Purdue Login

A two-factor authentication system, Purdue Login significantly improves the security of protected computer systems and accounts by requiring two forms of verification before access is granted.

Purdue Login went into effect June 27, 2023, replacing the BoilerKey service.

Admitted students, please wait 48 hours after accepting your offer of admission to set up your student account and Purdue Login.

Why Does PNW Use Purdue Login?

The primary reason for using Purdue Login is that it is more secure. Two-factor authentication increases the level of security by using something you know (career account username and password, and something you have (a physical token or the Duo Mobile application on your smartphone).

As the number of systems using the Purdue Login for access increases, your value in using the Purdue Login also increases.

Use Purdue Login to Access:

  • Brightspace
  • VPN
  • Student Email
  • myPNW Portal
  • Success Factors
  • Sites via one.purdue.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Boilerkey was retired on June 27, 2023, and replaced with Purdue Login. The primary difference between Purdue Login and BoilerKey is the need to use a PIN number instead of your career account password with BoilerKey. Purdue Login still uses Duo or a hardware token to provide multifactor authentication, but uses your career account username and password, instead of the PIN,push method.

There are two ways to recover/reset your career account password if you have forgotten it:

1. Call the CSC (219-989-2888) or visit them in Hammond (Powers 216) or Westville (LSF 206).
2. Access the BoilerBot AI assistant 24/7.

Duo Mobile is the smartphone application that prompts you to confirm you are signing into Purdue Login.

If you do not use your smartphone for your Purdue Login, you will need to use a hardware token device, instead. Call the CSC (219-989-2888) or visit them in Hammond (Powers 216) or Westville (LSF 206).

Before you get rid of your old phone and upgrade to a new one, follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Go to the Purdue Login website and authenticate with your career account/password and current smartphone/Duo.
  • Click the option to Replace your Duo Mobile.
  • Click the replace option next to your old phone’s name, and follow the steps to set up your new phone.

If you know you won’t have access to the old phone when you upgrade, make sure you visit the Purdue Login website and choose Obtain List of One-Time Use Backup Codes to have a couple on hand to help you follow those above steps.

No SMS is not available for authentication.

To authenticate you will need to use the Duo app, or a Hard token.

Changes will not affect RADIUS and VPN authentication in this phase. We currently support using pins* or passwords. If you already have a pin, you may continue to use it to log in for now.

 To log in:

  1. In the USERNAME field, enter your username.
  2. In the PASSWORD field, enter any of the following options:
    • <password>,push
    • <password>,passcode from DUO or token
    • <PIN>,push
    • <PIN>,passcode from DUO or token

To generate a passcode, open the Duo Mobile app and tap the Purdue account to display a six-digit temporary passcode. 

* Please note that the legacy and deprecated password field values (PIN) have not yet been invalidated for VPN use to minimize possible user disruption as we make this transition. They will be removed in the future.

Yes, all existing devices used currently for BoilerKey will still work. You do not need to take any additional steps.

Confirm that you know your current Purdue career account name and password. This is the same name and password you use for signing into Purdue email. If you do not know your password, or would like to reset it, go to boilerbot.purdue.edu and follow the prompts. Please do so by June 23.   

Yes, we are still using Duo, just in a more standardized way. If you already have Duo installed, you do not need to reinstall anything on your phone.