There are many ways to assess learning in Brightspace. Refer to the resources below to get started with building these submission spaces in Brightspace, or connect with the OIT for more help and assistance.

Brightspace assignments ARE automatically associated with the grade center column. You can create a single or multiple file submission, multiple attempt assignment, or a group assignment.

Determine whether the submission should be scanned for plagiarism by leveraging the Turnitin tool in Brightspace. Consider using a “Draft Assignment Submission Space” for students to submit first, receive feedback from you, and then submit a final product.

Brightspace Discussions are NOT automatically associated with a grade center column. Follow along with the following resources in order to leverage this type of assessment with your students.

Brightspace Quizzes are NOT automatically associated with the grade center column. Unless providing bonus point opportunities, you will want to ensure your Quiz point value and your Grade Center column point value match up. The default point value for the quiz grade column will be 10 points. Be sure to easily identify the appropriate point value when creating your quiz.

Follow along with the following resources in order to leverage this type of assessment with your students.

If you notice duplicate or unwanted assessment submission spaces or grade items, we recommend you delete the unnecessary assessment and grade item to reduce student confusion.

Refer to this guide to delete the duplicate assessment(s) and then the remaining grade item(s).

Follow these steps in order simply delete any grade items not associated with an assessment.

Brightspace rubrics can provide a clear and consistent grading experience for students. Refer to these resources for additional help.

There are many simple and more complex ways to reduce cheating on your Brightspace quizzes. This handout highlights the quick and more complex settings to set up in your course(s).


Brightspace Quizzes now allow for easy setup of a course level quiz accommodation for a student for extra time. This guide showcases how to set up an individual quiz accommodation or a course level accommodation.

Brightspace provides many ways to provide exemptions for students. This Exempt Attempt Guide provides a quick and easy way to exempt students individually, or in bulk from the Gradebook for any discussions, assignments, or quizzes in the course.

Brightspace identifies additional attempts or extensions as “Special Access”. The following guides walk through the step-by-step processes for each assessment area.




There are two gradebook setting options for how to determine the “Final Grade” for students:

  1. Treat ungraded items as Zero (default setting): each assessments not submitted/scored will result in “Zero” points
  2. Drop ungraded items: any assessments not submitted/scored will have no impact on the final grade

Follow along with this guide to alter your grade book settings to meet your needs.

If a student’s paper is submitted to an assignment space, but there is not a similarity report generated, you can re-process the submission through the Turnitin database from Brightspace. Review this “Troubleshooting Turnitin Errors” guide to get started.

Instructors have the option to submit quiz attempts for students whose quizzes are stuck “In Progress”. Follow along with these steps to submit the test for the student. This must be done if the student has another opportunity for a second attempt.

Turnitin Originality, the centrally supported originality and plagiarism checker made available by Purdue through Brightspace, has added a feature to scan for writing generated by artificial intelligence (AI) systems such as ChatGPT.

Instructors should be cautious about relying fully on results from the system because it may return false positives or fail to detect some AI-generated material.

It is recommended to add a note in your syllabi articulating your policy regarding AI and discussing appropriate and inappropriate uses as it relates to your assignments and activities with students. Visit the CFE website for some sample ideas. Here are additional resources shared from Turnitin that might be helpful:

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