

The Department may attach reasonable conditions to the issuance and use of parking permits and issue special or temporary parking permits of any kind.

Hanging Permits

  • Hanging permits are for use in parking areas that do not have gate controlled access.
  • Persons Eligible – Issuance of hanging permits is limited to Staff Members, Retired Staff Members, and Limited Term Lecturers.

Card Access Permits

  • Card Access Permits (i.e. encoding on Staff IDs) are for use in gate controlled parking lots.
  • Persons Eligible – Issuance of card access is limited to Staff Members, Retired Staff Members, and Limited Term Lecturers.

Special Parking Regulations

All persons parking motor vehicles must obey all applicable State laws. These laws include, but are not limited to: prohibitions against parking within 15’ of a fire hydrant, parking within 20’ of an intersection, parking in the roadway, and parking so as to block crosswalks. All persons must observe all parking and no-parking signs and markings, including yellow curbs where parking is prohibited. No motor vehicle belonging to a person may be parked in any area where it is necessary to drive over a curb to reach an area or where there is not a designated parking space. This includes grassy areas.

Fees for Access/Permits

The fees for Student access are included in mandatory per hour tuition charges. The fees for Staff Access are assessed as authorized pre-tax payroll.

Please note…Staff Members taking classes have the student parking fees reversed as a portion of their employee tuition waiver.

Due to the potential frequency of price changes for parking permits, the current schedule of fees for parking is posted and maintained on the Department’s website.

Parking for Person With Disabilities

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking at Purdue University Northwest is a limited resource. Persons with disabilities, and whose motor vehicle displays a valid handicapped license plate or a State placard issued from any State Bureau of Motor Vehicles pursuant to the terms and conditions of IC 5-16-95, may utilize handicapped spaces. Unimpaired, non-handicapped drivers of motor vehicles displaying  handicapped plates or placards are not entitled to park in a handicapped space. Handicapped plates and placards must be registered to the operator of the motor vehicle or passenger in the motor vehicle to be valid. Any person who knowingly parks a motor vehicle in a parking space reserved for a person with a disability while displaying handicapped license plate or State placard commits a Class C infraction…reference IC 5-16-9-5 (B).

Temporary Handicapped Permit

A person who has a temporary disability may receive a “Temporary Handicapped Permit” from the Department pursuant to the terms and conditions of IC 9-14-5. Violations shall be enforced as allowed by IC 5-16-9-5. Temporary Handicapped Permits are valid for two (2) weeks and must be renewed through the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles pursuant to the above terms of IC 9-14-5, if the temporary disability extends beyond this time.

Staff Reciprocity

Staff or Reserved Access Permit holders at Purdue University Northwest with a hanging permit may park in any staff parking area on all Purdue University campuses and in staff parking areas at Indiana University Northwest. Staff needing access to the Grant Street Parking Garage in West Lafayette may request the temporary use of barcode access card from the Department.

Indiana Laws and Ordinances

All persons operating motor vehicles within the boundaries of Purdue University Northwest must observe and obey all applicable Indiana laws and ordinances and must hold a valid driver’s license.

Speed Limits

No person shall drive a motor vehicle within the boundaries of Purdue University Northwest at a speed greater than is reasonable under the existing conditions. The speed limit is 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted by the Department.

Traffic Control Signs and Devices

The department is authorized to erect traffic, speed, and parking control signs, markings, and signals and other devices within Purdue University Northwest. All persons operating motor vehicles or bicycles at Purdue University Northwest must obey all signs, markings, signals and devices.

Report of Accidents

All persons required by law to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles must make a report of accidents occurring at Purdue University Northwest to the Department.

Definition of Bicycle

“Bicycle” refers to any two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle that is not self-propelled and is not required to be registered with a Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A moped is self-propelled and is, therefore, not a bicycle. Bicyclists are required to operate their bicycles within the restrictions of these guidelines. One who violates these regulations is subject to the same penalties and fines that have been established for motor vehicles.

State, County, and Municipal Laws and Ordinances

All persons owning or riding bicycles at Purdue University Northwest must observe and obey all applicable  state, county, and municipal laws and ordinances. State laws that apply to bicycles include:

  • Requiring bicycles to observe stop signs and other traffic control signals, to observe the direction of travel on one-way streets, to ride only in roadways and not on sidewalks, and to provide a white light on the front of the bicycle visible for at least 500 feet and a red light or reflector on the rear of the bicycle at night.
  • Prohibiting the carrying of any other person on a bicycle except upon a permanent seat or carrying any article preventing the operator from using both hands on the handle bars, and prohibiting the riding of more than two bicycles abreast of each other.

Special University Regulations

  • No person shall be required to register a bicycle with the Department; however, the Department offers free registration and engraved owner identification.
  • Bicycles shall not be permitted inside any Purdue University Northwest building unless approved by the appropriate authority.
  • Bicycles parked at Purdue University Northwest must be parked in bicycle racks provided specifically for this purpose.
  • (d) Bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, or any non-university motorized vehicles are not permitted in the area of Founders Plaza (Hammond) as indicated by signage. Skateboards may be used on PNW campuses as a method of transportation only. Use of the devices for acrobatics, racing, or other stunts is strictly prohibited. Riding on any architectural or landscape features other than sidewalks is prohibited. All wheels of the device must be in contact with the ground while in use.
  • Residents of the University Village can use roller blades (in-line skates) for transportation purposes only. Reference University Village Resident handbook available at University Village or on the Housing website.


It is a violation of these regulations to perform any act prohibited by these regulations or to fail to perform any act required by these regulations.

Persons Responsible for Violations

Students, Staff Members, Retired Staff Members and Visitors are responsible for all violations (moving or non-moving) of these regulations that they commit. Registrants or owners are responsible for all non-moving violations of their motor vehicles, unless the person actually operating the motor vehicle acknowledges responsibility for the violation.

Access/Permit Violations

Parking permits issued for use at Purdue University Northwest are the property of Purdue University Northwest. No person is authorized to sell or otherwise transfer possession of a parking permit. It is a violation of these regulations for a person to obtain or use in a manner contrary to these regulations an altered, stolen, counterfeit, improperly issued, transferred, or otherwise invalid parking permit or to be involved in an offense of this type.

Display of Invalid Permit

It is a violation of these regulations to display in any vehicle a current parking permit that has been reported as lost or stolen at the time of such displaying. It is also a violation of these regulations to display, in any vehicle, a current parking permit for which payment is due and not received or for which payment has been stopped. A current parking permit becomes invalid when employment terminates. Using an expired parking permit is also a violation. A vehicle displaying a stolen, altered, invalid, expired, or counterfeit permit may be impounded.

Penalties and Fines

The penalties and fines are established for violations of these Motor Vehicle, Bicycle and Traffic Regulations. Fines are to be made in person or by mail at/to the Office of Student Accounts, Purdue University Northwest.

Due to the potential frequency of fee changes for fines, the current schedule of fines is posted and maintained at the top of this page.

Administration by Department

It is the duty of the department, and the Department is hereby authorized, to administer these regulations under the supervision and control of the Chancellor.


It is the duty of the Department, and the Department is hereby authorized to enforce these regulations and, to the extent permitted by law, to enforce all applicable State, county, and municipal laws and ordinances and to assist in the prosecution of persons charged with violations of State, county, and municipal laws and ordinances.

Issuance of Violation Notices

The Department will issue violation notices to alleged violators of any provision of these regulations. All persons to whom violation notices are issued should cooperate fully with the Department in furnishing the required information. A copy of the violation notice will be given to each person at the time of issuance or, if the violation involves a parked vehicle, the copy of the violation notice will be conspicuously affixed to the vehicle. The violation notice requires payment of the fine within 10 calendar days of issuance of the violation notice or filing a written appeal of the violation with the Department within 10 calendar days of issuance of the violation notice. Failure to meet the 10 day requirement for either payment or appeal will result in additional penalties.

Removal or Booting of Unattended Vehicles

The Department is authorized to remove, immobilize, or impound without notice any unattended motor vehicle from Purdue University Northwest under the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions:

  • When a motor vehicle is parked in violation of any applicable State traffic or parking code that authorizes removal, including, but not limited to: a vehicle lacking proper registration and a vehicle within 15’ of a fire hydrant.
  • When a motor vehicle is improperly parked.
  • When a motor vehicle is or will be left unattended and constitutes or is likely to constitute an obstruction to traffic or a safety hazard.
  • When a vehicle is left unattended Purdue University Northwest for 72 hours under circumstances that indicate it has been abandoned.
  • When the motor vehicle is owned or operated by a person whose privilege to operate a vehicle at Purdue University Northwest has been revoked or suspended.
  • When three (3) or more delinquent violation notices are pending against the registered owner or operators of the motor vehicle(s) and the owner and/or operator has failed to respond to the Department as referenced under Section 9.05.
  • When a vehicle is displaying a lost or stolen permit.

Normal procedures for immobilizing and impounding a motor vehicle under Section 9.04 (a) (6) and 9.04 (a) (7) above, is as follows:

  • The Department will affix a wheel lock device (boot) to immobilize the vehicle.
  • If payment in full is not made to the Office of Student Accounts within 72 hours of affixing the wheel lock device the motor vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.

Motor vehicles removed or impounded by the Department may be released to the owner or operator (or authorized representative) upon request, and:

  • Upon payment in full for outstanding fines, fees, encumbrances and charges to the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Upon payment by the owner or operator for charges for removing and impounding the motor vehicle.

In instances when the motor vehicle is removed (towed), the enforcing officer will attempt to ascertain the name and address of the owner or operator of the motor vehicle and as soon as practical and in the most expeditious manner, notify the owner or operator of the removal, the place to which the motor vehicle has been taken, and the reason for the removal. In cases where the motor vehicle is booted, the enforcing officer will leave a note on the windshield of the vehicle notifying the owner or operator of the boot, the reason for the boot, and the procedure to follow to have it removed. If a violation of these regulations is involved, a Violation Notice will be issued.

The Department will release to the owner or  operator or duly authorized representative, upon request and upon payment of all fines and fees, any motor vehicle which has been removed or booted. Motor Vehicles that have been booted and left unclaimed for 24 hours will be towed for safekeeping at the owner’s expense.

Failure to respond to a violation notice

A person receiving a violation notice has 10 calendar days from the date of issuance to pay the fine or to appeal the violation notice. After 10 calendar days, an administrative fee will be assessed against staff members with unpaid fines and charges. An encumbrance fee will be assessed against students with unpaid fines and charges.

Note:  A person forfeits the right to appeal a violation notice that is more than 10 calendar days from date of issuance.

Traffic Appeals Board Board Structure

The Board consists of seven (7) regular members and an equal number of alternate members: three (3) regular and three (3) alternate student members (appointed by the Student Government Association), two (2) regular and two (2) alternate faculty members (appointed by the Faculty Senate), one (1) regular and one (1) alternate clerical/service staff member (appointed by the Clerical Service Advisory Committee), and one (1) regular and one (1) alternate administrative/ professional staff member (appointed by the Administrative Professional Staff Advisory Committee). The Board is chaired by a designee of the Chancellor. The Chair has no voting privileges in deciding the disposition of appeals. The chair is responsible for all administrative functions of the Board.

Board Authority

The board has the authority to hear and determine all appeals made to them. The decision of the Board is final and binding on the persons involved. The Board shall give notice of the time and place of all hearings and conduct all hearings without recourse to the technical requirements of evidence and procedure required in judicial proceedings.

  • The Board will give all persons charged with violations the right to submit evidence and confront and cross-examine witnesses. No record will be made of the proceedings except the name and address of the person charged with a violation, the nature of the charge, the time and place of the hearing and the disposition of the case, which will be reported to the Department.
  • The Board will give all persons requesting a parking waiver the right to submit evidence and confront and cross-examine witnesses.

Time for Filing Appeals

An appeal of a specific violation must be filed within 10 calendar days from the date of issuance of the violation. No appeal will be accepted or heard by the Board unless filed within this time period.

Procedures for appeal and waiver

  • Violation appeal – A Student, Staff  Member, Retired Staff Member or Visitor may appeal a violation notice within 10 days from the date of issuance. The Traffic Violation Appeal Form is available at the Department and on the Department’s web site under forms.
  • Fully completed appeal forms will be forwarded by the Department to the Board.

Parking Waiver

A staff member requesting to cancel their participation in the parking program may request cancellation at any time. The Parking waiver Request form is available at the Department and on the Department’s web site under forms. Fully completed Waiver Request Forms will be forwarded by the Department to the Appellate Body.

Chancellor Authorized to Interpret Regulations

Chancellor is authorized to interpret and construe these regulations whenever necessary, either by directives of general or specific applications, and these interpretations will become part of the regulations.

Chancellor Authorized to Supplement Regulations

The Chancellor is authorized to establish and issue, and the Department is authorized to enforce.


These regulations may be amended in whole or in part at any time by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.

Purdue University Northwest Parking on Campus

Responsible Executive: Stephen R. Turner
Responsible Office: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Date Issued: October 18, 1984
Date Last Revised:  August 25, 2016
Statement of Policy: Parking guidelines for campus community

The purpose of this memorandum is to recommend the creation of a new advisory group for parking. This advisory group will provide recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team.

The responsibilities and guiding principles of the advisory group are described below.


  • Make recommendations regarding policies and efficient use of parking resources

Guiding Principles

  • Recommendations will be developed to support the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan

The Parking Advisory Group will include the following members:

Advisory Group Membership

One designee from each of the following:

  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering and the Sciences
  • College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences College of Nursing
  • College of Technology
  • Academic Affairs and the Provost Faculty Senate
  • Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Institutional Advancement
  • Facility Services
  • Student Government Association (one representative appointed by SGA) APSAC (one staff appointment)
  • CSSAC (one staff appointment)
  • Chief of Police
  • Director of Public Safety

The Director of Public Safety will serve as coordinator for the advisory group.

Subject: Parking
Contact: Diana Williams
Telephone: (219) 989-8119
Email/Web Address:

Updated July 2022