iClicker Cloud has been selected as Purdue University’s centrally funded and supported tool for West Lafayette and Purdue Northwest, which will become available for use in January 2024.

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For Instructors

Instructors should inform students that iClickers are to be registered within Brightspace. This associates a student with a specific iClicker so responses may be accurately captured.

Registering the iClicker on the iClicker website will not tie the device to a student’s record in Brightspace.

Upcoming Training Offerings

iClicker Express Sessions

Explore the PNW classroom response tool, iClicker.  Join the OIT staff to discover the basics of setting up and using iClicker Cloud in the classroom and explore quizzes, polling, and attendance options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructor clicker, classroom receiver, and software are provided at no cost. Contact support below to request equipment.

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iClicker Cloud Status Webpage

  • November 2023: Training for instructors planning to use iClicker Cloud
  • December 29, 2023: Last day iClicker Classic is available for use
  • January 8, 2024: iClicker Cloud is available for use in all classes

Office of Instructional Technology

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For Students

Your instructor will provide registration information in Brightspace.

Students should NOT register via the iClicker website.

Get Started with iClicker Student Guide