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There are many ways to communicate with students in Brightspace. Refer to the resources below to get started, or connect with the OIT for more help and assistance.

Brightspace Announcements are a great way to share updates with students. Brightspace Announcements do NOT automatically push an email out to students. Consider sending any vital information via email directly to students. Refer to these resources for more help!

Brightspace uses all student and faculty email addresses with their Currently there is no way to change your Brightspace email from your to Ensure you and your students have your email forward settings to push your email to your account. Refer to the resources below.

Brightspace Intelligent Agents is an automatic email system that can be used when students fulfill or do not complete material in your course. This Brightspace feature allows you to create a customized message that these users receive and select how frequently users receive the message.

For example, you may choose to set an intelligent agent to let a student know when they have not yet submitted to an assignment. Building the Intelligent Agent ahead of time, will allow an automatic email message to go out to ANY student who did not complete this assignment a week before the deadline, and then a few days before the assignment is due as well, should you like.

Follow along with the following resources in order to leverage this type of tool with your students.

Brightspace Awards can be used to communicate successful accomplishments for course modules or assessment completion. Student awards or certificates can be created and exported for preservation outside of the Brightspace environment as well. Refer to these resources to get started.

Be clear with students about when they are expected to see their grades display for their assessments. Consider sending an email and posting an announcement in your course

It is important to note that each Brightspace user can also set up specific notifications to receive an alert when a grade is posted/shared from the Grade Center.

Visit our Grading webpage for more resources and information.

There are two options to consider when using Zoom with your classes. Whether you are using the Brightspace Zoom integration or simply sharing the Zoom link from your account, these resources can assist you.

If creating a Zoom class from WITHIN Brightspace, refer to these resources:

Share Recorded Lecture:

Additional Zoom Resources:

If you need further assistance, contact The OIT for support. Visit our main website for up to date hours of operation and ways to get in touch.

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