Instructor Resources

Brightspace is the PNW supported Learning Management System. Leverage this tool to support instruction, learning, and student success in your courses.


The OIT provides individual, small group, and department training sessions. If you need a consultation to discuss and explore how best to accomplish a vision you have for your course, our Educational Technologists are here to assist. Simply connect with OIT to begin the conversation.

On your own time

Learn the instructional foundational skills to be successful in Brightspace and explore more advanced ways to function in your courses in the Brightspace Instructor Training Course, or check the out the helpful tutorial videos below!

OIT Events

Oct 13

D2L Connection Event

Join your Purdue colleagues in West Lafayette for this year’s D2L Connection Event!

Oct 18

Unlocking the Power of AI: Empowering Faculty for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Don’t miss out on this transformative workshop that will elevate your capabilities and open new doors in the world of AI.

Nov 14

Connecting Faculty Minds: AI in Higher Education

Join your colleagues for an inspiring informal discussion to share your experiences and perceptions on AI’s dynamic impact in higher education.

Nov 28

A Journey through the Student Lifecycle (…and how Enterprise Applications supports it)

Take a journey with the Enterprise Applications (EA) team to explore how they support each student’s journey from the application process through graduation.